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Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Conditioner, 10 oz.

Moisturizes and blocks frizz for easy styling. 100% flawless, frizz-free hair, from start to finish. This shampoo starts blocking frizz in the shower for easy styling. With our Frizz-Mending Complex, it smoothes strands, hydrates to replenish vital moisture and restores hair’s natural defense against frizz. Leaves parched tresses silky, shiny and highly manageable. Safe for color-treated hair.

Key features

  • Frizz Ease Smooth Start Repairing Conditioner For Damaged Hair by John Frieda for Unisex – 10 oz Conditioner
  • Frizz Ease Smooth Start Repairing Conditioner For Damaged Hair by John Frieda for Unisex

Honest reviews


Loving it!

I really like this stuff. It’s my guilty addiction and it smells so good. It started because I had some very serious breakage issues happening to my hair and the back was becoming increasingly frizzy. So I started using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Conditioner and leaving it in my hair for 3 minutes after shampooing. So, it took about a week of that for my hair to smooth itself out and stay in place. It’s so soft and pretty and smells so good I hate to put it up.So with the conditioner working so well I went to the shampoo and conditioner combo. I’m all in love with John Frieda right now because my hair is freaking awesome for the first time in a long time. This head of locks has been through a lot this year and when you feel like you’ve got fine cashmere on your head you wash it with the finest possible shampoo you can get. So far I feel like John Frieda is the finest possible thing I can do for my hair right now. I lost a lot of hair due to neurology medications and an accident. Now that I’ve lost it and my hair is growing back in I want to keep the hair I have looking the finest it can.

Lesa Butlerville, IN

love it

i think the product is great for all hair types for not only is it good for regular hair but also for colored treated and damages.

Cornelia Purdon, TX

Absolutely love this product for my fine hair

I have long hair; about 3 inches past my shoulders and its very fine. You cant tell unless you touch it. So any heat styling can definitely cause it to look abused. I try not to blow out my hair every day so that it doesnt get too damaged. I use this conditioner with the matching shampoo when I’m going to blow out my hair. I’ve tried so many different brands and I keep coming back to this one. It does cut down on my frizz but not 100%. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a product that gives me 100%. As soon as my hair even detects any moisture, BAM! it starts to frizz and curl! I have natural curls/waves which isn’t such a bad thing because I can have the option of wearing it straight or curly. I would totally recommend this product to anyone to try at least once!

Sally Crawfordsville, OR

Good product

Very nice hair product and great quality, makes my hair feel soft and manageable and the price is great so I would recommend it for more straight hair

Hope Kerrick, MN


Just a very, very small amount goes a long way. I can put just a little bit on my hair and it does wonders. This should last forever.

Bette Westland, PA

Love it

Works great on wet hair, dry hair etc. Manages the Frizz and gives you a nice soft shine. Great Product.

Araceli Everest, KS