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Frizz-Ease Creme Serum Overnight Repair formula by John Frieda for Unisex Serum, 1.69 Ounce

Instantly and dramatically transforms dry, frizzy, or chemically-treated hair into incredibly smooth, glossy hair. An exceptional blend of silicones immediately smooths texture while delivering a layer of crystal-clear gloss for perfectly polished, frizz-resistant styles.

Key features

  • Blocks frizz all day
  • Protects and prolongs color
  • Contains sunscreen

Honest reviews


I wish I could share the enthusiasm

I bought this only because of the reviews here, which (until now) have been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. I put a quarter-sized amount into my hair and left it on overnight, washed it the next day, and the difference was tiny. It was slightly easier to comb through my wet hair than usual (my hair gets very knotty), but aside from that, nothing. It was not any softer than usual, nor any shinier. Just a little less knotty. I tried it again a couple of weeks later, with the same result.For reference, I have very long, wavy hair that I blow dry straight every day, so it has some heat damage. It’s not extremely frizzy normally, just a little. So maybe it would have made a bigger difference if my hair was normally more frizzy.Three stars because it didn’t leave a residue on my pillow, and did make a minor difference. I just wish I could jump up and down about it like other reviewers.

Jillian Avon, MT


This is worth every penny! I cannot believe that through a tiny free sample I stumbled upon a product that absolutely delivers what it says it will do. Imagine that: A PRODUCT THAT DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO!! This product, and I mean a very small amount of it, took hopelessly damaged, fried, frizzed ends and changed their texture! And the results don’t revert; the ends get softer, smoother and straighter with each use. THERE IS NO BUILDUP. With this I don’t need a flat iron or a curling iron which I don’t like to use anyway. Girls, run and buy this product. I immediately went out and bought two bottles. I admit I have been using it in wet hair and as a leave in it works so well. I will never be without this.

Cynthia Nicholville, NY

No results

This did nothing to improve frizz or split ends, but it did make my hair softer feeling and didn’t leave any residue on my pillow. I wouldn’t use it again.

Judi Mount Aukum, CA

Overnight for hair

This does for hair what night cream does for your face. I live in Arizona and it is so dry that this is a must.

Daisy Damascus, OH


I love this John Frieda product. It absorbs into the hair very well. Improves the health and condition of my hair overnight.

Dale Llewellyn, PA

overnight treat!

I decided to buy this product given that the reviews were good and because some times we don’t have much time or patience to wait for a product to work on our hair!This one is not greasy, and does not stain or stick on the pillow. The next day you just wash your hair normally and it will be really soft, with a nice shine!I would recommend it. Too bad that it’s small.

Colette Ross, CA

Very pleased

I can’t believe how well this works, I double process my own hair so it gets a little fried, so I use this every night and after just a few days there’s a huge difference in the quality of my hair, I am finding John Frieda’s product line is very affordable and such a great product, I keep using it more and more. Nothing else I’ve tried does what it claims except for this product, thank you.

Eve Wetmore, MI

Love it!

The product arrived very quickly, and really does a great job! I dye my hair quite often, and this certainly does the job to help keep it healthy. I have tried hair masks, but due to the location I am in, I have to go outside to use the latrine (bathroom) and have to wash the hair mask out, so this is perfect to leave in overnight, and really does help leave my hair feeling a lot better. Thanks Frizz-Ease!

Cecelia Hokah, MN


I’m mixed with Caucasian, Black and Native American, so I have a lot to contend with when it comes to my hair. My mother (Caucasian) raved about this product and the results that it gave her, but it didn’t do much for me. I also found that it was a little difficult to distribute through may mangled mop as easily as I hoped for. I guess, like with most products, it can vary for everyone.I’ve since switched to Loreal Everstrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment, which works great and is free of parabens, sulfates, etc. You also seem to get more for nearly the same price. Occasionally I also will add Alterna Anti-Aging Caviar Hair Rescue, which works pretty well, but I see more immediate results with the Everstrong.

Nora Richford, VT

Why isn’t it working for me??

With all the glowing reviews, i had to try this. The night i received the product, i immediately tried it. I was so excited for the results it would give me. It was sticky, and my very frizzy, poofy hair didn’t like it, but i didn’t give up on it. Sadly, i woke up, washed my hair, and….Nothing! It didn’t do anything. I tried it again the third night, and nothing. I’m almost out with no result. I wish this would have worked for me, but i guess my hair is too thick for this.

Hilary Raleigh, WV

ehhh, I don’t see what the big deal is?

I was looking forward to trying this overnight serum but I’m a bit disappointed, it just didn’t deliever. I did notice that it leaves my hair a bit softer, but once I wash it out I see no difference, its honestly just another creme serum that really doesn’t do much. I don’t think it works on thick hair, it probably works on people who have thin hair.

Shanna Chestnut Ridge, PA

Works Wonder

It really works. AT first I used it only for 2-3 hours and thought it doesn’t work but then I tried it as per the instructions and used it overnight. It was amazing…all most of my dry split-ends were gone. Truly worth the money.

Dorothy Lashmeet, WV