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Fresh Lip Care 0.6 Oz Sugar Lip Polish For Women

A mild conditioning lip exfoliator Enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently eliminate dry flakes Contains meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, grapeseed oils & shea butter Imparts superior & long-lasting moisture to lips Reveals suppler, sleeker & kissable lips To use: Apply on lips & lightly massage away dull skin. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. Use 2 – 3 times a week for optimum results

Key features

  • Sugar Lip Polish – 18g

Honest reviews


Great Weekly Lip Treatment; Highly Recommend

This lip scrub is a once a week lip treatment to smooth away dead/chapped skin on the lips. This product really works and it’s easy to use (follow exact instructions to achieve full benefits).It’s pricey but a little goes a long way. I have had this product for quite awhile and have only used a small amount. This is more effective than using a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips (plus is has a yummy scent/texture and is infused with shea butter).I also used this product after I got my permanent make up on my lips (that horrible lip peeling that takes place). I was using this twice a day and it sped up the healing time immediately and I was able to be seen in public the day after my procedure … nice).Now my lips are consistently smooth and feel great. My lip balm and/or gloss goes on smooth with no lines/wrinkles in lips. I highly recommend.

Mary Allouez, MI

Sugar Kisses

It is still winter where I live and I am a dry, scaly creature constantly battling rough dry skin. Lately my lips have become even drier, despite lip balm every day and night and in between, I even use my tooth brush to gently exfoliate my lips after brushing my teeth. My lips have been feeling very tight and impervious to the moisture I’m trying to infuse in to them, so I researched products and decided upon Lip Sugar polish. I’ve been using it for only a few days, morning and night, very gently massaging the sugar crystals and oil into my lips and it feels great! I haven’t eaten any, but there is no overwhelming flavor or odor that I can detect, it is lightly scented. I try to dampen my lips to dissolve the sugar and let them air dry so the oil can stay on longer. My lips are noticeably smoother and the dry lines around my outer lip line have definitely softened. I will keep this as part of my toilette from here on out. Nothing is more appealing than soft plump lips, especially during a blustery winter!

Goldie Mark, IL


This is such a great lip scrub, I couldn’t live without it! Unfortunately it contains shea butter, which is a great moisturizer but I think I’m mildly allergic to it…I just have to be extra careful to not get too much of this stuff on my face and rinse it off really well…but I use this stuff a few times a week (afterwards I apply the Murad lip balm, which contains salcyilic acid-your lips are soft, rosy, and wonderful!) and it’s great, haven’t had any issues with chapped, dry, or flaky lips…let’s see how well it works in the wintertime! Otherwise, highly recommend!

Deloris Milford, CT

I’ve always had dry lips

I fell in love with lip stains, but I have such dry lips that they wear very unevenly. This started my search for a lip scrub.I started using it according to directions. It seemed nice, your lips feel good right after, but long term (the next day) my lips weren’t any different. So I stopped wiping it off. When I get out of the shower I put a very small amount on my lips and rub them together until all of the sugar dissolves, then I just leave it on without wiping it off. I do this every other day and it’s worked much better for me than wiping the product off as you’re supposed to. I still do use chap stick like nobodies business though. I think for this product to really make a difference I’d have to use it maybe twice a day rather than twice a week like the directions suggest.

Hollie Newcomerstown, OH

Best ever!

I have always had the worst lips ever! In the summer, my lips peel and crack from the sun. In the winter, they peel and crack from the cold. I’m that person constantly packing around chap stick….even though it doesn’t help my situation. I have tried so many products for my lips and some work better than others….but this works great. I decided to try this after trying the rose lip balm from Fresh. This along with the clear lip balm is great. I just rub this on at night for a little while, then use the clear lip balm when I go to bed.

Patrica Johnson, KS

Lip scrub that works

I was hesitant to try this, but it is a great lip scrub. I didn’t press hard enough at first, but once I got the technique down, it worked. I don’t recommend eating it, but it tastes fine if some is left on your lips or gets in your mouth. This jar will last quite awhile as well (I use it once a week).

Shelby Carnation, WA

Lip exfoliation

This stuff is the bomb on chapped lips. I moved to high altitude desert and my lips were clapping and cracking like crazy. This really helps. I don’t like the vanilla flavor and would have gotten fruity or berry flavored had I known the vanilla would be so overpowering. But the product itself works well. You just can’t exfoliate too much or it makes your lips "thin" and then they crack easier. Once a week is enough, then follow up with constant lip balm.

Lynn Yukon, WV

Effective within days and tastes yummy

I suffer from dry, peeling lips, especially in the fall and winter. It looks terrible, and the feeling of peeling skin drives me nuts.I put on this polish twice the first day and once a day for the next two days. In 3 days, my lips were soft and not peeling at all! Of course, I also liberally used lip balm all day long and before going to sleep.I put the polish on before getting in the shower. I was told the steam melts the sugar, so it helps to condition. I’m not sure what is the scientific explanation behind that, but it worked!I also had some some small dry patches on my face, where the skin was starting to flake. So I tried this polish on those spots too, and it worked really well!

Bernice Kennebunkport, ME