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French, Chevron & Teardrop Nail Tip Guides Stickers

Nail tip guides help you paint your fingernails with perfect lines. Recreate your favorite designs as seen on Pinterest!! No more trying to cut tape – just peel off and stick on your nails.

Key features

  • Create designs seen on Pinterest
  • Lines are perfect and crisp every time
  • Easy to apply

Honest reviews


which is great! They stick very well to the nail so …

These are very sticky, which is great! They stick very well to the nail so none of the polish will seep under them while you paint. You get enough stickers per sheet to do your nails three times – plus a few extra if you have any goofs. They’re easy to remove. I recommend removing while the polish is still wet to avoid peeling your polish up after it’s dried.

Juliette Forsyth, MT

No good

Glad these were so cheap. I bought them hoping they would work with gel polish so I could do chevron or other designs. They did not stick to the polish at all and moved around so much that I got frustrated and tossed them.

Lourdes Shelby, NE

Did the job!

Our 10 year old already mastered the French Tips with these guides. I just bought them as a cheap, filler gift and didn’t even think that they would actually be used as much as they are.

Alberta Dinwiddie, VA


It is easily attached and removed from nail. doesn’t remove nail polish. It’s a good quallity product and I would gladly reccomend it to everyone.

Shelby Glasgow, KY

Nice quality item, snail-pace delivery.

Seriously took FOREVER to get here, I understand they are from China but still. I have had other packages from China that did not take this long, I ordered these months ago. They work fine for creating French nail looks, and other nail art, check out YouTube for tutorials using nail guides. If you like the chevron trend these can be a lot of fun!

Loretta Williams, SC

Nail art guides

I ordered this thinking it would help with French tip lining but it was a waste of money. The hand crafted is the only way to go the polish leaks under this an messes up the whole design.

Marilyn Cainsville, MO


The only issue I have with these is the fact that they are so big, it’s hard to get them to sit on your nail properly. I end up getting nail polish underneath on to my nails where the sticker doesn’t lay flat. Maybe I can cut them down to size. I haven’t tried that yet. Other than that. I love these…

Ina Jansen, NE

Great purchase

Very happy, this products gives me many many products for my nails for several months to come with nail tips.

Bette Yellow Spring, WV

Fantastic Price

This is an amazing price for such a great product!! I love the variety of having 3 different choices to choose from!

Ilene Windsor Mill, MD

Cute idea

As other Reviewers have written, these are such a cute idea for nail art. I’ve followed the suggestion to apply the sticker to my skin a couple times before putting on the nail as the adhesive is really strong. I like the idea of creating cute nail art without paying high salon prices. My experience is that you do need to set aside time when doing your nails to let the first coat fully dry before applying the nail sticker to create the art. Then letting that coat fully dry before removing the sticker. A top coat is required. Don’t try this if you can’t set aside at least an hour and a half to two hours to do your nails.

Kathleen Saint Helen, MI

Work well

Easy to peel off, if paint is very dry when you apply the stickers. Makes nail art easy and fun.

Rhea Waldo, AR


the work just how they are suppose to work. it always annoying to use this stickers stuff but in the end the results are perfect 🙂

Dawn Kintyre, ND

French tips

Reliable to make different designs on nails. The pack brings more than enough. Good investment for nail art. Great deal.

Meghan Pickering, MO

Works well

Great value and the stickers work very well. Just make sure you let the nail polish dry completely or it will peel it off. I would actually prefer less of the French tip since it’s so out of style for me. I do like the chevron stickers a lot!

Stacie Junction, WV

They are great!!

I love these, and I was very surprised at the amount. These have given me so many styling patterns!! They are great!!

Justina Kenyon, MN

work well for my needs

These are sticky enough that you can re-use them (if you’re that frugal). They aren’t so sticky, however, that they’ll pull your existing polish off.

Jeri Orange, VA

love it

great paging and love it so much i do ever thing with them and i going to order more so my friends can do the same for their birthday love ever thing about it think you so much

Ollie Rice, VA

Worth the money.

Very nice for French tips. Makes a nice curved line. Inexpensive and lots of them.

Dominique Glendale, MA


These work great I love that they have 3 designs instead of jaut the normal one gives you a chance for more variety

Blanca Wilmington, NC


Not great, but can’t beat the price. I can’t use them b/c they don’t stick to my acrylics that well, but my friend says they’re great!

Hillary Sedgwick, KS

They are ok

I really haven’t had a chance to use them yet… I have played a little but just haven’t had the time. I am glad that there is two different shapes though.

Pearl Valdosta, GA


Found it very useful, it made my work so much easier and the look was fabulous and with a professional look.

Blanche Osgood, IN

Didnt work with gel polish

These didn’t work at all with gel polish. They don’t stick well to the gel and it just moved all over the place, so no reason to use it. Probably works better with regular nail polish.

Tiffany Norwich, OH

great tips!

They do as they say and theres a whole lot in one package. Super cheap too! Love them! 😀 😀

Millie Closplint, KY

These are not sticky enough!

Lots of lifting and bleeding under the tips.This product is utterly worthless. It doesn’t stick to a polished nail, even if it’s clean and dry.

Reba Armstrong, IA

Fine for playing

But if you’re looking for something to make it easier to do tips at home then this probably isn’t for you. I had issues with sticking to the polish and corners won’t stay down while painting. I would order again though because of the variety inside the packs.

Latoya Carpenter, SD

All right

These are all right. I guess like any sticker you really have to make sure that it’s on there long enough for the paint to dry, but it does leave a ridge where your paint was. I guess it’s a work in progress for making them work out. I’m finding that free handing it is easier.

Pamela Cowlesville, NY

makes things easy

I really like these stickers, it makes my nail art easy because i don’t have a steady hand and i’m not very artistic, nor am i a professional.great buy.

Connie Norwich, VT

Just perfect

These are perfect for helping in placing a guide to paint tips of my nails. Will buy again when needed.

Eleanor Montgomery Creek, CA

Not too happy

The tape does not get a good seal and it allows polish to leak under so it just doesn’t work.

Marisol Mayville, WI