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Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig – Gala-1

Caring Instruction:Add a little amount of shampoo in cold water.  (Hot water may change the shape of curls.)Gently shake the wig in the water.Rinse thoroughly in cold water.Shake out excess water. (Do not squeeze or wring the wig.)Dry on wig head. (Do not brush until hair is completely dry.)Brush into desired style.

Key features

  • Comb Location: None
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


Not like the picture

I purchased this wig and the 1st one was fairly full, but still not like the picture. I figured I got a “bad” one and ordered it again because it looks good on the model. I will say it is NOT going to look or be as full as the picture. The back of the wig is wavy. I was expecting the big loose curls throughout the wig, NOT! Would not advise anyone to purchase if they really want the look the model has. If you want something pretty cheap and you don’t mind the different textures and not as full as portrayed…purchase it. I was disappointed, but have been working with it and going for a completely differnt look. I flatironed them and since they are not that full as the picture, it works for me. Overall, based on the picture, I would not buy it.

Nelda Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Lion head

My natural hair is straight but it’s falling out due to medical reasons. I wanted to give this wig a try, it’s affordable and similar to my own hair style before it started to fall out. I guess I need something on the thin side, it was too thick for me ..made me look like a lion. It’s too much hair.

Juana Akron, MI

something is missing

Yes this wig has no combs to hold it self its pretty just like the picture just wish it had combs but it is a beuitful wig it isnt like lacefronts like I’m use to I like it but I don’t have a love affair with it, so I might not want to buy Gala again

Eliza Elkton, TN

Go Gala, precious ,pretty, perfect

Love shake n go freetress wig. Natural,cute,sassy,beautiful,fits my face. Gala is a perfect style to look classy and stylish. Model fashion

Christa Joshua, TX

Wonderful for daily wear

Gorgeous! I wear wigs every day and these hold up great! I’ve ordered and loved 3 of them so far and I plan on buying more in the future. Looks beautiful. If you wash it once or twice a week it stays looking new longer. To get tangles out wash and gently comb with a wide tooth comb or spray with a mix of oil and water and then comb (GENTLY) or undo tangles with your fingers. Don’t get crazy.

Tameka New Concord, OH

Great Wig

This is a great wig. It looks great and fells wonderful. The two tones blend really well and add light to your face. You must be careful when brushing it because you can brush out the curls. However, if you do brush them out you will have wonderful waves that are just as nice.

Amelia Wiley, CO

Absolutely love

I love this hair. I love that it looks just like it does it the picture. There are no surprises about this wig. The way you see it in the picture is the way you get it. It comes very soft and bouncy. I love that it has combs. Just overall love this wig.

Allie Endwell, NY

Beautiful…I will purchase this again…

This wig is beautiful. The wig has loose curls in the front and waves/crimps in the back. I used a wide tooth comb and loosened the curl. I added a little sheen and it looks great! Today I went out shopping and had a lot of compliments. I will purchase this unit again. Don’t be fooled by the price this wig is amazing.

Debbie Roderfield, WV

Not as pictured

I do like this wig even though it isn’t as pictured here online. It’s not bad though. The wave pattern in the bag is a little confusing but the rest works so its ok.

Jeannette Springfield Gardens, NY

Love Her!!!

Love this wig, looks really pretty and feels amazing will be buying again! In other colors, it’s nice and full and looks natural.

Ella Bluewater, NM

Deceiving color

I was hoping for a more auburn color like the picture displays. Instead it was jet black. The color descriptions dont really give much to go on but the quality is good.

Freida Grand Junction, MI


I love this wig. For those that gave a bad review, I am sorry you had a bad experience.I have to say that when I initially removed the wig from the box, I was afraid. When I put the wig on, my first thought was Halloween time folks. Then I hit me (initially in shock) that you really have to make a wig “your own wig” by working with it a little bit…AND I DO MEAN JUST A LITTLE BIT!!First step- place wig on my big head.Second step- get the trusty ole flat ironThird step- work some magic (if the curls are too much as it was in my case) just soften the curls a but.Fourth step- try to stay out of the mirror looking at your new gorgeousness.Full, versatile, light weight new addition to my collection. I have a $300 wig that may have a little $25 competitor.UPDATE*For the reviewers that noted this is not the wig pictured- IT IS THE SAME WIG ONLY TWISTED SO THE PART IS ON THE SIDE.Just tilt the wig to the side where you normally wear your part and there you go. this works on the left as well as the right.I myself like the middle (as is)Gives a sort of Kim K kind of feel. Not a fan of Kim I just like her hair- now I have it.BOOYAKA!!!

Effie Riga, MI