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Freetress Equal Lace Front Natural Hairline Wig – Jealousy Color 2

Natural Hairline The Luxury IntegrationEQUAL is the premium “LUXURY INTEGRATION” of most expensive synthetic hairs. It’s called EQUAL because it looks and feels just like human hair. Boasting its most human-hair-like sheen, it is the most manageable and long-lasting synthetic hair product available. It’s all in the fiber _ more natural | more manageable | longer lasting-NEW!!! Front & Rear Realistic “Baby Hair” for the ultimate Natural look-Express your natural & glamorous updo-Iron Safe Futura Fiber for Flexible “Freedom Styling”-Hassle-Free secure fitting with No Glue. No Tape featureQuick Style In A Minute! No Glue! No Tape! Necessary-Braid hair in cornrow or wrap to secure.-Trim lace according to hairline-Secure lace front using hair pins-Style as you desireOption A – Using Lace Front Double Sided TapeOption B – Using Lace Front GlueRemoving Adhesive-Apply remover around the lace thoroughly-Gently remove the lace when it softens

Key features

  • Comb Location: Side & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


My first lace wig, so happy with this wig

I have always been afraid to buy lace fronts because the hairline looks so fake most of the time…but I’m glad I found this lace front. If you know how to play around with the wig hair line you can give it a more natural look. This wig looks gorgeous, I love the curls.

Tabatha Mountain View, OK

Feels and looks like real hair

This was my first front lace wig. I was a bit nervous because they seem to be so complicated… wig lace glue, wig lace tape, cut off the lace, but why cut off the lace when the whole point of the wig is the lace…I have to say, this really changed my mind about front lace wigs. Now I want to get another one.Jealousy feels like natural hair. The wig is soft, bouncy, and style-able like real hair. It feels like real hair, and lacks that wig shine most wigs have, which is not natural for real hair. The hairline blends perfectly into my own hairline, after cutting the lace, you can’t tell the difference between that hairline and my own. The little baby hairs makes the wig look even more natural.The hair is very long and very curly… the top of the hair is a bit ‘wiggy’ but after a little working with, it looks more natural now. It fits awesomely. Nice and snug, and doesn’t slip or slide up, even without lace glue or tape. I feel confident enough to go through my life and forget about the wig being on. With my other wigs, I always have to wait till no one is looking, then adjust it properly as they sometimes slip off. This wig is so snug, it isn’t going anywhere.It has 3 combs for extra security, two at the temple and one in the back by the tag, and adjustable straps to tighten or loosen the wig as needed. So I don’t really see a need for the wig glue or tape. Which is fine, I can save the stuff I ordered for my next front lace wig.most real hair wigs cost over $200. I got this wig for under $50… and when I wore it out this afternoon, no one knew the difference. So I give this an A.

Jana Milton Mills, NH

thank you amazon for selling wigs..

this way we can give real reviews – without the vendor cherry-picking what THEY want on their websites. (Especially,, Vogue Wigs, etc.)..This wig is great at first – at least for a couple of weeks. The vendor instructions tell us to "finger comb" through the wig after spritzing it heavily with a water/conditioner mix. They also forbid a person to submerge the wig under water.Well, first of all in hot seasons? wash the wig. there’s no reason a woman should be going around with a wig on her head loaded with conditioner buildup and smelling like dirty socks due to sweating over time in the cap.Finger combing? Forget it. This wig snags and tangles very easily even with the conditioner spritz. I’ve learned to spritz it heavily and use a wig brush gently from tip to root to get all of the tangles out, put it on a wig head and let it air dry..I’ve also learned through youtube to cut the lace as close to the hairline as possible.For my 4c ladies? Save your edges. I’m using Creme of Nature Perfect Edges with Argon Oil. This other crap, i.e., As I Am Smoothing Gel is worthless for our type of hair. You don’t have to add water, nor do you have to use 1/2 the jar on your edges + a silk scarf to keep your edges smooth – as you would with As I Am.You just put the Perfect Edges on, and it immediately lays your edges down.Another tip for the 4c ladies? Use a mesh wig cap underneath your wig to let your scalp breathe. These caps are far more stretchable – thus less headaches as you would have with those "glorified knee hi" wig caps.+ Before you put that wig cap on stretch it out to increase elasticity. Thus you won’t have a "tight fit" ..Moisturize your own hair, then use an oil spritz lightly on the wig cap before putting it over your hair.This will keep your hair moisturized underneath the wig cap – thus, when you pull it off, you’ll notice less "snapping" of your hair .. many of you ladies know what i’m talking about. 4c hair has tiny coils – thus it’s more prone to get caught in your mesh wig cap.

Becky Newport, WA

Soft & Pretty

When I pulled this piece out and tried it on, I was more than impressed. Its so soft and light. I got a color that I usually don’t so I am working thru that. But my overconfidence in color experimenting doesn’t change the quality of this piece. I am actually on here to order another bc the price was too nice not to try something else. It just arrived today so I cannot speak on the durability or longevity. If I remember to, I will update later.

Lindsay Littleton, MA

love it but

If you are a white girl like me it is just too puffy. I straightened it with a flat iron and I love it

Gay Linesville, PA

Feminine and Long Curls

I was really looking forward, to wearing this wig.. iIs very curly and full.. and, I love how feminine it makes me feel.. I cut the lace on the front.. and ,I don’t know if I did it wrong.. but I cant see any "baby hairs", that it said ,it has.. And, also it tends to get tangled, pretty easily..Is pretty long.. The color is kind of off, also… I thought it would be somewhat lighter., blonder. But it’s ok.. It does seem like a quality made wig.. And, I know I will wear it alot..Overall ,I do like the wig, and I’m glad I got it..

Jaclyn Whitten, IA