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Freetress Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Pre-Cut Wig – BENTLY

FREE TRESS Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part – BENTLY – Pre-cut Lace – Deep Invisible Part – Curling iron safe up to 400F – Color Shown: OM27/30/613 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS QUICK STULE IN A MINUTE! NO GLUE! NO TAPE! NECESSARY STEP 1 Braid hair in cornrow or wrap to secure. STEP 2 Trim lace according to hairline. STEP 3 Secure lace front using hair pins. STEP 4 Style as you desire. OPTION A. USING LACE FRONT DOUBLE SIDED TAPE *Repeat STEP 1 & STEP 2 STEP 3 Apply double sided tape under the lace to secure. STEP 4 Style as you desire. OPTION B. USING LACE FRONT GLUE *Repeat STEP 1 & STEP 2 STEP 3 Apply glue on skin surface to secure lace front STEP 4 Style as you desire. REMOVING ADHESIVE STEP 1 Apply remover around the lace thoroughly. SETP 2 Gently remove the lace when it softens. CARING INSTRUCTION *Use lace adhesive remover to thoroughly remove the adhesive and oils from the lace. *Store your lace front wig on a wig stand or mannequin head or stuff with paper or towel to maintain its shape. *Refrain from the use of heavy oils or pomades. *To freshen up the wig, mist with water and shake out the curls. WASHING YOUR WIG Since this wig is designed using synthetic fibers, care must be taken to avoid tangling or ruining the curl pattern. Follow these instructions for best results. 1. Do not totally immerse your wig into water. Mist the hair with a spray bottle to dampen the hairs. 2. Apply tour shampoo to your hands fist then run your fingers through the wig using a vertical motion pulling the shampoo out through the ends of the hair. 3. Rinse the shampoo using a spray bottle or spray fhose. 4. Use a towel to blot out the excess water. 5. Shake out the curls. 6. Allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or a mannequin head.

Key features

  • CURL
  • Deep Invisible Part

Honest reviews


Wasn’t For Me…Good Luck

I’ve had this wig for a few months now AND.. the only reason I am doing this review is because I believe different opinions matter, and I rely on research and reviews before I purchase off line, especially on wigs I can’t see physically or try!I did not get the model wig shown but a #30 kind of color (too lazy to go check). It was very puffy when I tried it on, like a another review said “like a lion” the cap is really small, I always thought I had an average head size not too big, no too small but after this cap I must reconsider that. It had the tendency to move around and go back to my hairline which annoyed me to the point that I thought it would slip off and embarrass the heck out of me in public. But after about 2nd time wearing it in its natural state, I decided I had to straighten it to try and make it work for me… WELL I must say the hair is very thin, but a pro is that it is soft. It’s possibly about 16-18 inches long but it gets knotted fast.honestly after wearing it in an up-do to a wedding, which went ok once I styled it with pins and my hot buns roller. But truthfully this was a waste of money, never again! I doubt I will wear it again either. I just plan on keeping it under my bed for a few months before throwing it out, so I wont feel too bad :(. You can do better ladies, unless you need to see for yourself then go right ahead.

Sarah Cadet, MO

The best wig

I love this wig. It’s the best that ive bought ever, and i buy alot of wigs. This wig is soft, flowy and lasts longer than the average curly wig. (in my opinion) I love the color options for this wig. I got 1B but next time I buy i will get the black and blond one. would definitly reccomend this product. I got a lot of comments on it.

Ingrid Chardon, OH

Looks very fake. Doesn’t match up as pictured. Mine arrived with a major defect at the front of the part as well 🙁

I received mine today, just tried it on and I am so disappointed. As another seller described, the part is really bad. Not natural looking at all. The unit I received has hair completely missing right at the front of the part, so you can see the edge of the lace cap. Not good. Also, I would say that the picture is quite deceiving. Was really hoping it would work to change up my natural darker curlier hair for fun! They say blondes have more fun, right? ;)Differences in as pictured :The hair is very poofy on the top portion with really strange looking long bangs right in the front that fall directly into your face. And they are not as curly as the rest of the unit, so unfortunately the bangs don’t blend at all.The bottom is quite thin in comparison to the top poofy hair, so the unit looks very unbalanced and unnatural. It is not evenly layered and curly all the way down. It’s separated into a poofy top and a thin bottom. Maybe it’s just the one I received, but I would definitely not recommend it and will be returning it ASAP!* Note – the cap is quite large, so if you have a medium to smaller size head, the sides of the cap are far too long and there’s no way to change the fact that to wear the piece fitted to your head if it’s smaller than this cap, it literally would have to be worn over your ears. On my head, the sides of the cap/unit are approximately 1 1/4″ too long, so it’s literally impossible to wear unless I want to wear it really loose on my head with the back of the unit all loose and puffing out. This also leaves the sides sitting very uncomfortably and very itchy on and behind your ears. Also, If you’ve worn a true lace wig, you would mostly likely not like this unit.I will give it one compliment though. The hair is soft and not too shiny. It also has a nice amount of dark grown out root. Some just have too much. This one has just the right amount.I have another unit from FreeTress (Enya) which is a true lace front and has a much better invisible part and fits VERY well on my head. However, I did cut the Enya unit a bit, as the hair is quite long and tangles at its initial length. However, after washing the unit, cutting it, and using a really good conditioner + BOBOS Remi Leave-In Conditioner – the Enya unit it’s a winner for a fun change! It doesn’t cost much more than the Bently and it’s totally worth the extra cost. The Enya is nice and thick and has great curls one length all the way down.Okay ladies, I’ve probably written too much, but just wanting to give you a heads up and some other good advice 🙂

Pearl Weston, MA

Used For Birthday Party

I have natural unprocessed hair and sometimes I want a different look. I work this for my birthday and got a lot of compliments.

Genevieve Lilly, PA

Love this hair

I originally ordered this hair in color 1 and my mom loved it so much she had me order her one in OP430. The part makes it look super real and it feels soft, I haven’t experienced a lot of shedding with it.

Ola East Quogue, NY

Lots of styling

It doesn’t look anything like in the picture. Very big , like a lion. i had to flat iron it right away It needs a lot of styling to make it your own. the length is good, so is the texture. there is a lot more blonde then i expected

Joanna Norris, IL

It’s Okay….

I like the deep part but it was ALOT of hair. I am really short so the wig seemed really long and wild. I think the deep part really does make the wig look great. The wig is just not for me.

Hester New Berlinville, PA


I love this wig. It’s the best I ever had. I tweezed the part to make it wider and it looks soo real. I love the deep part. It’s soo realistic. The curls are nice be though you may want to brush them out a little, but This wig is beautiful and good price. It’s really long when straightened. I love that its heat friendly.

Josephine Lake George, CO

Love her!!

Love this wig!! The color is amazing, but she tangles and sheds. I actually bought two, and was a bit rough with the first one (bad idea) she definitely needs TLC and a good detangler. The part is great, and the fact that you can curl it is a plus. I’ve been wearing it now for a good month or so and it still looks fabulous! Lots of compliments!!

Stella Couch, MO

I really like it but has to be conditioned and styled often to look good

One of the best wigs ever, gets tangled and looks dry easily but if you style it every day it looks great and realistic.

Beverley Devils Tower, WY


I was skeptical about the color at first. But I love it. The color is not to bold, but it blends in beautiful with my skin. I love it. It was a show stopper this weekend!

Dale Oketo, KS