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Freetress Equal Lace Front Baby Hairline Wig – Abby – 1

Realistic Baby Hair Ultimate Natural LookEQUAL is the premium “LUXURY INTEGRATION” of most expensive synthetic hairs. It’s called EQUAL because it looks and feels just like human hair. Boasting its most human-hair-like sheen, it is the most manageable and long-lasting synthetic hair product available. It’s all in the fiber _ more natural | more manageable | longer lasting-Realistic “Baby Hair” for the ultimate NATURAL look.-Iron safe FUTURA fiber for Flexible “Freedom Styling”-Hassle-Free secure fitting with No Glue, No Tape feature.-Silky Soft, Tangle-Free, Volumized texture with Easy Parting.Quick Style In A Minute ! – No Glue! No Tape! Necessary-Braid hair in cornrow or wrap to secure.-Trim lace according to hairline.-Secure lace front using hair pins.-Style as you desire.OPTION A. Using Lace Front Double Sided TapeOPTION B. Using Lace Front GlueREMOVING ADHESIVE-Apply remover around the lace thoroughly.-Gently remove the lace when it softens.Caring Instruction-Use lace adhesive remover to thoroughly remove the adhesive and oils from the lace.-Store your lace front wig on a wig stand or mannequin head or stuff with paper or towel to maintain its shape.-Refrain from the use of heavy oils or pomades.-To freshen up the wig, mist with water and shake out the curls.

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Wow. I have never written a bad review yet…but this time I just HAVE to. I hate this hair piece. It’s almost a joke, really. I have had every brand, every style, every length hair piece under the sun and this one is currently holding my number 1 most hated position. The cap is so tight that it wouldn’t fit my one year old’s head. It’s majorly poofy on top and makes you look like you have a cone head. The hair length shown in the description of the item is about 3 inches longer that the actual unit is. It looked like the back end of a horribly matted dog. I laughed out loud, literally. The color is Ridic’. I ordered the 27/613…..well it was a copper brown with one white (almost-gray) streak in the center of the top. It looks like a skunk….or a persons hair that has a white birth mark streak running through it. WOW! I will keep this thing, but only to play a horribly funny joke of someone. GOODLUCK!

Priscilla Manson, NC

Texture is key! Make sure you have thicker texture prior to purchasing!

You need to have a thicker texture hair to be able to pull this off. Does not look right on people with thinner hair. Great wig, just make sure you focus on texture. Also the lace was torn, but it was caught on the insert. Someone must have been too ruff packaging. "/

Lynette Latta, SC


This is got me so much attention, I look so beautiful in it, that I am going to order another one same color and all, and I can curl it with the hot curlers to keep me curls fresh. Awesome!!!!!

Reva Wild Rose, WI

REally like it

I really like this product. The curls are so bouncy and curly and it just looks amazing. I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 because when it gets natted it looks a hot mess. But it holds up pretty well for about 2 weeks so i’m really impressed with this product.

Laverne Nordman, ID

I am totally shocked!!! love it!! perfect exactly what I ordered!!

Normally I have lace wigs either custom made or I go to a shop and often do not find what I want at the store. I did order wigs from a web site and had to return them. So I took a chance on Amazon, not only was the price right the wig was perfect. LOVE it! I will buy another!! Excellent

Marsha Earlville, IA

Love it!

Since I bought this wig, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday. I love it and will be purchasing another one.

Georgia Mantua, OH

Love this wig

Love, love this wig. I received lots of compliments the first time. I will be ordering another one soon.Una

Angel New Home, TX


This hair is for those people that like FULL hair, since that’s not me, it’s challenging to review. I like the texture, length, and color, but it’s way too much volume for this Lady. I found myself cutting or better yet, shaving with a wig razor to calm down the Dolly Parton look! I still haven’t worn her out in public yet because I’m steel trying to style her to my liking. I’m sure once that’s completed I should be a little happier. Oh, the lace front is very nice too. Looks nice one you alter the netting to you facial shape. It’s not a bad purchase if you like a lot of hair on your head.

Lillie Upper Tract, WV