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Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig – All Star

Invisible Part Wig-Style with your own natural hair while enhancing your style & length-Soft and flexible handmade INVISIBLE PART WIG is easy to maintain-Adjust the width of the part with ease using attached wig clips.-The handmade front bang is light and soft to give you a natural style.Application Instructions1. Eye mark the area where the INVISIBLE PART WIG will be placed and set aside a bulk of your natural band which you will use to blend.2. Pull out your natural hair through the center of the INVISIBLE PART WIG and secure the INVISIBLE PART WIG with the clips provided. If desired, you can cut the 1″ center band to adjust the width accordingly.3. To style, split your own bang hair in half over the wig to create a natural looking partline within the INVISIBLE PART WIG.4. Brush to blend hair until desired look is achieved. If curly INVISIBLE PART WIG is used, curl your hair with curling iron accordingly.

Key features

  • Comb Location: Front & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: No
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


its ok but…

pros: very pretty!! can put a flat iron to it, lasts awhileCons: SHEDS like crazy!, huge cap)Huge cap! my head is pretty big or so i thought so you will need some bobby pins to hold it downThis thing is going to shed ALOT so be prepared for that and mine lasted for 2 months with daily wear before I got tired of the shedding.To fix the wig after it gets dry add olive oil and heat set it with a flat iron and voila its shiny and manageable again.

Ava Norton, VA


just not happy. shorter than the pic, totally styled different, i will never wear it. the clips hurt and the wig itself is just difficult. wigs are suppose to a quick fix

Lois Richards, MO

Not a fan!

Like a lot of women who wear wigs I have short hair so Trying to pull my hair through the small hole was a pain in the butt. Then my hair would stick up out of it and it would take 20 mins just to get in on comfortable! Such a pain! Tossed it right in the trash after 3 uses!

Merle Rhodelia, KY

This is a wonderful unit

This wig looks very natural when blended properly. It’s a classic hair style. I got a lot of wears out of it. Swirl it around in luke warm water with shampoo or conditioner, rinse and air dry after wearing and it will go back to its original condition, but to an extent. You can’t wear it and wash it 50 times and expect the synthetic hair to hold up like new. The ends will eventually appear frizzy. But wait! You can do something about that. Just trim the ends. I kept trimming it so much after I started to get bored with the style that it eventually turned into a bob and it still looks great.I want to try the other colors. I got the P1B/30. My only two complaints with this wig is that the highlights with the color combination I purchased are pretty, but chunkier than I personally care for. Also, in the front there are two clips, one on each side of the u-part spacing for security. One of the clips loosened up, but all I had to do was sew it back on tighter. The back has a larger clip and a draw string for even more security so this wig is not going anywhere.Overall this wig can make hairstyling easy and quick without looking crazy or unnatural. The price is fair. I’m going to order in a different color probably several more times.

Alta Allendale, NJ

Very real looking

Everyone thinks this wig is my real hair. I just wish I would have read the description a little better. You can see your hair line because there is a big hole towards the front of the piece where you can pull out and mix in your own hair. This would have been nice, if I had hair to pull through. I sewed it up, and It looks a little warped, but nobody seems to notice. The fit is really snug, but it is really comfortable. I suggest cutting the drawstring out. The drawstring pull in and tangles the hair.This wig is a steal. It feels so real!!

Lorene Brookline, NH


This wig sheds like a sick DOG!! Its thin like a wig on crack! NO GOODI will NOT order this again.

Linda Bow, WA

It’s alright

The hair frames the face nicely and the rearview is cute as well. However, it can be quite the trick trying to get the right amount of hair through the invisible part hole. Since, I am transitioning to natural, I wouldn’t recommend this hair to women that have highly textured hair as you will need to touch up the leave out hair multiple times per week. I will say that blending my hair with the product was a breeze. Many people couldn’t tell that my own hair was blended with the wig or even knew I was wearing one. For relaxed women and other races, this hair will be a nice break from straightening your hair. I would recommend that you cut the opening at the hairline so that the piece allows for more blending freedom.PROS:-Ability to blend own hair with product-use of hot styling toolsCONS:-texture of hair, not quite yaky texture and can stick to your skin or lips (not cute)-tangles throughout the day-the hole is a puzzle to use

Terra Winthrop, AR

Very nice and oh so cute.

Very nice realistic look, great price, did I say great price? What more could you ask for?! A very good deal.

Rosalyn Intercourse, PA

nice wig!

This was a nice wig the hair was pretty good but you can’t put any heat to it to recurl! if you try to curl it has to be really low heat!

Mary Dodge, WI

The Best

I really loved this and it is so natural looking. People actually thought it was all of my own hair. It is absolutely beautiful and so easy to take care of. I love the natural part. It is easy to style and it feels great to wear. I would have liked to have had more combs on the sides but it was fine. That is just a personal preference of mine.

Jessica Franklinville, NC