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FreeTress Equal FUTURA Whole Lace Wig – SAPPHIRE – F1B/30 OFF BLACK/MED AUBURN

Freetress Equal Premium Synthetic Whole LaceEQUAL is the premium “LUXURY INTEGRATION” of most expensive synthetic hairs. It’s called EQUAL because it looks and feels just like human hair. Boasting its most human-hair-like sheen, it is the most manageable and long-lasting synthetic hair product available. It’s all in the fiber _ more natural | more manageable | longer lasting-The only 100% individually hand tied hair for the most natural look & feel-Soft to the touch, ultra feather light whole lace wig, yet made to fit for perfection-Flexible parting lines & easy up styling with beautiful full-bodied hair-Equal Whole Lace is made with 400???F curling iron safe Futura FiberApplication InstructionsJust 1 minute! You can create a style-Braid your hair in cornrow or secure by using hair clips-Trim the lace according to your harline *optional-Secure the wig along the hairline using hair pins-Style as you desire and be naturalOption A Using double-sided lace front tapeOption B Using glueHow To Use Remover-Apply the remover around the lace until the glue from the lace front becomes soft.-Take off the alce wig slowly.

Key features

  • Comb Location: Side & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


Better Jump On This Wig Fast- I plan on buying them out

at first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I would never find a wig that could suit my style. I spent so much money on weaves that always did me wrong, but I grew strong, this wig has helped me get along!!! This wig is PHAT, you should see my face, I strut around my job steady thinking I’m the HBIC up in this place.All kidding aside- THIS WIG IS GORGEOUS!I looked at the reviews on this wig and I understand about how much curlier it is than the picture advertised. I have to say that I put this wig on while at work and POW, instant attitude change. I look goooood ya’ll. Yes I ordered 2. yes I’m gonna order more. Better jump on this one before they run out.Sapphire is totally adjustable – totally comfortable- totally flexible- wear her as is or customize to your taste- JUST GET THE WIG YA’LL.UPDATE Y’ALL!!Wish I could add a picture with this review.10/1/13 and BaBY Girl still looks fly. I Stuffed her into a drawer shortly after wearing it for the first week. Today I felt like switching up (usually just do this with clothes) and I put her on.Yup sometimes you just have to try it on again and fall in love all over.BOOYAKA Y’ALL !yes- That is my picture (wearing Sapphire) next to the product photo!

Paige Dawson Springs, KY


During the winter months I use lace wigs as protective and easy, fast styles, I saw Sapphire and thought great, its whole lace (my first) and it looks very natural which is hard to find in an affordable price range. So I said what the heck lets go for it. I was so excited when it arrived that I ran around the house!… Unfortunately it was not what I was expecting at first.I hated the curl and to me it looked nothing like the picture assumed. I got this in a 1 because it was the only color available. The color and the curls made it look terrible and “fake” and the nappy baby hairs also pissed me off! Regardless I had no choice so I continued to wear it. After a month of being fed up and embarrassed of being seen with this, it popped into my mind, ” hey this is futura (I can use heat on it)” plus there was no way I would make my money go to waste without a fight!So I section out the hair and flat iron it on medium until it was straight. I couldn’t express the joy I felt after seeing this hair bone straight! it was beautiful! Just silky soft and the hair feels so light but is not thin at all. It reaches down into the middle of the back and looks like a hair a diva would wear. I have to mention this is not human hair but it feels like it and look like it. The lace is the perfect tone to fit my complexion so I have no problem there, people often think its a sew in. like most lace wigs I have had, the sides stick out if you don’t use glue, tape or pins. So I’m still waiting to find a wig that doesn’t do that. In the End, every couple weeks I wash and and put a leave in conditioner and hang it up to dry over night, then I flat iron again, trim the ends and viola its back to looking new! I love this wig now. I only recommend a natural color like 2 or 4 when purchasing.TIP*** Most of the time we have to make the wig our own, it doesn’t always coming out the box perfect for us, sometimes you need to put effort and time into styling!

Briana Pennington, TX

Very happy with this wig

I bought this wig because I was curious about full lace wigs and I have to say, I LOVE it!! the wig is soft like real hair and lacks that synthetic shine most wigs have so it looks natural as well. It blends perfectly into your natural hairline, and I love the fact I can put my hair up, pull it back, put the sides up and leave the rest down, I can curl or straighten it with a curling iron (up to 400 degrees), styles the limit really.The #4 is a very natural brunette, It does come a little curlier than in the photo, at least my wig did, but I was able to relax it to a gentle wave like in the photo. Pretty easy to upkeep. I’ve worn it almost every day for the last 2 weeks now and it still looks out of the box new. Very happy with this purchase.[…]

Jenny North Vernon, IN

i love it!!

look very natural and i can make a nice pony tail to go gym with it i really love the cut style very nice, bus the way they curly the hair is like a serious style like to go work on a office or for a very serious woman so i straing the hair same time i get it and it stay so lovely on me i really recomend it!!

Tara Marion, CT

I can curl it with hot curlers WOW

This wig is awesome, I can curl it with the hot curlers and make many styles, my husband adore me wearing it, I get a lot of compliments on this wig.

Lorie Flossmoor, IL

Love Her!!!

Love this unit! Will be purchasing again. I just wish there were more colors, this would look fab in an ombré! It’s not "whole lace" but it has a nice wide patch of lace that gives a lot of room and versatility for parting along with baby hairs and an extended neck which makes for a nice ponytail or updo. Looks really natural

Helen Sunnyside, WA