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FreeTress Equal Amerie Color 1B Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Freetress Equal Lace FrontAll of the wigs are pre-cut and pre-styled into a variety of fashionable looks perfect for work, everyday and even when you want to be the ultimate diva! Simply shake out the wig to spring the curl pattern to life. This wig has the look and feel of natural human hair.-Sculpting tabs form a perfect fit-Premium quality lace-Natural invisible hair line-Longer lace from ear to ear-A one-size fits all adjustable cap-Securing with front & back placement combs-No fuss or mess, just perfect hairApplication Instructions1. Braid hair in cornrow or wrap to secure2. Trim lace according to hairline3. Secure lace front using hair pins4. Style as you desireOPTION A Using Lace Front Double Sided TapeOPTION B Using Lace Front GlueRemoving Adhesive1. Apply remover around the lace thoroughly2. Gently remove the lace when it softens

Key features

  • Comb Location: Side & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


Wow this wig is awesome why all the bad reviews?

Honestly I barely had to comb it after it wearing out for five or six hours when I took it off! Thats a lot more than I can say for other wigs I have purchased at the same price. It is 100% tangle free!!!! Wonderful quality, and I purchased off black bcause I didn’t want it to be shiny, not that I hate shiny black, because I have other wigs in that color so I wanted a change for once and I am 100% percent satisfied with Amerie, in fact I’m going to wear her awhile because I love how she looks on me. Looks and feels like my real hair. I don’t know what all the negative reviews are about but I certainly beg to differ on those opinions. If you’re looking for a natural looking black straight style without bangs that looks like relaxed or flat pressed then go for this one. You can get multiple wears out of this one because it is top quality and affordable. Very natural looking hairline that looks real. So I say buy this if you are looking for a natural style. It won’t disappoint.

Elsie Rosendale, NY


The hair is really nice. Very straight and long. I had to play with it for a couple of days to get the hair to act wright. Its says you can curl it with a curling iron. I tried that. But it really just made the hair limp. But when i use hot curlers, WOW!!!!!!!…Kim Kardashin curls for real. The part in the picture is misleading. the actual part is only 1/8 of inch showing in the middle, very little. I l did not have any baby hair on my unit. But for the cost. I would say that the unit is a okay buy. But I would not purchase it again.

Margery Naples, NY

Sheds like CRAZY

I bought this wig after my head was shaved due to skin cancer issues. She is gorgeous when you first put her on… but she sheds like crazy. It’s been, what… a year now… and she’s STILL shedding. She also doesn’t hold up well. after several months you can’t keep her down, she sticks up EVERYWHERE no matter how much you brush her, and the top looks a little wiggy now. Someone told me to try a curing iron to straighten out the ends that keep sticking up all the time… but with the way she sheds… I’m a bit worried to do that.She’s not the worst wig I’ve ever had… but considering how much I LOVE Freetress Equal, I was a bit disappointed in this particular wig. (I’ve had High success with the other ones I’ve purchased of Freetress’s)I rate this about a C+. Its a VERY cute wig… but a LOT of maintenance and shedding.

Nichole Wortham, TX

Again…What the What???

Sheds like a sick DOG….Hair is so thin its damn near see through ..Save your money!I won’t buy again. Lesson Learned!!!

Debra Reynolds, IN

Not too bad…

This lace front isn’t so bad. I’d give it a 3.5 if I could. It’s my go-to , long lace front when I don’t want to pay to much.Note: You get hat you pay for.Its a great length, a little pass the shoulder for me, yo the bust and it stays soft for a while.Cons: There is plenty of shedding.The parting space is about half a inch, almost none.Despite these negatives, I’m STILL planing on ordering another one soon.

Gale Derby, IA

Great product!

I absolutly LOVE this product. when i bought it i had no idea that you could curl it up to, i believe it said, 400 degrees. That made it all the better. Also looks just as it does in the picture, and the lace is pratically invisible. Great product, will buy again!

Lola Ruth, MS

Freetress Lace Front Wig

I received my wig today on time although the hair is really pretty its a little to long for myself. But for a woman who loves really long hair this would be a perfect wig for her.

Dianne Whitney, NE