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Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Enzyme Facial Mask – 6 fl oz

What makes you feel beautiful and radiant? An unexpected compliment? Your favorite song? Natural ingredients for clean, soft, smooth skin? Made with natural, botanical ingredients, new Freeman Feeling Beautiful is a full range of skin and body care products to help you look and feel your best. This enzyme mask, with Pineapple extract and AHAs gently exfoliates while lightly moisturizing, leaving your skin soft, supple and younger-looking.

Key features

  • Pineapple extract and AHAs exfoliate
  • Restores radiant skin
  • Contains natural ingredients

Honest reviews


It could have been great if

This product could have been great if they didn’t use a recycle code 7 for their plastic tube. This code is known for being bad for you and may cause chromosonal damage.Zero stars for this product.

Clarice Milford Square, PA

Freeman Pinapple Enzyme mask worked fine, but did irritate my skin

• Freeman Pinapple Enzyme mask worked fine, but did irritate my skin alittle
• Both on my face and on the back of my legs as I exfoliate my entire body with it
• I leave on for the 10 minutes and then I soak a wash cloth in the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tsp sugar mixed
• Then I lightly scrub with the lemon soaked wash cloth to remove the dead skin cells each month
• A good find for the price, but I really wanted to try the pumpkin version but it was out at the time at the drugstore

James Ashton, WV

For the price – I’m very impressed!

I’ve purchased some fairly expensive beauty products in my lifetime so I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect of a product that was so cheap. Well I’m here to say that this mask is amazing and does exactly what it promises to do.When applying it to clean skin it feels a bit like lemon curd with a citrus scent. You just spread a thin layer over your face and then leave it on for the entire ten minutes. I did not feel any tingling or stinging but it did feel cooling. I suspect that is because this has peppermint oil in it.When rinsing this off my face I did feel the granules in the gel but I don’t think they do anything. I washed off my face with a cloth and then splashed more water on to make sure everything was removed. When I looked in the mirror my skin looked a little more pink but not red and irritated.Once I put on moisturizer I then noticed how my skin was glowing and “radiant” is the correct word to describe the results.Now the formula has changed and the container is a bit different than shown here at amazon. Instead of glycolic acid and chamomile, this now has aloe, pineapple fruit extrat, papaya fruit extrat, sea kelp, coconut, orange oil, grapefruit peel oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil. There are also some artificial ingredients but I don’t feel like typing them all out. What matters is that this does contain some good natural ingredients too. I think you will be impressed with this mask. My skin is super soft and I think yours will be too.~The Rebecca Review

Dona Fossil, OR


I bought this because of the rave reviews and because I absolutely love Freeman’s Avocado/Oatmeal mask (seriously, it’s great!). In true Freeman fashion this mask smells AMAZING. It smells like fresh pineapples and I seriously considered keeping this around just because it smelled so good. Alas, however, it really wasn’t that great of an exfoliator for me. I have acne prone, combination/oily skin and I need to exfoliate at least once a week or my skin gets congested. I was looking for something a little less harsh to use in the summer, but unfortunately this was borderline ineffective for me. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 weeks and it hasn’t really done anything for my skin. In fact, I used a more powerful exfoliator right after this and found that this didn’t really slough off any dead skin. The only thing I noticed it did was leave my skin a tad more moisturized and “fresh” after which is nice, but I really need something that’s going to temper my problem skin and this is just too gentle. I also really need something that’s going to inject some life and “glow” back into my skin and, once again, this didn’t really deliver for me. Maybe for teens or people that have normal/good skin this would be great to have around, which is why I gave it 3 stars. It’s a good product, just way too gentle for someone like me unfortunately.

Opal Arnoldsburg, WV

OMG !!!

I will never go to a beauty salon again !!! This mask smells awesome !! …like a tropical paradiseIt’s a absolute winner , my face loves it …highly recommended

Odessa East Bernstadt, KY

Doesn’t seem to do anything

I have tried this product a couple of times but after that, having not noticed any change in my skin over the course of a week (you’re supposed to use it a couple of times per week), I just put the tube in the hall cabinet and left it there. I suppose at some point I’ll try it again and then give up and throw it away.

Inez Brashear, MO

Nice gentle exfoliator

I liked this mask; the exfoliating beads are small/fine and gentle. The scent is pleasant and definitely pineapple-y. The ingredients are also surprisingly nice compared to most products this cheap. It doesn’t sting like you might expect for something so acidic. It’s not a miracle product, but it leaves my skin soft and slightly moisturized.

Miranda Silver Springs, NY

Subtle and simple

This product is easy to use and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging your pores or burning your face off. It smells clean, rinses clean, and leaves you with a fresh feeling as if you did a more intense face regimen. I can’t say it’s going to take away wrinkles, close your pores, and take 20 years off your life because NO beauty product truly does that. But for the low price you’re going to pay for this you do get a good value. Recommended for anyone wanting an easy, "extra" step in taking care of one’s face.

Selina Soledad, CA

A waste.

I bought this for myself. I did nothing it says it would, and I used it twice per week until the bottle was empty. I will not purchase again, nor do I recommend it.

Carly Hampton, VA

Facial Enzyme Mask

I think this a pretty good product. My face definitely feels smoother after I use it. I’m always looking for new exfoliators and I usually use ones with a mechanical action (ie: sugar scrubs) but this worked nicely too. I tried following it up with their goji berry hydrating mask but that was a terrible idea, it burned so much I had to wash it right off. I recommend letting your skin rest a bit before putting anything on after using this!

Tamra Camden On Gauley, WV

Love Freeman

Freeman masks are the best. This is great feeling, tingles a little but really helps to exfoliate and smooth my skin. I love this mask. Doesn’t make me break out, doesn’t take out moisture, works well and feels great on my face.

Savannah Greenup, KY

Nothing special.

After reading the reviews I was anxious to get this product. I use it as described and notice no visible difference. It has a pleasant enough scent but that’s not a good reason to take the time to smear it all over your face, wait for it to dry, and then wash it off. Just a waste of time really. Sorry, I will not buy again. Will keep looking for an effective mask product.

Francine Harrisburg, OR

After a short period…

This product leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. I haven’t been using it long enough to provide long-term effects, however I plan to continue use.

Miranda Petroleum, WV

doesnt really do anything

I bought this and thought I would try it, doesnt really have a scent to it and I didnt notice any change or effect while or after I was using it. You can tell its there but thats about it, if you have super sensitive skin or just want to blow a few bucks then go for it. i wont be buying it again.

Renee Sykesville, MD

Love It.

I had zero expectations when it came to this product even though I have always had good luck with Freeman products. All I can say is that this unique mask is awesome. It leaves your skin glowing and very soft. If you use it at night, the difference in your skin the next morning, is very noticeable.Add to that, Freeman does not test on animals or use any animal ingredients. Cruelty-Free and vegan.

Deann Baskin, LA

Similar to a $48 product sold at a waxing chain

I love this product. It smells great and leaves my skin exfoliated and soft. Best thing about this product is the price. I have bought a comparable product for $48 at a chain waxing place, used for exfoliation and this is just as good for a fraction of the price.

Adrienne Pala, CA


this is an amazing mask! it gives my skin a bright, glowy complexion and it helped diminish my pores! your skin looks so beautiful and healthy afterwards! a must-have!

Beverley Glen Daniel, WV