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Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Revealing Peel-off Mask, Pomegranate, 6 Ounce

Purges and fortifies with Mega 8 Complex. Revealing peel-off mask enhanced with pomegranate extract. Helps clarify and fortify skin.

Key features

  • Enhanced with pomegranate extract
  • Helps clarify and fortify skin
  • Powered by Mega 8 Complex

Honest reviews


From Snot to Soft

I am fairly textile sensitive, so I am not thrilled with the way peel-off masks feel when you first apply them. It feels like rubbing snot all over my face which is not at all pleasant. However, the end results are worth it. This mask smells good, which is a plus. At first, as I said, it is gooey and feels like snot, but then it feels nice and cool for few minutes, but then it dries and tightens, which is not so pleasant for me, but not painful. The peeling part is fun and you are left with soft, clean feeling skin.

Leann Osgood, OH


Worked well, takes 30 min to dry and become peelable, smelled great but caused me to break out the second time I used it

Bridgette Lisbon, ND

Love, Love, Love!

This stuff is awesome. It goes on real easy and once you let it completely dry it’s really fun peeling it off. I use it once a week and so far its lasted me months. A little goes a long way, just make sure it’s an even layer all across your skin so that it comes off easier. Oh! and it smells really yummy!

Janine Belding, MI

Nice mask

This is a great peal off mask and you can get many, many uses out of this huge bottle. It smooths on well, dries fast and peals off like a dream. Smooth skin underneath.

Juanita Solo, MO

first time

decent, but unimpressive, first time purchase, freeman generally makes good products, a little runny may not buy again at all

Ola Rowley, IA

messy facial fun

Ordered this strictly for the messy fun moments only a facial mask/peel can provide! Lol Recieved this today and tried it…face feels clean. Price is affordable and I put it on my niece so she could peel herself! She got a kick outta it. 🙂

Darcy Allenton, MO


Not sure how well it works. I know it’s getting the dead skin but I was hoping for help on with my blackheads.

Rhea Bickmore, WV