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Freeman Facial Masque, Purifying – 6 fl oz

Simplified Beauty Pure Ambition™ Purifying Facial Clay Masque ~ Avocado & Oatmeal Purges pores of dirt and excess oils while firming, refining and conditioning. Freeman® products are artfully blended with botanical extracts that help you look and feel more beautiful, so you’ll feel confident simply being you. Botanical extracts combine to create ultimate purification and conditioning. This rich, creamy clay masque helps to purge clogged pores by drawing out imbedded excess oils and dirt.  Facial skin is left feeling clean, soft and pure.  So if purification is your ambition, then this product is simply for you.  This product not tested on animals. 

Key features

  • Purges pores of dirt and excess oils while firming, refining and conditioning
  • Artfully blended botanical extracts help you look and feel more beautiful
  • Rich, creamy clay masque helps purge clogged pores by drawing out imbedded excess oils and dirt
  • Leaves facial skin feeling clean, soft and pure
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Totally worth it

So I’m going to come right out and say it, I didn’t want to use this mask because I’m a die hard fan of Queen Helena Mint Julep Mask. There, now the cat is out of the bag. I decided to give Freeman a chance because my best friend is always using this mask and swears by it. I’m so happy I finally gave it a chance, I could seriously see the dirt and oil coming out of my pores when the mask was drying. It was really easy to apply and was super smooth on my skin. I let it dry for about 10-20 minutes just to make sure it picked up as much as it possibly could and used a wash cloth to take it off. The after effects were great! My skin felt smooth, refreshed, and tight. I did feel a little dry, but some face moisturizer put that to rest almost immediately. I’m not sure if I’ll leave Mint julep because I love that mask but I would definitely recommend this mask:]!!

Pam New Castle, CO


I LOVE this mask. I have extremely oily, rough and acne prone skin, as well as large pores. After I’ve had this mask on, my pores are much much smaller, my blackheads are much much better and my skin is softer. I also break out less. Can’t beat this price, either!!

Graciela Craig, NE

Smells like vomit

The first time I used this I put it on and within two minutes began smelling vomit. I thought my dog had thrown up somewhere so I walked all over the house with the mask on looking for vomit. When the timer went off I figured I’d look more when I get out of the shower and never found anything nor did I smell the vomit after I showered. Never associated the smell with the mask. The second time I used this I immediately noticed a vomit smell and put 1 and 2 together. By now I’ve used it four times and every time it smells like vomit, not kind of like vomit, just like vomit! The product works well enough, but considering it has fragrance as an ingredient I just don’t get why it smells so bad.

Augusta Nahant, MA

Like it a lot…

I like this mask a lot. I wanted something a little less drying than my purifying mint mask and since this has avocado in it I thought it would be a nice alternative. It’s very nice and applies easily and my skin feels softer after I use it without feeling like it’s stripped me of all moisture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same effect as using a moisturizer or anything – you’re still going to lose some moisture – but it’s not nearly as drying as some masks I’ve used before.

Dorothy Bison, OK

Awesome clarifying product

I got a packet of this in a product sample box and thought I’d give it a go. I had a small whitehead forming that was painful and red. By the time the product had dried on my skin, it had drained, and the next morning it was healing. I’ve never had a blemish with such a short lifespan!This product draws oil out of your pores like nothing else I’ve tried. My skin is left soft and supple. I usually throw on alpha hydroxy moisturizer right after, and haven’t noticed any adverse affects from that. The morning after I use this on any blemishes, they are greatly improved and healing at a much quicker pace than without.I didn’t have any irritation or redness when I used it, but my husband tried it on a spot and did have redness afterward. he said he did have a bit of tingling, which I’ve never had.This is the best clay mask I’ve ever used, and the price is just an unexpected bonus.If I’m in a hurry, I’ll throw it on my problem areas and jump in the tub and wipe it off when it dries. It does a good job of evening out my oiliness, and keeping any blemishes at bay.

Opal Cayucos, CA


This clay mask doesn’t do anything for my skin. and also it has a funny smell. I don’t recommend it.

Dena Harper Woods, MI

Really good mask

This mask is one of the best I’ve used. I even like it better than LUSH masks. The smell is very nice and mild, it smells almost like candy. Very sweet but not intrusive. The mask itself it easy to apply and dries very quickly. Remove it quickly or else it can get uncomfortable when it’s completely dry. Other than that this will fix your acne. Great!!

Jeannine Concord, NC

Acne, Blackheads, and Scars 15 years Best Product So Far!

I have struggled with acne, blackheads, and scars since age 11. I have tried lots of products and seen dermatologists with little help. Now, about to turn 30 and still dealing with these issues, I tried this product after all of the reviews. I cannot tell you how amazing this is. It’s so affordable, too. Admittedly, I use it 1 to 2 times a day for my best results. My pores are much clearer and squeezing the blackheads on the nose, which my esthetician used to do, (the only place I would squeeze d/t scarring), has become much easier and I have to do it less frequently with regular use. For the price, I would recommend everyone try it until the product is gone and see how it goes for you!

Carrie Stratton, CO

Great product, terrible delivery

I used this before, and hope this is the same thing but they changed the outside look of the tube. I really enjoy this mask and think it works great…but my package was supposed to be here at the latest the 8th and I still have yet to receive it. After not even hearing anything from them I decided to contact seller and they were nice, telling me that it is almost here. Just frustrating I can get a foot spa bath, facail sauna system and many more larger items from other sellers on time, but not this little mask tube. But end of story is this is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone! Just order way early from when you expect it to be there!

Dee Terrebonne, OR

now this works!

It goes on easily and feels silky, it isnt thick and heavy like other mask. I could pick up no scent so its a neutral there. It dries quickly, within 15 mins,removes easily and actually made my face smoother. I am 42 with combo skin so it works for me, going to be part of my regimen.

Earnestine Goessel, KS


This is okay. I like the actual mask but the smell is sooo so overwhelming. It smells like liquid antibiotics.

Lizzie South Carrollton, KY

Great for older skin, too.

Even though I am pushing 50, and my skin is pretty dry, I still keep this clay masque on hand. Why? Because I have large pores that are getting (ack!) even bigger as I age. With one use, I can see my pores visibly reduced. With two I’m almost back to “Pores? What pores?” This stuff is super cheap, you get a lot for your money and it works.General 411: I usually put this all over my face (except eyes and mouth, of course),leave it on 20-ish minutes to let it dry. Rinse with a wash cloth then follow with a good moisturizer on my drier bits. The next day I exfoliate really well to get rid of any dry skin flakes. After this 1-2 procedure, I look like I’ve had a professional facial!Unfortunately, there’s no way to “cure” large pores, but this masque certainly helps keep them in check.

Teri Dadeville, AL

Ok, nothing amazing

This is just ok. For one, I found this in a store for almost half the price as what I paid on Amazon, so really I would not purchase it on here again. It is somewhat refreshing but I do not think it does anything worthy of noting to my skin. My skin appears soft after but other than that, it’s not really an amazing product.

Earline Burt Lake, MI


I love this so much!This mask is everything I was looking for: thick, not too pungent, great ingredients, and best of all, IT WORKS!I use this mask whenever I’ve had a long day and I know the oil/dirt buildup on my skin is a lot or if I fell asleep the night before and was too lazy and tired to wash my face.You simply apply it, let it dry, rinse, then continue to wash your face with you normal cleanse.I paired this mask along with the Freeman Pineapple Enzyme mask (which smells amazing might I add!) and with my normal Neutrogena cleanser/toner and together they have brought my skin (which was blemished and damaged) back to life.I truly love this and recommend this to anyone whose skin easily gets oily just like mine.

Lea Pacific, MO


This one is soooo GREAN ! And I love it…my daughter stole it from me after one use. My face feels so smooth…we love it!

Catalina Madison, AL

Good mask

I like this mask a lot because it smells yummy! And it works well to clean the pores. I would for sure get this again.

Kerri Wyaconda, MO

Skin feels very clean and soft.

My skin is oily in some spots and acne prone almost everywhere. This mask smoothes out my skin somehow and makes a bit clearer. I like it.

Carmen Water View, VA

great product

I love this mask, I’m at the end of my first bottle and just ordered another. I have very oily skin and it doesn’t not dry it out or create excess oil. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend this product as it is one of my favorites.

Marion Elgin, NE

1Makes my face feel great!

I use clinique products on a daily basis, but I love doing this mask either weekly or every other week depending on how my skin is feeling. It makes things feel nice and tight and supper soft!

Robbie Sylvania, OH

Good mask

i went to the drugstore looking for queen helene’s mint julep mask, but i couldn’t find it, so i picked this up instead. i really like this mask as well, it leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft and it’s very easy to rinse off. i have sensitive skin and i haven’t had any breakouts or adverse reactions to it after using it. the only things i don’t like about it are that it makes my eyes burn a lot if i put too much of the product around them, and it’s a little itchy when it dries.

Earline Putnam, TX

Smells great, works great

I have extremely sensitive skin, as well a huge pores. So, I was really happy when this mask not only made my face look more refreshed and healthy, but didn’t even irritate it a little bit!

Rosalinda Firebaugh, CA

My skin is so soft

This makes my skin feel like a baby’s butt. I love it. It smells great and is easy to use.

Colette Southborough, MA

Love it!

I always love this stuff. It smells really good and works awesome! Once you put it on it’s soothing, it dries, and then you scrub it off. I would only do it once a week to start to make sure your skin can handle it.

Darla Barberville, FL

Good for cleansing, but not for smoothing

I really wanted to love this, but it’s just not what I was hoping for. I have oily but not particularly acne prone skin, and I’m pretty lazy about caring for it (wash with an apricot scrub in the shower, use a toner in the mornings, and dab on lotion as needed).I was hoping that this would control the oil and leave me with soft, smooth skin. It definitely helps on the oil. After letting it dry on my face for about 10 minutes and rinsing off, my skin is completely oil free without being tight or irritated. However, it does nothing to the texture of my skin and doesn’t moisturize at all. It is a clay mask, and clays are known for being drying, so that’s not a complete surprise. It manages to leave my sensitive skin clean and happy – no redness or peeling at all, unlike many products for oily skin that leave you feeling itchy and tight. I would 100% recommend this for troublesome, oily skin, but do plan on moisturizing separately – it can’t do both.

Briana Fort Davis, TX

Seems strong and smells weird

I bought this face mask based on all the positive reviews it got, but I was not completely happy with it. I have sensitive skin and this may have been a little harsh for it. I only left the mask on my face for about 10 minutes and then washed it off. Afterwards I felt a burning/rashy feeling around my nose. It also smelled kinda gross after it dried on my face. I may give it another shot though.

Daphne Long Island City, NY

Gave it a try and loved it

I saw this clay mask at CVS and it had a rebate thing stating “Try For Free”. I gave it a try because I love free products. This thing is actually good. I have watched Youtube and saw reviews here that say this thing is wonderful. I might have to agree with everyone. It applies like a regular mask and after a few minutes, it dries up and you wash it off and voila, you’ll feel great afterwards. I took off one star because this mask does have a strong smell that even for a non-sensitive person like me, I would like for the manufacturer to chill with the scent. It’s a strong smell of baby powder with a tinge of hair perm?? Some of you guys might disagree but personally, that’s what comes to mind when I apply it on my face. Overall it’s not bad of a product because I do feel my face being cleaner after use.

Connie Knoxville, AL

LOVE this!

I have pretty sensitive skin and have tried a number of different masks through out the years and they almost always either make my face itchy, or cause me to break out after using them (in those horrible, big and painful zits!)…this one doesn’t! It seems like it both dries out the extra oil in my skin, and moisturizes at the same time. After washing it off my skin is always a lot softer. If my skin is a little dried out I tend to get those little bumps on the outer edges of my cheeks, but they always clear up when I use this. It has a good consistency and is easy to apply, though if you wash it off with a wash cloth it looks sort of nasty, but no big deal. It does have a little bit of a scent to it, but it’s not a fake perfumey type of scent, it’s a more natural one. And one of my favorite things about this mask, it’s cheap! Definitely recommend!

Letitia Rangeley, ME

Waste of money since product does not work for me

Really dries my skin and causes breakout. I have had this for 3 months now and have only used it 3 times but still my skin is to sensitive for it. Waste of money since product does not work for me.

Wanda Springer, OK

No firming effect

Didn’t see any improvement while using this product. Will try to find something else that will help tighten up facial skin.

Ava Irvington, AL

Good product for the money

First off, if you have an Ulta near by, you can find this product there for four dollars in the same size. I used to use the Biore oil control clay mask which is an excellent product but they’re no longer selling it anywhere. I was going to buy another expensive mask to replace the Biore but decided to try the Freeman brand since it was so inexpensive. It’s not as good as the higher priced masks of course but it works well enough for me to purchase again. It leaves my face feeling soft and tightens up my pores. The results don’t last very long for me; I have a very oily face due to hormone imbalances and it’s very hard to control this for more than one day. I use this mask every three days and use an oil-control cream cleanser the rest of the time. My favorite thing about the Freeman mask is that it doesn’t cost much. If it were more than ten dollars, I would never buy it.

Flora Birdsboro, PA