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Freeman Facial Exfoliating Scrub Pink Grapefruit 6 oz.


Key features

  • Gently Resurfaces, Invigorates And Smoothes Skin
  • Deeply Purifying, Non-Abrasive Exfoliating Scrub
  • Micro Beads Help Remove Dead Skin Cells
  • Made With Natural, Botanical Ingredients
  • Enriched With Pink Grapefruit

Honest reviews


Favorite Exfoliating Facial Scrub Product!

Love this product! Leaves my face feeling smooth from the exfoliation and it smells AMAZING! I first got one of the trail sized packs in a spa in a jar kit for Christmas. I got hooked and love it! Can’t find the facial scrub full sized products in stores so I have to order online, and amazon has them at the best price (Freeman’s website wants you to pay 7 dollars just for shipping). Doesn’t lather or anything, but it exfoliates amazingly. Will buy more, and highly recommended over other facial scrubs if you’re looking for a quality exfoliater for the right price.

Clare Beaman, IA


Like others, I got the sample size and fell in love. This is such a refreshing scrub! It exfoliates and brightens and smells divine. I sometimes use it just for the smell, it’s that good. A sweet grapefruit scent that manages to relax yet energize at the same time. It’s a bit more runny than traditional scrubs so it’s better to pat it into the skin before massaging it lightly in upward strokes. My skin is so much softer and my acne scars actually seem to be fading a little. Another winner from Freeman!

Nikki Waialua, HI

Nice product for the price

I’m a man and enjoy exfoliating with a good facial product. I tried Freeman for their Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask and branched out to their other products. This one is very nice, doesn’t scrape your face off, has a very pleasant citrus scent, and rinses clean without leaving any residue or lotion behind. The price is well worth it as well. I wish all their products fell into the "free supersaver shipping" category and I’d buy them more often.

Savannah Ludlow, CA

One Of My Favorite Face Scrubs Ever.

I adore this face scrub, it smells great and it works. Freeman does not test on animals nor do they use any animal products in their ingredients. The scrub from this comes from sugar which is less abrasive than walnut shells but more abrasive than jojoba beads. Highly recommended.

Kerry Hawthorne, NJ

Love the Smell!!!

I love smell of this it compliments my cocnut pinkgrapefruit lotion I made which is great!!! I have a nice fresh glow to my skin after every use!!!

Freda Palisade, MN

first impression

it feels very different from what i thought, but it seems okay.i cant tell if it works… but it makes my skin feels a little dry after using it though, but i guess that’s how it should feel because it’s getting rid of dead skin hahaanyways ‘m not sure if i’ll buy this again. i like their masks though!

Madeline Red Oak, TX