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Free & Clear Set, includes Shampoo-12 Oz and Conditioner-12 Oz – One each.

Come With 12 Oz Conditioner and 12 Oz Shampoo.

Key features

  • Come With 12 Oz Conditioner and 12 Oz Shampoo

Honest reviews


Thank goodness for these products for sensitive skin

In the past two years my skin and scalp have gone from my being able to use anything on them, to having itchy everything and redness and swelling. The Free and Clear Shampoo and Conditioner are wonderful products and not expensive. Hair feels clean and not greasy, no itchiness and no red scalp. I feared that these products would be department store expensive, but the prices compete with the CVS products. YEA!

Leta Kersey, CO

Might be good for oily hair

That’s the best I can say about this shampoo and conditioner. It is very drying so if you have extremely oily hair it might work for you. It’s great for sensitive skin because it has no fragrance, which is great for anyone with sensitivities. Having said the above, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed after a couple months use, my hair began to fall out at a very fast rate. I could gently run my fingers through my hair and be left with a handful of hair. This continued and I realized the only difference in my life was this shampoo and conditioner. I immediately stopped using it and bought some different kind that promotes hair regrowth (hopefully). It’s too early to tell but I’m hoping to recover my lost hair. Can not recommend.Update Nov. 8, 2013 – So I’ve tried another brand and hair is still falling out, therefore it may be due to something other than this Shampoo. Enough time has lapsed to stop the hair loss if it were due to this shampoo and conditioner. Questionable. Use with caution.

Alejandra Tarboro, NC

Very watery and did not work

I had hoped this product would work, it was very watered down, almost like it was old product.The conditioner had no value whatsoever, I have long hair and this didn’t let me put my fingers threw my hair. I will not buy it again.

Virginia Brogue, PA


I suffer from a mild eczema problem on hands and chest. These products have helped clear up my skin and its better than I’ve seen in years. Very grateful.

Laura Sidney, OH


Unfortunately I am sensitive to frangrance so this product was a lifesaver. No itch and cleans very well. This is the only product I wash my hair with now. Highly recommend to those who suffer from allergies. Get it and use it, won’t regret.

Opal Newtown, PA

Wife loves it me too

I’m allergic to, well, probably everything in the synthetic world. Wife had to switch to this to help my reactions. These people mean what they say. NO fragrance, period. Wife is not entirely happy since her hair tends to be a little bit dryer but the trade off of scent for sanity brought health to the household.

Carolina Tasley, VA

Not for Thick Curly Hair

So this was my first attempt at fragrance free, my boyfriends allergic to fragrance and uses this shampoo.The plus is it lathers really really well so at least I feel like my hair is clean.HOWEVER, The shampoo completely destroys my hair, it mats it into huge knots during washing and is really difficult to detangle.I have to use huge handfuls of the conditioner which doesn’t really moisturize my hair to begin with (Im just glad its not liquid like the shampoo) and tentatively comb out my hair in the shower for a long time, the second I shift my hair though, instant tangles again.Maybe it works for other hairtypes, but if you have curly thick hair like me look elsewhere.

Valarie Platteville, WI

Work well

I got this for my husband with skin allergies. He said that I soaps up nice and the conditioner is good too. His hair feels soft without all the added smells and chemicals that he has to stay away from.

Morgan Aibonito, PR

no dandruff, and no oil!

my hair is starting to look like human hair again! my hair is either greasy with dandruff, or it looks brittle and falls, or it looks nice but has dandruff. i find it hard to find a good shampoo. but i am finally seeing good results with this shampoo! im still a little itchy, but not grease or dandruff! i am using this with a shampoo comb, so that is helping too!

Kasey Drain, OR

Amazing…no more itch!

This product works just like it says it will and being that it is dermatologist recommended I had to have my wife try it for her skin condition eczema. Not to pricey and I must say the itchy scalp and dry hair seemed to fade almost immediately. She loves how soft it makes her hair feel and the fact that the itching stopped she is even happier. I hope is works for you as much as it did for her.If this review helped you please let me know. Thanks and happy shopping.

Luann Madison, KS