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Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser Refill

Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser is a soap-free, oil-free cleanser that has been formulated to avoid common chemical irritants found in ordinary liquid cleansers.  It is formulated without dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, and formaldehyde.  Ideal for daily use by the entire family.  May be used on the face and body.

Key features

  • Oil-free, soap-free cleanser for normal or sensitive skin
  • Formulated without common chemical irritants found in most liquid cleansers
  • Contains no dyes, fragrance or masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens or formaldehyde
  • Effective yet gentle to sensitive skin on face, hands and body
  • Large bottle is perfect for refilling your original Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser

Honest reviews


Best for eczema suffers

Love this for a hand cleanser! It is great for people who suffer from eczema. I’ve had a significant reduction in my hand dryness and eczema since I’ve purchased. This is my second bottle- my first was the smaller pump, now I am onto the larger, more economical refill.

Adeline Livingston, MT

great for my super sensitive skin

I have been using this for years and is the ONLY liquid soap that doesn’t freak my skin out. I even use it on my face

Vivian Burlington, CT

Terrific Product

I use Free & Clear at the recommendation of my dermatologist. My skin is sensitive and extremely dry so I am sold on using products with no harsh chemicals. It’s a great cleanser for hands, face and even in the shower. These large refill bottles are an economical way to refill the small pump bottles.

Juliette Vanceboro, NC


i bought the refill after trying the 8 oz as im sure everyone did with this product. i use all the free and clear products now.

Louise Humnoke, AR

Fill Me Up!

Ever since I learned I was allergic to what seems like everything, I was recommended to use this as a face wash/hand soap. It’s GREAT! Foams very easily without completely drying out the skin. Takes all my makeup off with one wash and is still gentle enough to use on a day to day basis with my face.

Casey Alpha, IL

Love this stuff

I have a severe sensitivity to smells and this is the only body wash I have found that I can tolerate. It really is fragrance free.

Beth Sanborn, ND

Happy to find a refill size.

I purchased Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser in a pump dispenser a few months ago, based on a recommendation from my dermatologist. I have been satisfied with the cleanser and feel like it rinses cleanly. I can’t say it has eliminated my itching, but at least it doesn’t add to it. I was running out of the 8 oz pump, so I was going to purchase another when I found the 32 oz size. Three the price for four times the ammount. It arrived quickly. It was wrapped in plastic, had a large piece of tape holding the cap on, and then one of those foil/plastic seals under the cap. there was no way it was going to leak! The seal was a bit challenging to remove since there weren’t any tabs to grab hold of it. I finally used a pair of scissors. One word of caution. Don’t refill your pump bottle to the top. I hadn’t intended to, but suddenly, there it was. I poured some back in the big bottle, but it still wasn’t enough because when the pump was replaced, cleanser spilled out over the top onto the sides. It’s a pretty slimy mess to clean off the bottle. I will be much more careful with future refills. I don’t want the amount I saved by buying the bigger bottle to go down the drain!

Juliet Maitland, MO

I stopped itching!

About five months ago, after my morning shower, I started itching, especially my arms and legs. Then one evening, I had anintense burning and itching on my arms. I went to my dermatologist and she recommended using Free & Clear cleanser. I havenothing bad to say about this product. Initially, I ordered two of the smaller pump bottles, and now I’m ordering the 32 ozbottles as refills for the pump containers. I’m on my second 32 oz bottle and couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommendthis cleanser!

Alison Kaylor, SD

LOVE this product for my eczema issues

Best products for all my allergies. I used it to refill 2 other Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser pumps – one for the shower and one for the sink to wash off my makeup. I use it at least once a day. Highly recommend.

Blanche Wildrose, ND