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Free & Clear Hairspray Firm Hold, 8 Ounce

Free & Clear soft, easy hold hair spray is a hair spray made for anyone wishing to avoid sensitizing chemicals. Perfect for anyone with eczema, psoraisis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis. Has no chemical irritants found in ordinary hair sprays. Free of fragrance and masking fragrance.

Key features

  • Perfect for anyone with eczema, psoraisis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis
  • Has no chemical irritants found in ordinary hair sprays
  • Free of fragrance and masking fragrance

Honest reviews



This product does indeed have a firm hold for everyday use, not just windy day. I would highly recommend for any hair types.

Manuela Shellman, GA

So-So Hold and Hypoallergenic

I have fine, shoulder-length hair. I primarily use hair spray around the roots to add body and to hold the baby hairs in place. I developed a mild reaction to the current hair products I use (that works) and tried Free & Clear Firm Hold Hair Spray.I’m not happy with the spray. I’m not sure what it really does because it feels like my hair is still doing it’s own thing, regardless how much spray I use. I may as well use NO HAIR SPRAY because it seems to wear off a few minutes after application. This is after a using it for a few days: my hair is unruly. I’m going back to the stuff I’m allergic to (it worked all this time without issue).PRO:* No itchy dandruff due to allergic reaction to hair products.CONS:* Hold is not firm nor does it give my hair body. Big Sexy Hair’s Spray and Play Harder holds better. Kept my hair in place without looking it like a helmet.* Does not keep baby hairs in place. John Frieda’s Fly Away Tamer does the best job on this one.

Harriet Brinkley, AR

Good product

I recently had a flare-up with red flaky skin around my eyes. I thought it might be from working out–sweat mingling with the styling products in my hair and irritating my skin. I only use premium hair products(Fekkai, Phyto, Davines, Philip B, etc) so I was not too happy that I had to give them up, but I was desperate. Then I did some research on Amazon and found Free and Clear. Well, it didn’t help my skin condition, but I was pretty impressed with the products (styling gel and hair spray). The styling gel isn’t sticky and gives my hair volume and shine. The hairspray holds nicely, but isn’t stiff. I’ll probably go back to my old products after I use these up, but I wanted to write this review because Free and Clear products really do a great job on your hair. So if you need hair products without certain chemicals don’t be afraid to try Free and Clear–you don’t have to give up nice hair for hypoallergenic products–and it might just work for you!!

Jessica Lawton, ND

Didn’t hold my hair very well

I’m a hairdresser, so I’m used to using a lot of professional salon products. This Free & Clear hairspray is good in the respect that it has no scent, but it doesn’t hold my hair very well at all. My hair is blond and fine.

Bettie Parksville, KY

Good product

I really like this hairspray. I cannot use regular hairspray or I would be washing my hair way too often. Regular hairspray makes me itch like crazy. This does not cause me any itching or sensitivity problems. Bonus is that it works! Maybe not strong enough for a bouffant but it works well for me.

Marcie Harper, TX

Good hairspray

For those with sensitive scalps this is a very good product. It holds well. My only complaint is that it comes out not in a mist but in large drops of liquid. This does not work well on my fine hair.

Lavonne Elmo, UT

Not Frangrance Free

If you are truly sensitive to scents do not buy this as it has a noticeable scents and is not returnable. Plus it is quite expensive for hair spray.

Yvonne Sheldon, MO

works good

I got this for my husband with skin allergies. It works just as well as any other hair spray without the added scents and chemicals that he doesn’t need.

Casey Pikeville, NC