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Free & Clear Hair Conditioner for Sensitive Skin, 12 fl oz

Pharmaceutical Specialties Free and Clear Conditioner features a gentle formula that is designed to work with your body’s natural chemistry to hydrate and smooth your hair as it restores delicate pH levels. Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals as it calms scalp irritation to leave your hair soft and tangle-free.

Key features

  • For sensitive scalps
  • Irritation-free
  • Detangles
  • Creates shine
  • Nourishes and softens

Honest reviews



this works for cleaning hair, great for all of us allergy sufferers. isn’t moisturizing or any of that, but jojoba oil helps.

Elisabeth Chickasaw, OH

Seems to be doing the job for now!

I have an angry patch of psoriasis on my head that had been getting worse over the years. I have not believed it itches totally from the fact it could be psoriasis because it has not responded to the usual meds that would affect it, ie prednisone and methotrexate. Nor does it seem to get better with the common ointments/topicals that one would fact, sometimes it itches worse!I wondered if I might have an allergy to the hairproducts I use and am giving this a very good shot.So far I have used it 4-5 times on my hair. YOu absolutely need the cream rinse if you purchase the shampoo.I have noted the itching to have been reduced significantly, swelling in the area to be reduced and I am going to keep using this to see if I can really get much better relief over time.Of note, is the flaking is much ‘lighter’ and reducing over time as well.I will update the longer I use this.

Augusta Columbus, KY

Not for curly hair

I have tight curly hair that requires me to use products that irritate my scalp and skin but every once in a while, I give myself a break by using this.

Corine Sparks, NE

Great Unscented Conditioner

I was using Desert Essence (DE) conditioner but it wasn’t making my hair soft enough. So I thought I’d give this a try. It is really nice. My hair is much softer.Though sometimes it makes my hair, which is curly by default, a bit frizzy and uncontrollable.I still like it better than DE.And it has no smell whatsoever!

Charlotte Warwick, GA

Good for sensitive skin

My daughter was breaking out on her shoulders/back and around her hairline on her face/neck, with a couple of different expensive conditioners. When we switched to this, her skin definitely cleared up. I’m guessing it’s not as good as far as moisturizing and conditioning the hair, but it seems to do the trick for now. She’s only 12, and has thick tangley hair, but she doesn’t use hair dryer to damage/dry out her hair, so I think it will continue to work until she gets older.

Bridget Conran, MO

Free and Clear Conditioner Review

I had used this in the past and I ended up trying a multitude of other conditioners to try and find one that would perform miracles-there is no conditioner that can do that you are born with what you have and nothing can change that unless you get a chemical treatment or a wig. So, my journey has been an expensive one keeping all the companies rich and myself cash poor trying to find the miracle cure. Once I learned that continued use of appliances like flat irons, blow dryers, hot curlers all did damage-and even though products advertised to protect your hair from heat really didn’t in the long run I gave up on any heat products on my hair and went for old fashioned plastic rollers when I needed more curl and gave up on pin straight hair I began over a period of time to have much better hair days! But I noticed my hair would get that second day hair smell, it looked icky with build up. I have hard water and you really have to rinse your hair well which I was doing but still a build up look to my hair second day was horrid. Then my scalp became horrible itchy the second day too. I began experimenting again with Free and Clear Conditioner. I too had the dryness that some reviewers spoke of but I found a remedy for that. After conditioning I used a little bit of Alaffia Everyday Coconut hydrating Conditioner just on the ends and left it in as a leave in. I then just air dry my hair. Bingo! I make sure the Allafia doesn’t touch my scalp. No more itchy scalp. I just conditioner wash too-I don’t use the shampoo.

Adeline Denmark, IA

Severe allergic reaction/ anaphylaxis

Using this with the shampoo instantly gave me tingling all over my body which caused trouble breathing and a severely tight chest. Had to take benadryl and my albuterol inhaler. I have hand eczema and asthma and almost had to give myself the epi pen because of the severity of this response. My skin is sensitive and I don’t know what to use.

Caryn Finchville, KY

Very silky

Very surprised at how nice this is for a conditioner without many of the additives. Keeps hair nice and silky during rinse and soft when dry. Will purchase again!

Verna Whittier, NC

Good but not as much conditioner

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this conditioner and I am not constantly wanting to rip my hair out due to the itchiness that I used to have. The only problem is that I feel that in the winter, my hair is a bit dry. I use more conditioner, my hair is heavier, I use the right amount, it is almost right, better than any other product I have used, but not perfect. That is the reason for the 4 stars. In short, however, this is great stuff, the price is right, you won’t feel greasy in 24 hours, and your hair isn’t falling out. Since I was previously desperate, this was a life savor to me. Try it out and review it if you are more picky than I am.

Rhonda Cidra, PR

Conditioner for Sensitive Skin

This was recommended to me by my child’s dermatologist to treat her sensitive skin. She has previously been breaking out due to the body wash and hair product we had been using with fragrance and dyes. This conditioner has worked well to keep her skin healthy and her hair healthy. The conditioner does a find job of making her hair smooth and taking out the tangles. The only issue is that my daughter doesn’t like the smell, but I don’t really notice a distinct smell.

Julianne Estacada, OR