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Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick, 6-Pack

The “Original” mood-changing lipstick.

Key features

  • Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for long lasting “personalized” color
  • 6 Pack colors include: Pink, Orange, yellow, Green, Light Blue and Dark Blue

Honest reviews


My grandma raves

I don’t know what is particularly special about these, but they’re interesting.I remember seeing a bunch of these in Hawaii, and a long time ago, my grandma was raving about them and gave me one. She used it as an adult, I used it like twice as a five-year-old. I guess I have that memory in my mind so I feel like this lipstick is for little kids, but there’s a plenty number of adults using it.

Celia Offerle, KS

A Color for Every Mood

I absolutely love my new lipstick! I purchased it on a whim when I was tired of the same shades in all the stores. Recently, I was just using a tinted organic lip gloss or a vitamin E stick.Now, I just would not go back. It has become part of my routine to match the color of my lipstick to my outfit. You would be amazed how great the Blue looks with a pair of Blue Jeans! It keeps the undertone of the original color, therefore, making your lips match! 🙂 I was totally amazed how much I liked the pink colors of these lipsticks. I personally only used dark or red in the past. However, now, I find that the pinks match my skin tone and outfits better. :)You will never find a more personalized lipstick!

Alejandra Cascade Locks, OR

I will take most of the blame

I thought “moodmatcher” was part of the name, not that these lipsticks were like mood rings. The light blue, the main reason I bought this turned bright pink. when my husband came home he asked what was wrong. I told him pucker up, and his lips turned the same color as mine, so not sure if it is really mood based. I’ll put them to use so way, just not for what they were purchased for.

Cassandra Grover, WY

A classic

I purchased for the staying power – use as a base for my regular lipsticks who lose their color quickly. The various colors all end up looking bright pink on me, but I don’t wear these alone, though you can. Made of quality ingredients. Great value.

Anna Tovey, IL


It left uneven stains on my lips. Not only that, but the color couldn’t be removed by multiple make up wipes. I also noticed it left my lips tingly and itchy after leaving it on for a while.

Araceli Sparta, WI