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Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick, 10-Pack

The “Original” mood-changing lipstick.

Key features

  • They change color instantly and last up to 12 hours
  • Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for long lasting “personalized” color
  • 10 Pack colors include: Green, Orange, Pink, Dark Blue, Yellow & Light Blue, Red, Purple, Brown & Black
  • Experience the rich, natural moisturizing powers of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Honest reviews



I’ve been using this line for a while now and I totally love them. So much so that this past Christmas I added them as stuffers for all my girlfriends- amazing feedback! Total hit!FIVE STARS for colorsFIVE STARS for staying powerI won’t hesitate to buy these again- just to get the colors I don’t already have.(Annie)

Betsy Belvidere, NJ

Perfect as lip “stain”

Years ago I had a lipstick that had two Moodmatchers colors molded into one stick. The problem then was that neither were flattering to me and they lasted a long time. Today after trying longlasting lip color and fleeting lipstains totalling way over the cost of the 10-piece set, I bought it for its staining properties. MY APPLICATION VERSION: Test the colors on the smooth skin of your arm (where it will be covered by clothing, unless you want to explain!) and decide what color stick produces the color you prefer. Check again several hours later after the colors have fully developed. Next, test the final colors on your lips either one at a time or all at once in different areas, but DON’T apply as regular lipstick. Gently pounce the lipstick over your lips or touch a clean fingertips to the color and smooth on your lips from your finger. This subtle approach means you can experiment with strengths or blends of the colors without needing to stay inside all day or at the very least, resorting to blotting and wiping with petroleum jelly. You may find a shade perfect on its own, or fine as a lasting base color under other lip products. So long as the upper layer is not oily, Moodmatcher should make a non-drying, long-lasting base depending on your own skin type.

Silvia Hokah, MN

Well priced

I have pale lips but dislike reapplying lipstick in public after each meal so l am a difinite fan for long lasting lipsticks. I used Wilson Mood Matcher lipsticks in the past and was very satisfied. As l now live outside USA, l cannot find Wilson or any other good long wearing lipsticks. I have to settle for internationally well known brand lipstck that claim to be long lasting but not up to my expectation. While browsing Amazon, l came across good old Wilson Mood Matcher lipsticks l used to buy. A 10 pack costs lesser than a single branded one l am using! I was happy and ordered a 10 pack. I am sorry to give it a 4 stars instead of 5 because today’s Wilson lipstick is not as long lasting as those l bought many years ago. Nevertheless it lasts longer than those well known expensive ones.. Another quality l like is the product does not dry up and crack my lips like those cheap lipsticks.

Ronda Frost, TX

Mood Matcher Lipstick

Lipsticks actually have a delightful color and it is not brash, too red, pink nor purple. I have test drove the colors and was suprised at the results. By the way, it does last 12 hours, no reapplication necessary.

Jean Philadelphia, NY

Love these lipsticks!

These lipsticks give me great color, and the color stays with me all day long! I have to use cold cream to take the lipstick off at bedtime. Plus these lipsticks are moisturizing, what more could you ask?? MoodMatcher Lipsticks are my absolute favorite lipsticks!

Ursula Block Island, RI