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Fran Wilson Eye Tees Applicators, 80 Count

The Eye Tees Applicators from Fran Wilson are perfect for blending or gentle cleaning so you can get precision makeup application. Fran Wilson is one of the most trusted and admired names in the world of beauty. They seek to create products to help you look fabulous without breaking your budget.

Key features

  • Package of 80 precision makeup applicators
  • Perfect for blending or gentle cleaning
  • Round on one end and pointed on the other

Honest reviews


Love These!

These are fantastic for make up application and corrections. These help people like me fix all the mistakes I make when initially applying make up!

Cara Woodland, IL

Simply Great

Wonderful product for correcting makeup smudges and smears, just a little dab in eye makeup remover to remove any mistakes while applying all of your makeup. FYI…..the tip end of the swab is great for removing any material that has accumulated in the corners of the eye. Lipstick mistakes, dip in concealer or foundation and lightly apply to edges of lips, blend in. I carry some in my makeup bag in my purse just for that. Great stocking stuffers for the ladies! These makeup applicators, to me, are made for correcting flaws, haven’t used them to apply makeup but I’m sure they can be used for that. Couldn’t do makeup without them.Have recommended to all my friends.

Etta East Lynn, WV

Makeup Qtip

There is a special about this product. It is just a long makeup Q-tip that’s all. It’s just ok nothing special

Corina Farmersville Station, NY


I find that these q-tips are helpful when trying to be as accurate as possible with makeup application. One end of the q-tip is pointed to help create straight lines on your eyes, while the other is flatter and larger for removing makeup from bigger areas.

Glenna Harmony, ME

Great Product

I keep these in my makeup bag and use them as needed. Great if you smudge a little eyeliner or get a mascara fleck on your cheek or something. I recommend every girl keeping these in her makeup bag 🙂

Tiffany Decatur, IL

Fantastic for home manicures

Instead of using nail corrector pens, I am now using these to clean up cuticles and other nail polish mistakes. They don’t shed fibers all over the place, hold their shape well, and are all around a good product I will purchase again in the future.

Pearl Chester, WV

Perfect for nail cleanup!

These are perfect for what I wanted them for, nail clean up! The tips aren’t soft which makes that even easier.

Agnes Garfield, NM