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Fran Wilson Cake Eyeliner, Black, 0.09 Ounce

This is the formula professional make-up artists use.

Key features

  • Gentle, long-lasting and smudge-resistant, it’s easy to apply
  • Exceptional precision and control
  • Achieving that runway smoky eye effect

Honest reviews


did not stay on

WHen my eyes watered it came right off. no staying power at all. Went on easily but I will not wear it again

Elva Mount Pleasant, PA

Still Using it!

I bought this in black & brown a couple years ago and am still using it. Very happy with it. I like the fact that I control the thickness of the eyeliner. Would highly recommend.

Carly Cabin John, MD

Cake eyeliner

I got this a while back and have used it several times. For the most part, I like it. The first few times i used it, it worked beautifully. The water dries up pretty quickly, so I had to re-wet it several times to finish lining my eyes, but I’m relatively ok with that. However, the times I’ve used it since then, it dried kinda chalky…as in, it looked more grey than black. I think this problem may have been user error on my part because the first couple of times (when it turned out great) I used it with filtered water and the other times I just used water out of the faucet. I’ll have to try it with the filtered water again and see if i get the results I was getting when I first started using it.

Velma Cibecue, AZ

Great Stuff!

This is great eyeliner. I’m terrible with eyeliner pencils. I find it way easier to use cake eyeliner. It’s much easier if you’re like me and aren’t very good at drawing precise, straight lines. It helps make my eyes look a bit darker as well so they pop.

Jasmin Le Roy, WV


I have tried many different eyeliners, and each had its own problems. Even the expensive eyeliners I had issues with.This eyeliner I am very pleased with. It dries quickly, applies easily (although it takes a bit of practice as the brush is rather small) and gives a clean line. It washes off easily, yet remained on my lids for approximately fifteen (15) hours. My eyes are very sensitive, and this eyeliner does not bother my eyes. It is also well pigmented. It did not flake and it did not smudge (side note: I do use a lid primer).My only issue is that the brown color is really more of a brown-black. Being a pale redhead, I do need more of a “crayon brown.” Aside from that, I am satisfied and will be using this for as long as they manufacture it.

Linda Thompson Falls, MT

Pretty good eye paint, quite versatile

I miss the Yardley Gimmerick paintbox that my big sister had in the swingin’ sixties. By the time I was old enough to have my own, they were gone from drugstore shelves. I’ve looked for watercolor eye paint ever since, but nothing came close. This is one of the better eye lining paints, however. Easy to blend with a wet brush. If you but a bold line on, use a clean damp shadow brush to soften it for a smoky eye.

Traci Ash Grove, MO


I’m a fan of the cake eyeliner! I discovered gel eyeliner about a year ago and after the compact I had purchased started becoming dry, I decided to look elsewhere. I stumbled across cake eyeliner online and I think it actually works better than gel eyeliner. For some reason it shows up on my eyes better.

Meghan Saunemin, IL

I like it!

I am using my husbands account. I like this eyeliner pretty good. I have used it a few times. However I do like gel liner better. To me using this is about the same as using your eye shadow for eyeliner which I do from time to time.

Aurora Kaweah, CA

Packing says waterproof, Amazon decription doesn’t

I like cake eyeliner, but will be using this at the upper base of my upper lashes and probably not on the lower base of my lashes because I have been warned away from waterproof eye make-up by my ophthalmologist.I bought it for my travel case, as it will last long than bottled versions, which have to be thrown out after 3 or 6 months, because of bacterial contamination.I do like the look of it, though, therefore the 4-star rating.

Debbie Dover, GA