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Fortifying Hair Treatment Silicon Mix Perla 16oz!!!

Fortifying Hair Treatment Proteina de Perla repairs and nourishes the hair giving the shine,vitality and softness that it needs to look healthy and smooth.Contains Pearl Extract,a natural marine product that rejuvenates and fortifies the hair and Lustre Finish to create lustrous and healthy looking hair and repel humidity to avoid frizz.DIRECTIONS:Wash hair and apply with massages.Leave for 3 minutes depending on the condition of the hair.Rinse..

Key features

  • Fortifying Hair Treatment
  • Pearl Extract Enriched
  • Dominican Hair Product

Honest reviews


This SiliconMix Pearl Conditioner Improves Health of Hair

I used this today on someone’s hair. Her hair had been breaking and shedding alot for the past month. I used the Huetiful Steamer for 15 min on her hair with this conditioner. I followed up with the Silicon Pearl LeaveIn and a little Almond Oil. Her hair became soft. Man, this stuff makes your hair smell good too. It looked really fluffy after, and the breakage and shedding was less. She is African (American African) and has natural African hair.

Connie Randolph, KS

Questionable ingredients

Order this because of good reviews, poor packaging, lid was half way off, leaked all over. Then I read the ingredients, oh no nothing good in this product, not going to use this, waste of money.

Cindy Mc Leansville, NC


This product is a great conditioner but a true protein! The smell is a HEAVY perfume smell so please be aware. I love for my hair to smell like my conditioners so I’m okay with it. Make sure to rinse well and if you have an issue with protein and moisture balance only use this once a month. If combined with the leave-in and other products containing protein you might end up with an overload. I know first hand. I will re-buy but it’ll take me a while as I’ll only use this once a month.

Lindsay Mount Carbon, WV

Great conditioner.

I have all of the Silicon Mix conditioners, but this one is my favorite. It has protein and my hair LOVES protein-containing products. This product does contain mineral oil, so if that’s a concern, this product is not for you. Actually, I try to avoid products with mineral oil, but I make an exception for this product because it works so well with my hair. I make sure my hair is very clean (almost squeaky clean) before using this product. Then I saturate my hair with the conditioner, detangle with a wide tooth comb, and sit under a hood dryer w/ heat for 20-30 minutes. When I rinse, I apply the leave-in conditioner of the same line and either roller-set or wet bun. The hair comes out soft, smooth, well-conditioned, and with a nice sheen. This is a staple deep conditioner for me.

Sharon Newport, VA

Shiney goodness

I have been using the Silicon Bambu until I saw this one came up while I was about to put in my reorder…I was a little skeptical because I really like the Bambu and was afraid I would regret my choice… I just used this one for the first time tonight and I am very satisfied with the results already! My hair feels thicker, and more bouncy/lively. I live in a very humid state and my frizz is pretty much nin right now. The smell…personally I liked the Bambu’s scent much better…This one smells like a musky flower garden. It’s not bad and overpowering I just prefer the scent of the other better.

Sasha Fairfield, ND

It’s good and smells delicious

I’d have toSay I didint expect it to work as well as it did so I’m impressed but I’ll also say I’ve had better working products like it’s a ten it’s the best for fortifying if that’s what UR looking for but if not and u only have minimal hair damage not major likeMe than this would be a great product for u this product is very moisturizing and made my hair glossy it’s usually kinda dry and we all kno dry hair isint easy to get glossy anywyz so after using this product for only a couple times (which by itself alone is impressive that it worked that quickly)it def helped my hair and there that’s my review take with it what u want:) (btw I only gave this four stars cuz it wasn’t as fortifying as id liked it to be since that’s this products primary claim …:P …:)

Chasity Jacobsburg, OH

beauty cream for the hair

i used Silicon mix, Silicon Bamboo, and now ,i just used Silicon Mix Perla. This Silicon Perla smells the best out of the three. all the Silicon Mix are great but all three are different. The Pearla makes the hair very strong and soft at the same time. I also noticed that my hair have a nice shine to it.The Silicon mix Pearla looks like it came from the sea and smells incredible. It left my dry dull shedding hair looking healthy, strong and touchable. My hair is now full body and bounce. and, yes, the shedding stop. i followed up with the leave-in. Now my hair stay soft and strong all the time. The leave-in is great. It makes my hair shine and its not frizzy anymore. the leave-in is great and it smells great like the Silicon Pearla mix treatment. Its very difficult to chose a favorite of the three. They are all fantastic and different. If you go by the fragrance, i would say go with Silicon mix Pearla.

Marianne Vandalia, MI

Damaged Hair No More!

I’ve been using Pantene shampoo and conditioner on my hair for years. Went to the dominican salon and they used Silicon mix on my hair and I liked the way it made my hair feel and look healthier. I purchased the original and pearl mix and love them both. I have AA relaxed hair with honey brown ombre color at the ends. The best part I like about the conditioner is it will not weight down your hair or leave a residue on your scalp. This conditioner is great at strengthing and rebuilding damage limp hair.

Danielle Delta Junction, AK

Silicon Mix Pearl

The greatest deep conditioner I have ever used in my life!!!! If you have tried the original Silicon Mix you will LOVE Silicon Mix Pearl. It leaves my hair with the most beautiful shine and smoothness I’ve always wanted. It also smells great which is a plus for me. In addition it really does control your hair from frizzing like it claims to do on the jar.

Roxie Milton Village, MA