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Formula Ten O Six Deep Down Detox Facial Masks, 3.4 Fluid Ounce

Deep Down Detox (Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask) Orange and Bergamot. This super-cleansing Detox Mask Cleanses Impurities for a clearer, brighter complexion. The energy of Orange recharges, while sea salt cleanses and bergamot balances. Your face will notice the difference.

Key features

  • Ultra-cleansing mud mask
  • Cleansing detox mask for normal skin
  • Contain natural botanicals that are on -trend and proven to work

Honest reviews


Love this product

This mask helps clear up my blackheads which I love since blackheads are a constant struggle for me. It has a very pleasant smell as well.

Patrica Sparta, TN

Great mask!

Wasn’t expecting something this cheap to actually work but it does! I have combination skin and the oily parts are very oily. This mask takes the extra oil away but doesn’t completely strip my skin of moisture like some do. I also had some pesky acne and the next day it was almost gone. I’ll keep buying this.

Callie Little River, KS


It was not really what I was expecting. My friends thought it was kind of itchy but I did not think it was bad

Iva Feather Falls, CA

Great product.

It really is as good as everyone says it is. I’ve noticed it has a warm tingling feeling when you first apply it to your clean face, so I figure that it’s doing something right.I’ve used this product now for about 4 weeks, 2-3 times each week. I use other Formula 10.0.6 products for every day use, but this mud mask really helps brighten my face and give it a really smooth complexion. Especially with my skin type (combination).I highly recommend this. For the price, you can’t really beat a good product from a well-known brand that specializes in skincare.

Valarie Benton, WI

Great Product at a Great Price

Like a previous reviewer, I grabbed this at a local Ulta. I wanted to try it because it was not only cheap, but also came highly recommended on a skincare/beauty review site I frequent called Makeupalley.Personally, I think this mask has an amazing smell. I really love it. I have used masks that smell dreadful, and it really makes it difficult to keep them on for the allotted time, but this is just great. It’s a bit of a fresh, citrusy fragrance.Keeping this on your skin for a full 15-20 minutes can make your face tight and slightly itchy if you try to speak or laugh (as expected of most mud masks), but despite this, upon washing it off, my skin is not tight or stripped-feeling. This mask has done wonders at managing my oil production without ridding my face completely of the oil it needs to stay balanced. It does take a bit of an effort to get off, but I recommend being patient and not to scrub at it, which can be rough on sensitive skin. I like to put this on 15-20 minutes before I jump in the shower, that way it’s a breeze to wash off!This, coupled with my exfoliator on a once-a-week basis has done wonders at managing what acne I have accumulated over the week, and leaving it either gone or manageable by the next weekday. Every now and then I might use my Clean ‘n Clear spot treatment after toning and moisturizing, but I find I really don’t need to that often with this and the St. Ives.I do want to give the Aztec clay mask a try as well, but despite that I would definitely buy this again. I love the packaging as well.

Margaret Prosser, WA