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Australian Gold Forever After, Triple Action Anti-Aging and Slimming Formula is a triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare. The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization. Ingredients include hemp seed extract and vanilla fragrance.

Key features

  • A triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare
  • The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization
  • Ingredients include hemp seed extract

Honest reviews



I really like this lotion! First thing that came to mind when I smelled it was buttercream frosting on a cupcake! Delicious! It keeps my skin moisturized for a long period of time and does not leave me feeling coated and gross. The bottle is huge, so I think its going to last me a while! A good buy for the money and it’s nice knowing my skin won’t be dry and prone to as many wrinkles from tanning!

Noelle Holdrege, NE

A must for tanning bed tans

love this product, had a problem with very dry scaly skin with regular lotions after I began my tanning bedsessions. I decided to order SOMETHIN that would be extra moisture and nourish the skin, but im a bargainhunter ALWAYS! so this caught my eye at just a little over $12 with free super saver shipping. I was totally satisfiedwith the very pleasant fragrance and all day moisture without feeling like I have a film or heavy grease.I will be re-ordering

Lucy Auburn, CA

great moisturizer

this is my 3rd bottle, and they each last like 4-6 months of daily use.great thick moisturizer.for those who complain about the smell – give it half an hour, it evaporates really fast.great moisturizer

Rae Long Valley, NJ

One of the best!

If you like lotions and use them many times during the day…. This is the lotion for you! It keeps my tan moist and soft. I can’t say enough how great this lotion is. My husband has terrible dry feet and I attack him with this lotion and it soaks in quick. Considering he don’t like his feet touched it helps that it soaks in fast. Lol. I use this lotion all year around!!!!

Hallie Dunsmuir, CA


Bottle is a pretty biG size, love how it makes my skin baby soft and love the smell! Very happy to have purchased it.. Best lotion I’ve bought ever! 🙂

Ericka Greendale, WI

youthful looking after tanning lotion works miracles..

This is one of the best moisture I have ever used. Smells great Works great really has alot of ingredients that are good for your skin .makes your skin very moist and youthful lookings and helps you keep your tan longer

Marissa Still River, MA


Smells great. Works great for dry skin. I used it even.after i stopped tanning because i was addicted to how soft it made my skin. But it does forsure make your tan last longer

Adela Long Creek, SC

this stuff is amazing

I love the smell, I put it on after I tan and shower, you can actually see me getting darker after I put it on and I love the firming affect. I recommend it to anyone!-)

Jenifer Hereford, TX

Not for me

I bought this along with the AG Hot for after tanning, it has a very interesting smell – it isn’t strong & may not bother others but it was too much of a musky-off scent for me, especially when I was hoping to use it on my whole body.I’m not sure if it was a combination of the AG Hot -or not (see my review for AG Hot), but I felt like it actually ‘encouraged’ my skin to burn further rather than cooling my skin down or providing any moisturizing effect. Ultimately, I was very displeased & after using the product only twice I will be tossing it out.

Aurora Cutler, CA


I would say so far this one is the best feeling on my skin and the way it absorbs. None of the lotions I have been using leave an oily residue feeling on my skin or even the face.

Josefa Hamtramck, MI


this stuff smells so good and leaves my skin silky. huge bottle!! alot of bang for your buck here! Australian Gold rocks!!

Sabrina Ulen, MN

Broke me out!!!

At first I loved this lotion but then I realized it was making the eczema on my hands flare up and it was also making my chest/shoulders/& back break out in pimples/blackheads. It’s a very thick lotion, is probably why it’s clogging my pores. If you have very dry skin then it would probably work for you.

Ebony Elmwood, TN

Great value for the price

I bought this at my tanning salon last week and of course found it to be less expensive on Amazon. It is a great deal for how big the bottle is! The smell is okay, not my favorite but not as terrible as some say. It is kind of thick to rub on but it leaves your skin smooth and soft! It seems to keep your color longer but I did start to fade only after a few days of not tanning.

Kathrine Ford City, PA

Wonderful lotion!

I gave this lotion to my daughter for Christmas! She had it in herWish list and it was a nice size, great smelling, lasting and silky lotion!

Claire Buckner, AR

Great Lotion

Smells good, moisturizes great!! Perfect for “every day” use to help preserve and extend your tan. 🙂 Plus, you cant beat the price! They sell this lotion in a smaller bottle for twice the price at my local beauty supply store…

Barbara Glenwood, MN

Wonderful Tanning Moisturizer

This is a great product. I love the fell of it, the smell, the price,,everything about it is great! If you are an occasional tanner or an avid tanner this is a must have! It keeps your skin moisturized to get a better tan and keep it longer, since moisturized skin is a must when tanning. It’s even wonderful after regular sun exposure or an all year long skin lotion! I would recommend to anyone!

Gina Greensboro, AL

This is the greatest lotion!!!

I love the vanilla bean smell, and is not too strong. I love putting it on after my showers and at night, and the smell stays with you! The moisture from this lotion is amazing and my skin is very soft and supple!

Meredith Barboursville, VA


the best thing about this lotion is the smell. kinda like vanilla. it is so soft and NOT GREASY! i use this as an every day lotion, makes my skin sooooooooo soft, i get compliments all the time. BUY THIS LOTION

Debora Babson Park, MA


I was apprehensive about buying this lotion, so I went to the tanning salon and bought one after I knew what it smelled like ($22). I LOVE the way it smells when it’s fresh out of the bottle, but I noticed that the scent changed a bit after I rubbed it into my skin. For the record, after I go tanning, I ALWAYS smell like “cooked skin” no matter WHAT tanning lotion I use! (Currently using Cypher 2011.) So when I applied this morning after tanning last night, this lotion’s scent changed from a sweet-but-not-too-sweet vanilla bean smell to a slightly burned smelling, bronzer-y, powdery vanilla. HOWEVER: I personally LIKE the way this lotion smells. Yes, it is slightly reminiscent of an “older lady’s perfume”, BUT I also think that it smells very classy, like a higher end perfume. I honestly don’t think that I would have thought this smelled anything like an old lady if I hadn’t read about the smell complaints on here before I bought it. I love this lotion! It smells classy and feels luxurious! My skin feels so hydrated now!

Pamela Troupsburg, NY

The Best Lotion Ever

I cant wait to order more this is the bestlotion ever read the reveiws im getting3 more for each roomgreat lotion fast shipping

Jana Spickard, MO

Good lotion overall

This is a good lotion. Nongreasy, GREAT vanilla smell, very moisturizing, and I don’t lose any tan if I don’t go for several days as long as I’m using this. The only thing I don’t like is I seem to use more of this to get equal moisturization from sone other lotions I use. But it really does help you keep your tan!

Juliette Grass Valley, OR

Its okay

But I think its a little watered down personally. I have definitely had better moisturizers for sure…its alright light vanilla scent that doesn’t last.

Amber Hartsfield, GA


This lotion reeks especially after you just get done tanning it smells even worse. I will not continue to use this lotion. I bought the playboy daily mostiturizer instead, much better

Angelica Buhl, MN

The best

I get compliments on this whenever I apply it, so soft and the smell is amazing. One person said I "smelled like an orgasm" when I was wearing this. Smells like summer in a bottle. There are no bronzers in it so even if you don’t tan it is still a great moisturizer. Skin feels so much softer even after one application. The bottle is huge!

Tisha Lovelady, TX

Love It!

Smells great.. I can tell that my tan lasts longer when using this lotion. I would definitely recommend this lotion.

Hester Langley, AR

Love the Scent!

I do love the scent, but I if you are wanting/needing a good long lasting moisturizer, I am not sure this is the one for you, unless you want to reapply several times a day. I personally don’t think it does anything to extend your existing tan any more than any other lotion would do, the key to extending a tan is to stay moisturized period & tan regularly so it don’t fade. But I like it for the scent mainly & have ordered it 2 or 3 times.

Arlene Dumas, AR

Very pleasant

I am happy with my purchase. It is quite a lot product for a good price and smell very good.

Alana Hustonville, KY

Love, Love, LOVE!

This lotion is wonderful! My boyfriend is very sensitive to products that have a strong smell, so this was a perfect purchase for me! It has a nice, clean smell that is not overpowering. It goes on easily and makes my skin feel wonderful. I honestly believe that it has helped extend the life of my tan.

Rachelle Pilot Mound, IA

Wonderfully scented moisturizer.

I absolutely love this moisturizer. It has the most wonderful scent and actually works as a moisturizer! It goes on easily and leaves no greasy or oily residue. It makes your skin fell soft and smooth with a minimum of product application. I highly recommend this moisturizer. Don’t be put off by the price as this bottle will last for a long time.

Janna Guide Rock, NE

Always a favorite

Everytime I use this I am still amazed that after 15 yrs I haven’t found a better after tan lotion. When I am tanning a lot or on the beach a lot my skin gets so dry and itchy. I use this after I tan or after a shower or before bed and my skin stays soft smooth and my tan starts to glow again

Beverly Saint Clair Shores, MI