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Foot Petals Strappy Strips, 8 strips

Help prevent straps from cutting into your beautiful feet with Foot Petals Strappy Strips These thin foam strips add comfort to your favorite shoes and sling backs and are a perfect fit on all your thin shoe straps.

Key features

  • synthetic
  • 8 buttercup colored Strappy Strips in a purse sized tube.
  • Outfits up to four pairs of shoes.
  • Peel and stick right where you need them.
  • Keeps your strappy sandals from slipping off or cutting into your feet.
  • One Size Fits Most

Honest reviews



strappy here strappy there and some painful ass shoes become wearable! usually open toe shoes cut my big toe right on the edge but if I cut a couple pieces and put them in place I can go pain free with some otherwise unwearable shoes!

Sheree Old Orchard Beach, ME

Helped Me With My Slingbacks

I have a pair of wedge slingbacks that I hated wearing because the strap would frequently slip off the back of my heels while walking. That’s why I bought these. They are made out of foam and look like they may not last too long. They were easy to apply to the shoes and are comfortable to wear. I have worn the shoes twice so far since I applied the strappy strips. One of the shoe straps did slip off my heel once while wearing.There is another product on Amazon that I wanted to buy, but they were out of stock at the time. This other product is much cheaper than the strappy strips, and appear to be much more sturdy. Whether or not they would completely eliminate slippage of slingback straps remains to be seen. All I can say is that so far, strappy strips don’t seem to work that great, but there was a definite improvement.

Marilyn Thorn Hill, TN

Don’t work !

Totally a waste of $$ fell off as soon as I put them on. Get better fitting shoes since these will not hold loose straps up.

Celina Ridgeway, SC

foot pedals

These are great!!! I never knew about these and I was telling my girlfriend about the shoes I wanted to keep but I had to get used to the heel on the back and 1 strap was killing me. Then she told me about these and they are great. You get several of them and I put it on and then it didn’t hurt!! Just take the strip off the back and stick it on the strap!! I am 1 happy girl!! Maybe I could even wear slingbacks!!

Rhea Pioneertown, CA

Worked exactly as expected!

I have a pair of ballerina flats that rubbed a little on the upper part by my toes. I stuck these on and it fixed the problem right up. I have had no problem with them coming off and they made the shoes wearable. Very good purchase!

Vicki Surrey, ND

Perfect Anti-Slip Strip!

I love foot petals and the strappy strips are the perfect solution for those strappy shoes that can’t seem to stay on your heel. I’ve used these on several pairs of shoes. Just make sure you don’t use it on a strappy strip that stretches because that doesn’t work very well. The strip ends up pulling apart and the sticky part sticks more to your heel than the strip.

Dorothy Averill Park, NY


This solved the problem of rough sandal straps across my toes. Foot Petals cost a little more but they are worth the price. They stay in place and don’t slide around like the cheaper brands.

Eunice Walnut, IL