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FOONEE Stainless Steel Extension Eyelash Applicator Tool Fish Tail Clip,Silver

So useful: Extension Eyelash Applicator Clip is durable as made from stainless steel material. Very practical and easy to handle makeup Tools. Color:Silver tone.(other similar Beauty Tools available,please visit our store for more) What you get: 1 * FOONEE Stainless Steel Extension Eyelash Applicator Tool Fish Tail Clip FOONEE is a famous worldwide brand of beauty and healthy products.

Key features

  • Material:Stainless Steel;Condition:100% Brand new
  • Total Size:10.5×1.5cm/4.1×0.6 inch(LxW); Fish Tail Clip Width:17cm/0.669 inch; Net Weight:13g
  • Fish tail design Helps stick artificial eyelash firmly and take off easily
  • A must for ladies to use in daily life,and save your time on makeup

Honest reviews


Eyelash Applicator Tool Fish Tail

I don’t think it’s stainless steel because the one I’ve received, the part where you use to apply your false lashes was rusty. The edges are sharp and I’m afraid of getting cut while using it. I think I should just stick to the regular tweezers until I can find something to file the sharp edges down.

Noemi Brattleboro, VT

Works ok, but I keep having to use my regular tweezers

I find that in order to use this applicator, I have to squeeze pretty tightly so the lashes don’t fall out of the tool. When I squeeze tightly, though, it sometimes bends the lashes. Plus, it’s not that nimble and not that great for final placement. I keep finding myself going back to my regular tweezers to finish off the job. I really wanted to use this – looked like a great concept, but it just doesn’t work that well.

Bessie Cashion, AZ


i haven’t used this yet but it seems like it’ll be very useful or at least i hope it will.

Sherri Northeast Harbor, ME

works good

I use this to put my eye lashes on, especially when I have long nails. This helps me apply (full strip only ) lashes close to lash line

Angela Ossian, IA

maybe my fault…

not sure why but I suck at putting fake eyelashes on so this little tool only made me hate the process even more – but that is my experience – maybe it really works for others.

Cassandra Martin, PA

Great Product

i am new to the fake eyelash thing.. but so far.. I have found I have a knack for it! This product makes it that much easier! I can see where I am applying it, and if it is not perfect upon 1st application it is easy to correct with this product.. the reach is great, the ergonomic(sp)design makes it easy to apply.. overall a great product… it lost a star because with the design it is easy to apply in the right eye(in my opinion) but harder on the left..

Lilia Ickesburg, PA

good choice

This item arrived ahead of time and in good order. I Couldn’t wait to try it. At first it was difficult to keep it closed on the false lash while I placed it on my eyelid but after a few practice run I got the hang of it. This allows you to see exactly where your puting your lashes without your hands being in the way. I recommend this product.

Althea Jackson, SC

This is worth the money

I love this lash applicator! Especially for applying corner lashes such as Ardell’s Accent Lashes! It is perfect for that. I have not tried them on strip lashes yet. I would recommend them for the half or corner lashes. This is much better than the plastic applicators that you see out there.

Marquita Laconia, TN

No Directions

I just don’t know how to use it,never have, as there were no directions to help me use it. . What a shame. .Ignorant,Renee Evers

Camille Minot, MA

Life-changing for false lash users

I am in love. I like wearing false lashes, but I have a devil of a time applying them, because I can never see what I’m doing. This lets you apply the lashes without your hand getting in the way, and I love it. I will definitely be purchasing more of these as gifts.

Eleanor Laurens, IA



Margret Hillsboro, MS

Like the concept…

I saw this tool and purchased it immediately-LOL… I have such a hard time applying lashes, that I gave up on wearing them. This tool does help line the lash up with your lash line. I like it a lot; you can’t go wrong with the cheap price either. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if they tried it out. I think I like it so much because the price decreased to something like $2.99, hell – you can’t go wrong with that-LOL!!!

Jaclyn Delta, OH

Great product and great price.

Great for applying false lashes precisely. Love them.

Jewell Mattituck, NY

Four Stars

Very helpful

Paige Willow Island, NE


I received it ahead of time which is always prefect.Its everything the description said it would be,it works great i would buy again.

Joan Bossier City, LA

ok moneys worth, but does help

its quite helpful. hard to get to know how to use it at first but once you get the hang of it its easy to put on your eye lashes. the instructions come printed on the packaging. its not cheap feeling it has a nice weight to it.personally i would redesign the product. making the attachment of the half moon gripping eyelash part all the way to the end that way it would grip more of the false lash not just part of it.

Francis Mount Sterling, MO

Great tool

I’ve been wearing falsies occasionally for years, and I never used any of the tools or anything. These are so worth it. They make putting on falsies a breeze and I don’t get glue all over my fingers.

Noreen Minden, IA

makes putting lashes on supereasy!

i always worried that i would damage my faux lashes with i gripped them with regular tweezers (never could master the fingers only technique), but i don’t worry anymore with these!

Julia Iliff, CO

great deal

they are great it helps out with the no more glueing of the hands …. best idea ever for girls who love their eyelashes

Lana Elizabethtown, IN

Real cool

Still havent got the hang of these yet, But I am new to eyelashes! Better than tweezers by a long shot.

Aurelia Gettysburg, PA


I haven’t been able to use this item as I am still waiting for the eye lashes I ordered. Hope they come soon.

Sasha Cornwall Bridge, CT

super easy to use!

It fits perfectly on my eyelid and is super easy to use. I’m a beginner at fake eyelashes and look horrid putting them on with tweezers. But now my lashes look professionally done!

Jessie Gallatin, TN

This thing is awesome!

Seriously, this thing is awesome! I usually have to try a couple times to get my false lashes on in the right spot, but with this handy little tool, I got both eyes done right the first try! A great tool to have in my beauty arsenal and inexpensive to boot! This one’s a winner!

Molly Mellott, IN

Eyelash Applicator

I found the applicator tool to be easy to use, once I figured out the correct pressure to hold the eyelashes during application. The fish tool on the other end is very useful for poking the eyelashes for correct placement.

Casandra Delton, MI

love it.

I love it because I can put on my lashes right where they need to be. And they are easy for my to place them where they can be.

Eve Ferriday, LA

One Star

thought it would have been a bit more sturdy

Penny Trumansburg, NY

it’s like any other holder

So the 1st one never came months later. Had to contact seller and Sarah (lady I emailed with) was very nice and resent another one. Arrived a wk later than stated, but it is arriving from another country and going through customs soooo.. I won’t go out of my way to do business with them again because it took so much longer than said, and lost product just for this item when it was so really a fill in to save on shipping. If it is something I want and they can guarantee if I email before than I will see. Product is fine, well. You really could just use tweezers or hemostats (scissors with flat rounded tops). good product though!

Shawna San Antonio, TX


doesn’t hold lashes in nice tight straight line. very hard to position lashes with this thing. don’t waste your money

Aimee Los Ebanos, TX


I love this tool. It really has helped me in the process of applying my eyelashes. I would recommend to my friends.

Katie Salem, MI

better tool than expected!

I was skeptical to try this tool, but I knew I needed something to help me apply my lashes. Tweezers are dangerous for me as I am shaky and impatient. My fingers are too thick to go at it alone. This tool keeps me on an even aim and makes my application quick and hassle-free… own word…lol… i know it sounds too good to be true but I am sorry it took me so long to try this out.

Priscilla Raymond, CA