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FOONEE Rhinestones Nail Art Gems Mixed Colours Shapes in Case

“SO Fashion Nail Art: Every girl likes beautiful things.this rhinestone gems would be perfect decorations for your nail art. Not only its premium material,but also its elegant quality will be your first choice. These premium mash rhinestones can be applied with top coat or glue. These premium rhinestones are so beautiful, and so affordable. Color:Show as pictures. What you get: 1 *FOONEE, FOONEE Rhinestones Nail Art Gems Mixed Colours Shapes in Case. FOONEE is a famous worldwide brand of beauty and healthy products.

Key features

  • Made of High quality Gems bright rhinestone,Rounded shape and different colours
  • 2mm/3000pcs in Box packing,easy for storage and carry
  • Reusable,it can also be used to decorate your home,cell phone’s case,glasses,made card,body art
  • Brush the base polish,fix the glitters on your nail tips Suit for natural or artificial nails
  • FOONEE is a famous worldwide brand of beauty and healthy products.

Honest reviews


Lots of teeny tiny sparkle

I really wasn’t sure how small they are, even though it says for nail art. They come in a really nice plastic box, as pictured. I bought them for my Mother who does lots of crafts and an extra couple boxes for my daughters, however, after seeing how tiny they are, I don’t think I’m giving them to my little girls, because I could foresee my carpet becoming forever sparkly. Great deal!

Gwendolyn Homewood, IL

Inexpensive little gems to add some bling to your nails!

I ordered these and honestly didn’t expect much given the price (it was $1.76 when I ordered with no shipping charges). The product came in 2-3 weeks and appears the same as the pictures. They description says “3000 PCS Nail Art Rhinestones Glitter”, which implies that there are 3,000 pieces. That’s definitely not the case. I would estimate 250-400. Either way, it was an extremely good price and I’d probably pay $10 at the store for the same thing. I still think they should be honest and realistic about how many gems are included I doubt that would impact their orders because of the unbeatable price. The container is nice that the come in, you can open one pocket at a time so there’s no mixing of the colors. A small tube a glue would’ve been a nice extra that I would’ve gladly paid a little more for. I definitely recommend this product, it’s great for nails, projects, scrapbooking and many other uses.Colors:-Light purple-Gold/yellow-Light blue-Dark pink-Silver/clear-Black-Dark Green-Dark blue-Light pink-Light green-Light purple-Red

Yvette Jonesboro, ME

Sturdy Case, Nice Colors, Good Size Gem – Overall Good Product 🙂

Let me begin by saying that I highly doubt there are actually 3000 rhinestones in this container. Especially since so many people have counted the gems, and found that there is significantly less. But i have to say, this product was cheap, so I wasn’t actually expecting 3000 to begin with. However overall its good. The container is about 6" X 1.5" X 3/4" (i’m estimating bc i don’t have a ruler at hand). Each space/ cell is about as wide as my thumb (assuming i have an average sized hand, female in her twenties). And it contains the following colors: black, royal purple, salmon pink, emerald green, royal blue, hot pink/primrose-kind-of-color, yellow-gold, light green, light pink, silver, light purple/lilac, and red. The image showing the colors shows a light blue, and i did not receive that color, instead a got a a variation of a pink shade (which i’m fine with since I like pink better than blue anyway, and the pink i got that isn’t shown is really pretty, like a salmon pink color). Sorry for so much detail, but i figured I’d let you know everything that I would want to know too!

Christian Ceiba, PR

the colors and quantity of gems is impressive

what a deal! lots of lil gems like real crystals for my nail art…colors are beautiful love the container better than the circular dial a section kinds that spill. this one has individual snap open compartments for each color

Hattie Pennville, IN

<3 bling bling

I love gems and i couldn’t hesitate on these.. very cute colors and the set comes with black gems too… <3

Deanne Seligman, AZ

NOT EVEN 1000 Gems

So we got it yesterday and the bos is literally 5 inches long. It has 12 sections of different color gems but has 100 of like 3 colors and the rest have maybe 80 and i tried counting and it added up to like 900 not 3000…. I am really beyond upset and mad because I paid for 300o and there isnt even half or even a third. DO NOT BUY

Barbra Saucier, MS

love them and love the price

i got a wheel for like 5 bucks and i havent used them all but when i saw this for a couple bucks i had to buy it they are great and dont get mixed up like the wheel where they move around from the static but i do fing these hard to open sometimes i had some blue gems fly out so i am more carefull

Sondra Bloomfield, MT


I got these for a friend and stole a couple for myself 🙂 Very small, great colour selection. A mix of bright, vibrant colours and softer pastels. I’m so happy with these. I might order another set for myself!

Johanna Clever, MO

Sodial nail art gems 3000 ct

I received these 2 weeks and 4 days after the day I ordered them. They came much quicker than expected, considering that they were shipped from Hong Kong. I ordered through Digital Center and the price was 1.75 per box, so I ordered 3 boxes. Great deal. They are small sized, and not the large ones depicted in the photos, but after reading the reviews I knew that they would be small, and those are what I was looking for.

Candice Bohemia, NY

Box was filled! Can’t wait to glam up my nails tonight!

Just received my order and to my delight, each color cube was filled with gems! You really can’t beat the price. I saw these gems listed at Sally’s for 4 times the price for 1/4 of the gems. Ordered on 2/18 and received on 3/6. Well worth the wait!

Luisa Faribault, MN


Great value! They took a little long to get here, but I am so pleased with the purchase. Along with my dotting tool, I was able to create tons of blinged out nail looks. For the price, you seriously can’t go wrong.

Avis Marcola, OR

Great gems!!

These worked just as we’ll as others I have paid more for. The case is great too as it keeps all the colors separated!

Jana Unadilla, NE

Excellent value!

These crystals are perfect for nail art and other projects! Don’t waste $16.99 at the beauty supply store when you can get the exact same product for a fraction of the price!

Alissa Pillow, PA

I love nail art gems

The gems look great. The case is really nice. I prefer this kind of case to the wheels, I find that it is just easier.

Kristine Barry, MN

fantastic value

They took a while to get here, however these are awesome gems and each compartment is departed so the colors and shapes do not mix (like they do with so many others). Colors do not run with opi fast forward top coat.Check out my nail art slide show where i have used this item.;=youtube_gdata_player

Sallie Horicon, WI

love it

best buy ever would order some more soon. the shippment was just in time i’ve used them all the time

Kayla Maplewood, NJ

Love every color

Came quick and the container is small. Lots of nice colors at a great price. Easy to add, just place it on the wet nail polish and then add a clear to make it last longer. I will buy this again!

Dianna Haddam, CT

Lots of colors!

There are several different styles of gems in this pack and its nice to have options when you are trying to do different designs with your nails.

Reba Walland, TN

Just like the picture! Perfect!

Huge variety of colors, the size is just perfect for your nails. It is an excellent product. 5 stars rated.

Michelle Madison Heights, MI

Love the bling!

I love these little jewels, They got here before the estimated delivery. Still took about 3 or 4 weeks to get here but for about $1.50 I can’t really complain. These will add a little bling to any nail design! It says 3000 but I dont think that what is in the package is anywhere near that, But if i had bought this at the local sallys I would have paid probably at least $10 for what i got.

Malinda Holcombe, WI

I just wish…

that there were a little bit more stones in the case. There were a lot, but the case was pretty big so it looked lost!

Brittany Chester, GA


i have nothing bad to say about this product at all i love the colors and the rhinestones i use them for nail designs

Fay Schley, VA

nice finish..Look great on nails stay on lng 2

Yeah they are small but I still lke em doe..its just Hw da pick look u do get alot BTW..they are great for nails dats wat i olny use em for I love to put em on my toes for the Summer they also stay on kinda lng to jus lke if i went to the chinese.But you have to use krazyglue ONLY .The nail salon wanna charge me $15 extra ooo hell noo I will do my thanks..u will lke em to watch..I just hope u have a lil patients .as well.I apply mines on with tweezers ..people think I have money cuz some ask chicks say to me Gurllllll u stay with rhinestones Hw much u be paying Ino a lot Hun? So I say yeah girl I do I do to much ..yea rite I be smiling inside .I’m soo badd I Cnt be giving away all my lil so yea.. if you are a person who love rhinestones dis is for you ma.

Hester Meadow, UT

ok product

The only complaint I have about this product is that the little compartments in the case the rhinestones come in do not click shut and before I figured that out I lost a bunch. That was pretty disappointing. Hopefully this helps someone, the rhinestones themselves were fine. The case is sealed when it is shipped so none were lost in shipping.

Julianne Welchs Creek, KY

Great buy!

For the price you can’t go wrong. It comes exactly as the picture shows, multiple colors and a sturdy little case. I was hesitant to buy this because it said it would take up to 45 days to get to me but I got it in about a week.

Luella Riverside, CT


these are exactly as described and they came in super fast. I personally love these rhinestones because they are a lot smaller than usual rhinestones. They are awesome for people who have tiny nail beds like myself.

Cleo South Jordan, UT

Really good buy

This case works perfectly whether you’re a pro or starting out. Each slot opens separately so you’re less likely to mix or drop all of your gems.There are endless possibilities as far as nail designs. You could add a single stone, enhance a design, or add one by one to an entire nail. Why stop at nails? You could add a little duo eyelash glue and apply them to your face for a dramatic look, weddings, or another special event. Shipping was long but much shorter than expected. It was mailed in a secure bubble mailer.I would recommend and plan to purchase more.

Lupe Thompson Falls, MT

size are too small

They are OK. I think they are a lil bit to small for 3D nail art. Maybe I should of went something bigger than 2mm.

Lorena Breckenridge, TX


The product came before the EAD, they are all the different colors that I wanted. A great price and great product! They look good on my nails too!!

Betsy Anderson, IN

Great Deal

I ordered this nail art gems thinking it would be super small based on a few of the reviews, but it’s the perfect size. It comes with a decent amount of gems and the gems are very durable and they last a long time. They come in a good variety of colors which is great.

Tiffany Philomath, OR