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Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed to NEVER fog or your money back! Perfect for Home, Travel, and College Dorms!

We designed this fog free travel mirror due to overwhelming customer requests to create a travel version of our fogless mirrors. Perfect for college students, business travelers, and anyone who is always on the run. This travel size mirror is guaranteed not to fog in the shower and comes with specially designed suction cups allowing you to detach it and take it with you anywhere. An included self-stored squeegee to remove any excess water drops after filling and a protective drawstring pouch make this the perfect portable shaving mirror that is great for college dorms, vacations, and business trips. Our travel mirrors measure 4.75 inches x 5.5 inches, small enough to fit directly in your toiletry bag, yet large enough to get the job done. If you are looking for a larger, more permanent fogless mirror for the shower in your home, check out our original or LED versions. To use: Simply fill the reservoir with hot shower water before each use. The hot water will keep the mirror the same temperature as the environment in your shower which makes it scientifically impossible for your mirror to ever fog. Quick, easy, and dependable.

Key features

  • This portable shower mirror is guaranteed not to fog in the shower. If you love our regular mirror, you will love this travel version you can take with you on the road.
  • Comes with specially designed suctions cups allowing you to detach it and take it with you anywhere.
  • The mirror fits perfectly into the ToiletTree Products Toiletry Bag and most cosmetic bags and purses.
  • Comes with a drawstring pouch to protect your mirror while traveling.
  • Great for college dorms, vacation travel, and business trips. Measures 4.75 inches x 5.5 inches: Just right for getting the job done on the run or for everyday use.

Honest reviews


Hubby Likes It: Lightweight, Big Enough, Doesn’t Slip, No Fog, EZ Squeegee

This is a great little shaving mirror; I bought it for my husband, who wanted to simplify his morning routine by “killing two birds with one stone.” Shave and shower. Done!He says he likes this, because:1. Mirror is big enough and is a REAL mirror, not just a polished surface.2. Suction cups grip tightly, so it stays in place.3. Lightweight so it doesn’t slip down the wall.4. Fill the built-in channel behind the mirror with warm water from the shower before you stick it to the wall. Now it won’t “fog up” while you shave.5. Has a small squeegee that slides in and out of a groove in the bottom of the mirror frame. Too many water droplets on the mirror while you’re shaving? Squeegee them off & you have a crystal clear view again. Easy to put the squeegee back with one hand.6. Travel bag makes for easy pack & go.It’s nothing fancy, but it works & he says he’s happy to have something that maximizes his Efficiency Factor. If he’s happy, I’m happy. This was a relatively inexpensive shave/shower solution and it does its job well; a recommended buy!

Leann Lattimore, NC

Bottom line…it fogs every time.

I have no clue how this product is the best seller on Amazon. The mirror fogged up on the first use, and continues to do so. Additionally, the suction cups don’t hold, and it falls almost every day. I would not spend even a penny on this product. You will be disappointed since it fogs!

Deidre Rankin, TX

Fun, Useful

I purchased this product so my boyfriend could shave his face in the shower without worrying about cutting himself or missing spots. For my, it’s useful when I shave my underarms, and when I have a facial mask on. The product itself is a really innovative and creative idea, and setting it up is easy.The suction cups keep it in place very well (much better than other suction cup based products)!The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because the squeegee doesn’t work well.Bottom line: Would recommend if you shave in the shower or if you apply facial masks and need to see to make sure there’s even coverage.

Geri Bala Cynwyd, PA

Works great, I love it

I need to keep a little bowl in the shower because I need to pour in some hot water from the shower. and then.. NO FOG.. great item.

Bridgett Butner, NC

Steam, steam everywhere…but not on this mirror!

Impressive! I had always heard that shaving while in the shower was better and smoother due to the softening of the beard and I’d always hesitated to buy one of these to test that. Well, now that I have, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old routine. All you need to know is there was steam everywhere except on this mirror.My only complaint would be for a more permanent solution for those who want to keep it in one place. In order to keep this working, the instructions indicate you have to fill the back with warm water each time…which means taking it off, emptying and then refilling. Not a big deal, but enough for me to hit it one star.

Tisha Salol, MN

Good investment

I read a few online reviews indicating the mirror was a bit small. I must imagine those folks have big heads. This is plenty big for shaving, etc. The mirror is a bit warped when you move far away, but that is not the intent of this fine mirror. I am having a bit of issue keeping the suction cups adhered to my marble walls. I assume that is because they are a bit porous. Not a big issue though. I would image these would hold up well on tile. I was most impressed that the owner of the company replied to several comments. That is why I made the purchase. Very impressed with that kind of customer service. I manufacture custom copper sinks and give very personalized service. I am always pleased to see similar service out there.

Marie Honeoye Falls, NY

Poor functional design

I got this because it seemed like a sound principal for a fog free mirror. And it is. However, whoever designed it didn’t think through everything. You fill up the chamber behind the mirror with warm/hot water which helps regulate the mirror to the same temperature as your shower. It sticks to the wall with suction cups. The only way to empty and fill the chamber is to completely remove the mirror from the wall, dump out the old water, and refill it. Now, right now this is fine, a few more steps than should be needed but no big deal. But I know that those suction cups will fail shortly due to the constant on/off. When they do I will not be purchasing this again. All they had to do is provide a small drainage valve and a small removable fill cup. They provide a squeegee, why couldn’t they provide that?

Leanna Keystone, SD

Effective and cheap

This mirror fits perfectly in the company’s toiletry bag, which I also purchased. My husband uses this mirror whenever traveling and he’s been very pleased with it for over 2 years now.

Lee Clifton, AZ

It does what is says and is what it is…

This is a small, fogless mirror.If you fill it with hot water as you shower…it will not fog. It is small because it is a travel size. It isn’t cheap but it isn’t poorly made which of course a cheap one would be. If you want a 100% fogless travel mirror…this is it.I have the larger one as well and it works perfectly. The company sent a retrofit kit to fix a problem with the original mounting bracket. This company sets the standard for customer service from my experience with them.

Mina Wendell, ID

My boyfriend loves it!

I recently bought this for my boyfriend I was a little worried about the size. It does fog, I understand the instructions for it not to fog but it does anyway, it is perfect sticks on the wall perfectly and doesn’t slip off! I love it!

Victoria Bear Lake, PA

Great for travel or everyday use

Like this company’s two other fog free mirrors, this is another quality product. Here is why I like it:1. This product is only 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 5/8" and weighs just 3oz, so its compact size and light weight makes it perfect for travel. It comes with a travel pouch and squeegee that cleverly sits in a holder at the bottom of the mirror.2. Despite its small size, there is more than enough viewing area to see my entire face when I shave. There is no distortion, and my reflection is full size.3. You need to fill this with hot water before you shave (as is true of the company’s other fog free mirrors) in order to get a fog free mirror. The reservoir is so small that it takes literally just a couple of seconds to fill it.4. The mirror has two suction cups to attach it to a wall. The directions tell you to make sure the surface where you attach it is dry. If not, the suction cups will slowly slide down the tile wall, as I discovered. But I like to run my shower for a minute or two before I get in to warm things up, so there are no dry walls in sight when I get in. No problem. I just leave the hot water in the reservoir for 30 seconds, and then empty it. Now the suction cups will easily hold the mirror in place even on a wet surface, and the mirror will stay fog free. It is actually a little easier to lift the bottom of the mirror up and remove the suction cups without water in the reservoir.5. While this is designed for travel, you can also use it as an everyday mirror if you don’t mind attaching the suction cups and removing them for each use. This might be ideal for apartment dwellers who are concerned about putting glue on their shower tiles to attach the bracket that is necessary for use with the company’s other fog free mirrors.Bottom line: Another great product by this company for a fog free shaving experience.Disclosure: I received this product as no cost from the the company.Update July 26, 2012: As with the company’s other fog free mirrors, it really doesn’t matter when you put the hot water in the reservoir. The other day when I was taking a shower I wasn’t planning on shaving in the shower. But after five minutes I changed my mind. I just put some hot water in the reservoir, from which the fog immediately disappeared, and poured it out after only about 10 seconds. The mirror stayed fog free for the rest of my shower.Update July 27, 2012: I just figured out how you can leave this attached to your shower wall without ever removing it to empty the water and still enjoy a fog free shaving experience. It’s really quite simple. I filled a 9oz cup with hot water and poured it into the already full reservoir (from my last shower). This was sufficient to displace the old water with new hot water, and the fog cleared from the mirror, which stayed fog free. So from now on I’ll just leave the mirror attached without emptying the water, and anytime I want to shave in the shower, I’ll just pour hot water into the reservoir. You don’t have to do this before you start your shower; you can wait until you are ready to shave. I did it a few minutes into my shower when the mirror was already fogged up, and once I poured my 9oz of hot water into the already full reservoir, the fog just disappeared and stayed gone.Update November 25, 2012: This has become my mirror for every day use. It’s just so convenient to leave it attached and pour a 9oz cup of hot water into the reservoir each time (without emptying it) before each use.

Janelle Mount Freedom, NJ

Works very well, love the portability and travel bag

Works very well. I thought it would be annoying filling it up with warm water every single time but it’s not, and it’s much better than dealing with anti-fog spray. Wish I would have had this sooner.

Heather Plainfield, MA