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Fogless Shower Mirror – EASY INSTALL – SHATTER PROOF – Includes Razor Hook – Modern – Anti-Fog Nanotechnology – Exclusive To Amazon

ACHIEVE A FLAWLESS SHAVE EVERYTIME WHY SHAVE IN THE SHOWER? • Warm and Clean. • Instead of letting your razor sit on the sink, keep your razor both clean and warm under the hot spray of the shower. • Plus, no more messy sinks = Bonus points with the ladies. RAZOR BURN BE GONE It’s itchy, it stings and leaves unsightly bumps that leave you feeling self-conscious. The steam from a nice hot shower softens hair and skin, while also opening up the pores for a closer shave, helping you say “Goodbye!” to razor burn. CONTINUOUS HYDRATION It may not be seen as “manly” to worry about keeping your skin moist, but moist skin helps you get the most effective shave every time. Because really, who wants to look like they haven’t shaved in days after waking up early to have time for a clean shave? INCLUDED WITH THE CASSANI FOGLESS SHOWER MIRROR 1 Stainless Steel Mirror Wall Mount 1 Stainless Steel Shaving Razor Wall Mount 1 Shatter-Proof Fogless Shower Mirror MODERN FACIAL CONTOUR DESIGN Our improved design was voted by thousands of customers. The new Fogless Mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your shape and neckline, making the best use of space in any shower. HASSLE-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied within 30-Days, please return your Fogless Shower Mirror for a No-Questions Asked, Full-Refund. CLAIM YOUR NEW FOGLESS SHOWER MIRROR TODAY!

Key features

  • HIGHEST RATED SHOWER MIRROR FOR SHAVING: Our design, stainless steel hooks, and advanced technology leads the way in customer satisfaction.
  • INCLUDES STAINLESS STEEL RAZOR HOOK – The perfect addition to your new shower mirror, keeping your razor wherever you want it and always ready for action.
  • ANTI-FOG NANOTECHNOLOGY – Our patented technology is infused directly into the reflective surface of the mirror to repel fog, leaving you free to focus on getting the perfect shave… everytime.
  • NEW MODERN DESIGN! – OPTIMAL VIEWING – Our improved modern design was voted on by thousands of customers. The new Cassani Fogless Mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your face and neckline, making the best use of space in any shower
  • NO MORE MESSY SINKS – Plus! Detachable Fogless Mirror is ideal for home or travel use – Hassle-Free 100% MoneyBack Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

Honest reviews


Nice Mirror for other stuff

Great mirror to use outside of the shower as well. Like that it won’t fog up in the shower. I also liked that I can use it for other stuff like waxing. This mirror gives me a close up look of my face that I can’t get from other mirrors.Overall, if your looking for something that will give you a close up look of your face this mirror is for.Received complimentary, all opinions expressed here are my own

Kaye Carmen, OK

Cassani Fogless Mirror Review

I reviewed the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.The product was easy to install. The kit comes with a mirror, a mirror holder, and a razor holder. The mirror also has protective plastic on top. You will need to remove the plastic covering. Then, you install the mounts/holders in your shower. The holders need to be placed where they will not get damaged or wet. To install the holders, you peel off the backing and affix to the shower wall for 45 seconds. The holders are made out of metal.To use the mirror, you need to hold each side for a few seconds under running hot water. Then, you can shave. I also used it to make sure I got all my clay masque off my face.I enjoyed using the product this week and will continue to use, even when my kid learn how to take down the mounts/holders.

Anne Wilmot, NH

Great for the shower!

Easily mounted to shower wall and great to use for women too! I can use use it to wash my face and my partner can use it to shave while in the shower! Good product.

Deborah Brookville, KS

shave in the shower

This mirror lives up to its hype. In my tests, the mirror has thus far proven itself to remain fog-free during my shower. For the record, I’ll never use another mirror in the shower again. The mirror looks very cool and I also like the variety of mounting options. I’m using the three strong suction cups and they work very well.

Phoebe Saint Vincent, MN

The best! hands down ! LOVED THIS

I LOVED this mirror. I am always having a hard time getting my make up off all the way or seeing hard to shave areas. I actually bought two of these because i shave the back of my neckline in the shower! I loved this mirror because it really did not fog. it was SO EASY to clean and looked Great! I was super excited it came with a matching hook to hold my razor too!

Jocelyn Walworth, WI

This is a Great Value & Product!!!!!!!

If you have a hard time shaving in the shower because of all the steam, Cassani’s newly designed fogless shower mirrors are great! They are good quality at a very good price and they live up to their word. I had originally ordered this for my fiance, but my son took it over as soon as I got it! He’s 15 and new to the world of manly shaving. I had him give it a try and let me know what he honestly thought about it and he really liked it! It also came with a razor holder! It’s great for men & women and it’s not got all the hassle of a fogged up mirror, so you can see what you’re actually doing. Their Anti-Fog Nanotechnology repels fog and helps you focus on the important stuff, like getting the best shave you can! I would recommend this great mirror for anyone, but if you are on a budget, like myself, it is a steal and it works really well. I was so happy that even at the awesome price I received it for, that it lived up to be a quality item and my son is happy. Because if my baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Check out this cool new design and grab one for yourself or a loved one today!

Georgina Pandora, TX

Great mirror

My adult sons use this mirror and really like it. The product description is accurate, it was shipped to me on time and the packaging was in tact. The mirror is large enough to shave easily and it does not fog up as promised. The hook is sturdy and the razors have not come crashing down. The only thing that would make it look nicer is if it had a little border around the edge. I was given a sample of this product to give an unbiased review.

Alfreda Glens Fork, KY

Great addition to the shower!

I like that this product was easy to install and hasn’t even budged once. It does not fog unless it is too close to the shower stream, so I would suggest putting it on the side of your shower head. I like to use it to make sure I got all of my makeup off. I would highly suggest this product!

Dee Goltry, OK

So useful!

The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror is easy to install and awesome to use! My husband has to shave on a nearly daily basis and by being able to do it in the shower he can kill two birds with one stone. He has had no issues with the mirror fogging up while shaving. This is a very useful product and I would recommend it to anyone that may need to utilize a mirror in the shower!

Edythe Union, NE

Easy to put up

The Fogless Shower Mirror is a different product. It is actually designed for men that want to shave in the shower. However, I think it works just as well for women that want to make sure they get all their face mask or make up off their face. This was the purpose of me using the Fogless Shower Mirror. I would make sure I got all my face mask off as well as my face wash products.The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror comes with a hook for the mirror as well as a hook for the razor. It is rather easy to install the hook for the mirror. I didn’t even clean off my shower and it stuck… a little too well.I do have one complaint, now that I got the hook stuck on my shower wall, I can’t get it off and it’s quite frustrating. If you plan on leaving this up all the time, you’ll have no issues. But if you want to remove it if say you have guests stay over, you’ll probably have some issues.The mirror doesn’t fog up, which actually surprised me that it didn’t. Sometimes it would get a little distorted just because of the water getting on it.Overall, I do like the product and I most definitely would recommend it.I received the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Alberta Trout Lake, MI

It really is Fogless!

Are you looking for a mirror for the shower that won’t fog up? I recently received the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror to review and yes, I am quite pleasantly surprised about how well it works! You really can achieve a flawless shave! Yes, before I received it I was a little skeptical and thought “Yeah, right!” But, it does work! Although, I only tried it once in the shower to wash my face and see if it worked. I know that it works so well because my husband then borrowed it and hasn’t returned it! And, I’m fine with that because well I don’t need to shave my face in the mirror and it also helps with keeping the sink clean! No shaving over the sink obviously eliminates hair in the sink! Woohoo! the steam actually also helps soften hair and skin so shaving in the shower makes a lot of sense! The fogless mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your face and neckline and is perfect for the shower! The Anti-Fog Nanotechnology repels fog and allows you to focus on getting a great shower. This really is a hit in our house!Self Disclosure: I received this product to facilitate a review but any opinions expressed are my own.

Michelle University Of Richmond, VA

Loving this mirror in my shower

My husband and I both are loving this fogless mirror in our shower! He is loving for shaving in shower and I love it to use to make sure all mascara, makeup and shampoo is gone before I get out of the shower. It is true to its word, it does not fog up at all! It is nothing fancy but works like a charm!

Tamara Esmont, VA

Works great

This mirror works great. It doesn’t fog up even in a hot shower. Easy to hang and easy to care for.

Denise Sturbridge, MA

great item

Cassandra’s Review- Lightweight and easy to use this product does exactly what it is supposed to and should be applied exactly where you want it the first time. I love how durable it is. You can also use this to find more then your face in the shower!I reviewed a complimentary product.

Nola Pleasant Hill, TN

Very Handy, even for The Ladies

This mirror works well and comes in very handy. And since it hangs from the hook, I can remove it to use after the shower too, since the rest of my bathroom mirrors are all fogged up by that point. As a lady, I didn’t need this mirror for shaving, but I love it for washing my face, removing facial masks, or even tweezing my eyebrows. The razor hook works great for holding my tweezers too.Once in awhile when I take super hot showers, it does get a bit cloudy, but I just run it under the water for a second – as instructed by the company – and it’s clear as crystal for the rest of the shower. Overall, I use it almost everyday and enjoy it.

Kimberly Lostant, IL

Loved it!

First off, I did receive this for free in exchange for a blog review which will be up soon ([…] Nevertheless, my opinions are 100% mine and completely truthful.This is a really short review, but honestly, it’s all you really need to know about it.It was easy to assemble (stick the hooks on and put the mirror on it), easy to use (run it under shower stream for a few secs), and worked amazingly (no fog at all).It’s also easy to clean (rub some toothpaste on it and rinse).Overall, I would recommend it and it is definitely something to buy.

Loraine Diaz, AR

Amazing Mirror

This mirror was amazing! I am always shaving in the shower and need a mirror for my lady parts and this worked great haha. Also, the Hubby likes to shave in there as well so it saves him a lot of time in the mornings 🙂 No fogging up, a perfect mirror!

Michele Newbury, NH

Amazing shower experience enhancement

I honestly never even heard of a shower mirror before I tried this out. Living under a rock is rough business. I would totally recommend you eyeballing your placement of this mirror because after you stick it on I wouldn’t advise trying to pull it back off. I honestly thought this thing would come crashing down after I put it up but one week later and it’s still there where I put it.I think the hardest task would be trying to figure out where you want it without feeling awkward. I had placed mine close to the corner of my shower as you can see in the picture I posted ( Dark Brown Tiled shower). You know those creepy long haired Japanese horror ghosts? That’s exactly what I felt like for a minute awkwardly staring at the corner of the shower but I quickly snapped out of that when I started to use it.I always wash my face in the shower with a cleanser so it was amazing to slather my product on making sure I filled every spot. I am blind as a bat so it was nice not to have to use echolocation ( more like touch and feel) to see everything.I am totally in love with this mirror but not I find myself looking in the mirror to scrutinize my face. The razor holder is pretty amazing too. It has a nice little backboard so my razor is no longer touching the yucky shower wall .I can’t express to anyone reading this how much better my shower experience has become with this product. I definitely recommend getting one for yourself to experience this greatness firsthand.

Melinda Suncook, NH

Husband loves it!

My husband enjoys this new little toy very much and agrees to everything the mirror promises above! The mirror really stays fog free in our hot steamy bathroom! The installation could not be any easier as the mirror comes with a wall mount you simply stick to the wall- no screws or drill needed! Super easy and it looks nice and sleek. It even comes with a little wall mount just for the razor.

Adele Pottsville, PA


I love this mirror!!!! I really like that it comes with attachments that I can hang my razor on as well. That was awesome, and I like how the mirror is detachable so I can use this mirror in the shower and I can position it to where I need it . The benefits of having this mirror in the shower is Easy to see where you are shaving and no mess on the floor afterwards. This is amazing for the man in your life, and all members of the family, my kids like to use this mirror for brushing teeth in the shower they are strange like that.

Jacquelyn Battle Creek, MI

Every Bathroom should Come Equipped With a Fogless Shower Mirror

I have never heard of a fogless mirror prior to purchasing the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror however, I am now a fan. Every bathroom should come equipped with at least one fogless mirror mounted on the wall. Initially, I had reservations about the placement of an additional mirror in our bathroom as we had just broken the plastic framing of a suction-cup mounted mirror. The design of this mirror is frameless and both the mirror wall mount and the razor wall mount easily and attached to the wall with the attached adhesive. I have no idea about the process behind the Anti-Fog Nanotechnology, but it works and that’s all that matters. I am very satisfied with this mirror, the prompt shipping and the friendly customer service.

Maritza Mount Pleasant, IA


This mirror is great…warmed it with the hot water and it remained fog free for the rest of my shower.Nice size and very clear image. Very light weight so no fear of it falling down. Try it, you won’t be sorry.

Iva East Greenwich, RI

Great gift

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*So, I gave this to my dad as a gift, and asked him to tell me what he thought. So here’s what he said:-Easy to install and use-It didn’t fog over-It took him less time to shave-Helped him have a much better shave-Optimized his time-Didn’t break when he dropped it-He loved it, great gift-I’m the best daughter ever (okay, so maybe he didn’t quite say that).So, to sum it all up, this is a great mirror to use in the shower. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and it makes a great gift. So, I would definitely recommend it.

Aurelia Wagner, SD

Great for Women!

Great for when I wash my face with my Clarisonic in the shower. I can see exactly where I’m washing my face and not waste any of my product. I have it on the side of my shower so it doesnt get wet with the stream. I do have to wipe the initial fog off the mirror then its fine for the rest of the time. Prompt shipping and contact with the company!

Susanna Marion Station, MD

Best Shower Mirror EVER!

• Easy to put in shower
• Razor holder is the best ever
• Just wipe off to clean it
• No water marks
• No fog from the showerMy husband loves this mirror. It is by far his favorite.

Bonnie Camargo, OK

Husband Loves It

My husband loved using the Casanni Fogless Shower Mirror and thinks it’s neat shaving while he’s showering. He feels like it’s easier than shaving by the bathroom sink. Also he doesn’t have to wipe the steam off the bathroom mirror like he usually did before shaving. His face feels smoother and his shave is closer and cleaner. An added plus he liked was the razor wall mount so he has a place to put his razor!

Crystal Houston, MS

Works great!

This fogless mirror is great. It’s simple and clean looking so it will work in any bathroom without looking tacky. The mirror works great – no fogging up at all. The installation of the mirror is super easy – no complicated instructions. The razor wall mount works great, and should work fine for any razor. My only complaint is that the mirror is not adjustable, so once you place it that is were it stays. In our house I’m 5’2" and my husband is 6’0", so obviously we would want the mirror located at different heights in our shower. But even with that I would recommend this mirror without hesitation.DISCLAIMER: I am a member of Tomoson and I have received a free product to try and review. All opinions are honest and my own and are not influenced by others. No other form of compensation was received. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.

Verna Rushville, NY

Works as advertised

This fogless mirror by Cassani is pretty cool. It’s an oval shape, not too big, not too small. The adhesive on the back is incredibly strong. Speaking of which, it was extremely easy to install. It just sticks onto a clean surface. As an added bonus, it even comes with a hook for your razor as well. All pieces look modern and well-designed with a steel look. And most incredibly, it works! I take steam showers and the mirror was not affected by the steam at all. Crystal clear. Couldn’t stop staring at myself. Would definitely recommend purchase to others at this price. It even comes with a money back guarantee which is awesome if you’re in doubt.

Allyson Great Neck, NY

Great Way To Eliminate Sinks Full of Hair

The Cassani mirror is incredibly easy to hang. You simply decide where you want the mirror to go, remove the backing from the included hanger and press firmly. The mirror sits straight and stays put for a fast and easy shave. There is even an included hanger for your razor, keeping it right there within reach when needed.We have used this mirror several times, not only to shave but to dye my hair as well. It can be removed from the hanger and put back in seconds, allowing you the freedom of using it for other things if desired. I hung this under the shower head so it is out of the direct spray as suggested, but still in a perfect place for shaving needs. It has held up as claimed and remained fog free every time. The instructions do tell you that for extra long showers, you may need to lightly rinse to remove any cloudiness, but this has not been an issue at all for us.I love that this can be easily removed if we no longer want it there, yet it stays put nicely for as long as we do. I am enjoying a hair free sink and he loves being able to shave and shower all at the same time.*I received a sample product to review on my blog. This has in no way influenced my opinions of this product.

Sasha Brasher Falls, NY

Fogless Shower Mirror, great for LEG SHAVING!! Ladies read this!

I recently started wet shaving about 2 months ago with a vintage Lady Gillette 1963 starburst double edge safety razor on my legs. It is a luxurious experience and works better than any modern razor I have used. I used to be a Venus gal for YEARS, but I am now a convert to shaving the old fashioned way. I was pregnant in my third trimester just a month ago (now my son is here and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling much more mobile). Shaving was incredibly difficult to do. I have a shower chair in my tub/shower and always sit on it to shave my legs, however, I was terrified to use a double edge safety razor on my back of my legs, behind my knees and back of my upper leg/thighs–especially when my mobility was hindered and my view was blocked. I simple could not see my legs very well—especially the backs of my legs, my third trimester belly was in the way, my mobility was altered, and I was super clumsy.Why is this relevant? Well, read on please. :)I had the opportunity to review a shower mirror from the Cassani company. It arrived in the mail and the box was a bit beat up and I was not so sure about the product at first. It looked like a simple shower mirror and I felt underwhelmed. Being female, I do not shave my face, so I was not completely sure if this mirror was going to be of use to me. My husband has his own shower and I use the bathroom with the tub/shower combo, so he would not be using this if I put it in my bathroom.I finally decided to put this in my bathroom shower so I could see my face when cleaning off my black mascara and thick black eye liner as I frequently wear a 60’s cat eye winged liner look. I figured even using the mirror for just making sure my eye makeup was fully removed was worth the trouble to add it to my shower. The Cassani Fogless Mirror is oval shaped, and has width and height to match the shape of ones face and neckline, the size of this mirror is 7-1/2" x 5-3/4.It was super easy to install. I suggest cleaning the shower wall first, then making sure the surface is very dry, then use some rubbing alcohol on the wall before placing the wall mounts adhesive. Please do make sure you place it in an area where it is level and where it will be best used, as this thing stays put when applied. It includes a stainless steel razor hook, and the stainless steel hook for holding the mirror. This mirror is different than other shower mirrors on the market as it is truly fogless.It is infused with "anti-fog nanotechnology" which sounds both space age and a teeny bit corny, but to be honest I do not care if it is corny because this mirror really works well. It is fogless, even with my super hot and steamy showers. The mirror has a special coating that is infused directly into the reflective surface of the mirror to repel fog. For this reason you cannot and should not use anything but water and a soft cloth to clean this mirror so as not to be too abrasive with the special coating. I like how this mirror can be removed from the hook when needed. This is what makes it truly a wonderful product and let me tell you why…Well, as I mentioned, I was VERY pregnant when this mirror arrived. I was not about to be one of those ladies who neglects shaving her legs for a few weeks (or months) just because she cannot see her legs due to her massive pregnant belly (lol I talking to you sister of mine! lol!) I was using my vintage double edge safety razor, which if you have ever used a safety razor, you know you must go slow and use short, careful strokes and take your time. The blades are sharp and more precise than modern razors, and cuts can occur if you are not careful. I am getting quite proficient in my double edge safety shaving, however, my back of my legs and back of knees were difficult to see with limited mobility and a pregnant belly in the way. I did not want to guess where to guide the razor. I then had an idea to remove the Cassani mirror from the hook and hold it behind my leg as I shaved! I was able to see where I was shaving and had no trouble at all.I recommend this mirror as it is reasonably priced on Amazon and it is lightweight and stays put on the shower wall. It works well and is useful. I also will use this mirror for applying my facial oils in the shower when I do my oil cleansing. I hang my shower puffs on the razor hooks instead of holding my razor, simply because my razor is chrome and vintage and if it fell on the floor of the tub it may get damaged and then I might cry. I love my 1963 Lady Gillette blue starburst razor and it is truly a gem of a gal. Now if I can get my hands on the almost rare pink one without paying a small fortune…The Cassani Mirror has a "hassle-free 100% money back guarantee" if you are not fully satisfied.Included With The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror1 Stainless Steel Mirror Wall Mount1 Stainless Steel Shaving Razor Wall Mount1 Shatter-Proof Fogless Shower MirrorIf you found this review or any of my other reviews interesting or helpful, please rate is as "helpful" and or leave a comment. I enjoy writing reviews and hearing feedback about what I have written as I feel reviews help those interested make an informed decision before purchasing. I also feel that honest and informative reviews improve a product by providing insight to the company. I believe reviews should be honest no matter whether an item was free, at a discount, or purchased. I am not connected to this company or any of the companies of products that I review. I am not paid for my opinions.This mirror was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Mable Prairieton, IN