Floxite Mirror Mate Lighted, Adjustable Compacts FL-15ACP

Floxite Mirror Mate Lighted, Adjustable Compacts FL-15ACP 940

Key features

  • Includes mirror, 4 AAA Batteries and instruction manual
  • Great for purse or travel
  • Distrotion-free DFP Glass
  • Blue in color

Honest reviews


Too close

I can barely see let alone use this mirror. The lighted feature is nice but the magnification is too much.Very disappointed.

Lourdes Brewster, KS


Very handy but ones eyes must adjust to the magnification before focusing well for use.

Lilian Burson, CA

Necessary Beauty Item

This is a great product. You can open it a few ways and most times I just hold the sides and gently pull it open. My vision is very poor and I needed to see myself put on my eye makeup without my glasses. The light is the best thing I could think of for a portable mirror and it is just a push of a button away. The magnification lets me see everything with precision. Thickness about 2 inches is not ideal for a very tiny pocketbook but if you have a small to medium bag or using this or overnight or travel you will be pleased The stand alone option.does not move or slip when you extend it and that is great when you just can’t touch anything anymore because your holding your pencil and your eye to draw a line LOL! Light and sturdy a great buy!

Danielle Fort Johnson, NY

Very poor quality

Very poor quality item. Did not work at all as described. Mirror was distorted and product was cheaply made plastic.

Whitney Haysi, VA


Just a little too small for what I wanted it for but it’s ok for tossing into a bag. I am still on a quest for the perfect travel mirror!

Janette Ithaca, MI

Travel Mirror with 15X magnification

We’re planning to travel to several countries this year and hotels & cruise ships aren’t always reliable to have what a woman needs to look her best. This lighted, adjustable travel mirror is very compact, yet allows "up close & personal" reflections that I don’t get from my cosmetic table’s 10X mirror. Case seems durable enough to withstand the bumps of traveling. Very satisfied with the product for the price paid.

Rene Wooton, KY