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Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong 15x/1x Supervision Vanity Mirror, Brushed Nickel

This mirror has a 15x extra strong magnifying mirror reversing to a plain mirror. The 15Xtra Strong Supervision 15x side was designed for people with poor close up vision.

Key features

  • Dual sided 15x and 1x mirrors
  • Clear crisp Hi-Definition imaging
  • Diameter of mirror frame; 7.75
  • Viewing surfact is 7-inches
  • Distortion free glass make you can see the tiniest detail

Honest reviews


Large standing Magnifying Mirror 15X

This mirror distorted images and I couldn’t see anything. Although the reviews were terrific for this mirror, I couldn’t see anything and it was so tall that everyhing was blurry no matter how far I moved away from the mirror. I needed it for close work: to put on eye-liner and to tweeze my eyebrows inbetween threading. It didn’t work out so I returned it. Instead, I purchased a small traveling standing magnifying mirror at Amazon which worked perfectly and also put a magnifying mirror (10X) with suction cups on my bathroom mirror.

Loraine Pearl River, NY

Ready For Your Close-Up?

This mirror is great and provides more than ample magnification for putting on make-up and a host of other things. I like that it also had a regular size mirror, too.

Carmen Gowrie, IA

best magnification

If you want really high magnification this one will do the trick. For most general purpose use you are probably better off with 7x or 10x but for cases when you want higher magnification this mirror is great.I didn’t have any problems with the quality of the mirrors construction which others have complained about. I also like the simple design and the fact that it doesn’t come with an integrated light, those lights are always useless and just a waste of space in my experience.

Anita Elmont, NY

I can see!

I use the 15X side for the perfecting of my makeup, plucking hairs, eye makeup, and the normal side to view the finished look. The mirror works well for what I needed. I just wish it had a light. It is sturdy and made well.

Tricia Eldorado, OK

Mirror, mirror on my table!!

I am totally happy with my mirror, great for plucking eyebrows–exactly what I wanted. Best thing I have bought for myself.

Earlene Franconia, PA

It does what is does

I got this because I wanted to have a better skin care routine and needed it to better apply my makeup and groom my eyebrows.It’s nice. I wanted something simple in design and not flashy or elaborate, which it fits that criteria. The glass seems not to be fitted too well. How to explain this… it looks like when the glass was cut to be fitted in the frame, it was really rough and may have not done a good job fitting it. I expect that I will need to replace this in a couple of years, due to its quality.But it works for now and I use it everyday,for hours. I like the high magnifying lens on it to see everything. I think as long as I take good care of it it should last for a long time. I just get nervous every time I clean the mirror thinking it’s going to pop out.

Mina Jennerstown, PA

LOVE This Mirror

This mirror is exactly what I was looking for. It is pretty and stylish. One side is a regular mirror and the magnified side shows EVERY hair on my face (that is good and bad at the same time LOL).If you want the honest truth of what your skin looks like, you definitely want to get this mirror.

Blanche Sneedville, TN

GREAT day-to-day magnifying mirror

I love this mirror. It’s lightweight, and the 15x magnify is great for older women who want to put on their makeup without using their glasses. Highly recommend this product!

Amie New Vineyard, ME

Great Choice in a Makeup Mirror

Great makeup mirror! The15x magnification side is perfect for tweezing eyebrows & applying precision eyeliner. The other side is for everything else. The size, weight, and stand are just right too. Only thing that would make it even better: lighting around the diameter.

Jenny Deep Gap, NC


Love, love, love this mirror! Now I can really see to get my mascara on PERFECTLY! Excellent in every way.

Ruthie Laird Hill, TX