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Floxite Elegant Compact in Cobalt Blue with a Crystal Medallion, Powerful 10x Magnification 3 1/2 inches Glass Mirror Plus Plain Mirror

The 10X magnifying mirror lets you see the tiniest details to line your lips, apply eye makeup, tweeze eyebrows, insert contacts and all other close-up facial grooming. The regular mirror provides a clear true image. To focus the magnifying mirror, bring it to within 2 inches of your eye. Slowly move the mirror away from your eye until it clearly focuses. Compact can be used with or without eyeglasses

Key features

  • 10X plus 1X Compact
  • 4″ diameter and 5/8″ thick
  • Dark blue plastic case
  • Use for applying makeup or eyebrow tweezing
  • Great for travel or purse

Honest reviews


A Must-Have For Your Make-up Bag

This is the right size to fit into your make-up bag & rest in the palm of your hand. Sturdy & well-constructed. 10x magnification let’s you see the details for close work, like applying mascara or false lashes. If it came with a light, it would be perfect!

Lindsay Oracle, AZ

Great buy!

I bought this for when I travel, but I have found out that I use this everyday. The top part is the regular mirror and the bottom part is magnified, which is great for fixing stray eyebrow hairs. The plastic is strong, unlike some other same priced compact mirror (or even those more expensive!)that snaps and breaks the part that closes it shut. Very useful, and I do like the quality of it, for the price that I paid. Which isn’t much at all.

Mara Maple City, KS


Didn’t know this was so big, too big for me, will order a smaller version. Good product, love the magnification and was well needed

Delores Jaroso, CO

It was what it said it would be

It is a good mirror. Some people complained that it was too big, but for me it just made it easier to find in my purse.

Natalia Forest Home, AL

Really nice!

I like the compact. It’s large and has a smaller circle of rhinestones on the lid. They aren’t raised so they probably wont be falling off anytime soon. However the silver paint that comes painted onto the rim of the lid comes of easily. This is only a vanity issue which is why I won’t be deducting stars.It’s a quality mirror and it sure as hell beats all the compact mirrors available at drugstores.

Mildred Rebecca, GA

Nice for Travel in my Make-up Bag

I bought this compact mirror to carry in my travel make-up bag, which is just large enough for the basics- (a tube of BB cream, one eyeliner pencil, one mascara, one eye shadow compact, a tube of lip gloss, an eyelash curler, and two eye shadow brushes)It fits well, I like having the 10x magnification and the 1x, and I find the mirror large enough to see what needs to be seen. The plastic compact protects the mirror. Considering purchasing a second one of these to go in my bedside drawer. Would make a nice gift. My only complaint is that the exterior plastic compact lid scratches easily. Not a huge deal, and the only reason this item did not get five stars.

Rochelle Goodyear, AZ

Great Compact!!

This is the same as those other mirrors for $24.99 but in blue, and without the light. This mirror is not as small as other compact mirrors that I have, but I bought it for the magnification, not the size. I am getting my luggage supplies together for trips and wanted a compact that had the same magnification as my tabletop mirror and this is it! I have been a long time tweezer girl, I started plucking long before waxing and threading and it is more economical and less painful (if you are used to it), and this little mirror allows me to see all the fine hairs that you miss on a 1x and 5x mirrors. It does take some adjustment to the right position for your eyesight, but if you are like me and like to see those pores up close and personal, this will suit you just fine and will fit into most clutches as well as being a nice purse mirror. One thing is for sure, it won’t get lost in the clutter of your bag! lol

Dianna Townville, PA

Great for travel or work

I bought this to keep in my desk at work so I can apply lipstick before I head out of my office to go teach. The compact itself is nicely made, and the magnification side is really good for checking stray brows or hairs.It’s too big for me to keep in my purse, but if you don’t mind larger mirrors, this would work well as a purse mirror since it is to sturdy.It would also be great for traveling to keep in your makeup bag.

Eddie Houghton, IA

Great size, lightweight

I carry this in my makeup bag and use it when I travel. It’s lightweight without being cheap-feeling. I love being able to see more of my face than in most compact-size mirrors. The 10x magnification is enough for me to put on eyeliner, which needs to be precise, without glasses. Pretty little rhinestone detail on the lid was a nice surprise, too.

Willa Hays, KS

Heavy and clumsy

Delivers powerful magnification, which is good. But it is heavy and clumsy, being attached to one another. If this mirror were two separate mirrors, it would be much easier to handle. It’s ok…

Marian Long Grove, IA

Great product! Wish it would open easier.

This mirror is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier……except if I could open it. So far I have broken two fingernails and then gave up and have had my husband open it for me. I am going on an extended trip and needed a mirror to take with me, not too small, but not too big. This is perfect! Just wish it would open easier. Maybe that will come with more use.

Ester Bejou, MN

Great Item, Great Price!

This compact is big. I wasn’t expecting it to be big, and wasn’t sure at first if I’d like that. But the large area is fantastic, especially for the magnification side. I really love this mirror. The 10x is better magnification that most people will need. It’s thin, sturdy, and closes neatly. Excellent value and very nice quality for the price. Would make a really nice item for a spa gift bag, travel kit, makeover party favor, etc.

Jeannie Phelan, CA

Floxite Fl-cp10 10x Compact 2-optical Dfp Quality Glass Mirrors, Blue

The two round optical mirrors are good, quality. There’s a small design on the outside cover that is round and looks like mimicked diamonds. I wasn’t aware of the appearance more geared to a female and bought it for my son who keeps taking mine in the car. That is the only thing to be aware of.

Felecia Saint Anthony, ND

Good, effective compact mirror

This product has a magnified side for your pores and other imperfections, anda regular side. Nice large compact, but not too large to fit comfortably in your purse. Very nice.

Mitzi Crawfordsville, OR

10X Compact 2-optical mirror

I DO like this mirror but am not happy that it is so large. It will fit nicely into my everyday purses, but for an evening bag, it would take up too much space. The case is thin enough, it’s just the circumference that’s a little large. Hold out your hand and stretch your thumb & little finger out & that’s about the width of the compact.

Katherine Ash Grove, MO

Great mirror

I ordered this to take on trips to have the magnification along. It is good quality, sturday and a nice looking mirror. All in all I would highly recommend it.

Madeline Molena, GA