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Floxite Daylight Cosmetic Mirror, 10 x Mag

Floxite Daylight Cosmetic Mirror – 10x Magnification. 9″ Diameter. 360 degree Lighted. Bright.

Key features

  • White Light Shows True Colors. Adjustable angles
  • T5 Bulb is Replaceable. Cool to the Touch. Includes mirror and instruction manual. White.
  • On/Off Switch on Base, 110 Volts Only

Honest reviews


exhaustive search

I searched and searched for a lighted makeup mirror that was bright, and I mean bright. I did actually find one that was super bright but was over $100 for a mirror the same size and magnification. I just can’t see paying that. Call me a cheapskate but I really feel like all makeup mirrors are a rip off. I mean, really, it is basically what amounts to a cheap lamp with cheap glass or cheaper plastic….I mean, REALLY???? I was bout ready to buy a cheap mirror and a table lamp to direct at my face! I learned that fluorescent bulbs are much brighter, plus they save energy, so that narrowed my search. I am happy with this guy for the money, it is bright enough and certainly a decent price if you want an overpriced piece of plastic, which I apparently do! Another nice thing about this is the 10x magnification. I find that for a middle aged woman who uses readers, the 15x magnification seemed distorted and the very center of that mirror seemed the only clear part so I had to keep moving and refocusing. But this mirror is the perfect maginification for tweezing and facials, and while not the brightest light, it is a clear white light that suffices.

Lois Madera, PA

Bad Mirror!

I saw so many good reviews that I actually bought this with confidence! The “distortion free” mirror is actually so distorted that if you are 6″ away from it, you still can’t see yourself! you have to be 2″ away, which doesn’t work for make up, even for tweezing. And if you are 2″ away from it, you can see yourself just in a small area, not the whole mirror. The light is ok, and the quality of everything else is good. I was impressed by how small it was.But then again, what’s the point of all this if the mirror itself doesn’t work!!!???

Virgie Oldenburg, IN

best mirror ever

I’ve tried many make-up mirrors in a dimly corner of my bedroom. This was by far the best. The light is very bright and even, and the magnification is sufficient for tweezing, contact lenses, applying make-up, etc. The adjustable height raises up enough and the mirror tilts so there is no need to put in on top of something. The mirror is excellent quality. Note that it is a 10X magnifying mirror which means there will always be some distortion if you try to use it outside the optimal focal distance. It uses a fluorescent lens that is replaceable. I’ve replaced it once with no problem. Although the brand says “Daylight” it is made by the Floxite company. It is fairly large so is not suitable for travel unless you take your large suitcase.

Shawn Seldovia, AK

I can see clearly now

This mirror was a gift from me to me. I really like the design. The package came quickly nothing was wrong with the unit. It magnifies ! I can see freckles, wrinkles and facial hair I didn’t know I had. I can also really see my eyebrows to pluck, which is why I ordered this in the first place. In the long run, its saving money to not spend it getting facial waxing.

Millicent Leola, SD

Daylight magnified cosmetic mirror

This was a replacement mirror as the switch went out on my old one. The manufacturer has improved the on-off switch component and it now feels tighter and more secure than my old mirror. The magnification is great, allowing me to see every pore on my face!

Harriet Shauck, OH


The curved shape of the mirror and high magnification makes this really difficult to use. Your face has to be about an inch from the glass to see clearly- too close to tweeze eyebrows or apply makeup. For the price, I wasn’t pleased.

Lolita Monaca, PA

Perfect mirror

Great size, perfect lighting (simulates daylight), angle of mirror adjusts up or down. I can see every pore and hair on my face. Love, love, love. I wish they made a smaller version for travel.

Bobbie De Valls Bluff, AR

Poorly Made

This mirror is very poor quality. It actually broke the third day I had it. The plastic casing is really cheap and the mirror quality is less than good.

Christy Loma Mar, CA


Good Optics. Wish it came in a nicer finish, surprisingly hard to ind a decent makeup mirror. Would purchase it again.

Alicia Radom, IL

Met most expectations

Got my mirror a while back and am quite satisfied with it. As per other reviewers, you do have to stand quite close to it to see clearly but it totally works for me. No problems there. I wish that it could be adjusted a little better but I have figured out the best position in order to see my face so it has worked out O.K. I have even used it to see moles and skin aberrations on my legs and arms and it has been great in that respect. The light is very good….no complaints. I must have read about 800 reviews before I bought this mirror and for the price, ($47.00 U.S. through Amazing Deals) I am very satisfied with the product. One thing to note before you buy…..this mirror needs to sit on something if you are using it at a bathroom counter or you will be bending over quite far down to see your face. I found an old plastic container, turned it upside down and used it as a base to sit the mirror on. Works great!!

Bianca Ladd, IL

Very Nice

I was looking for something that wasn’t cheap, yet not too out there. There are so many to choose from and I’m glad I found this one.

Felecia New Plymouth, ID


Great light, great mirror. I love it.Gives the room so much bright light, and it’s really nice looking on my face

Eula Audubon, NJ

Be prepared to spend a lot of time in front of this mirror when it first arrives…

OMG you can see more detail than you ever thought possible! Great for tweezing & inspecting every square inch of your face. Thank God I’m typically too busy to spend much time in front of it obsessing, lol. The lighting is excellent as well. GREAT product!!

Nadia Charlton Heights, WV

Great for Beauty Enthusiasts

This is great for plucking our eye brows and for tiny hairs for precision. I didn’t read the full details when I ordered. I was actually looking for a double sided mirror but this is great the close ups.

Aimee Ravenna, NE

Good light, great magnification, made of plastic so 4 stars.

I recently purchased a different mirror on Amazon to replace this one. It was made better but the mirror magnification and light source was poor. This has a good light source and great magnification. I will tell you after a few years it will wear down – and ours eventually needed a new light and then the neck simply snapped. It’s plastic and not made to last. That’s why I tried to change mirrors but went back to this one once I made compared it to what was out there. If they could make this mirror in metal I would pay double.

Marquita Decorah, IA

Sent it back right away

This is just not a good choice if you want to use it for anything besides plucking. I cannot recommend this mirror, it was misleading by saying it is good for makeup application.

Deana Woodstown, NJ

Get prepared!

This mirror is scary good, literally. Be very prepared to see things on your face you had no idea were there! OMG! Where did all those age spots come from and the wrinkles, bumps, discolorations? Did they just pop up the day I got this mirror? I think I could even see my DNA strands.Remember "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?" The Queen did NOT want to know the truth, right? Really, are you ready for this much information? If you are, this mirror will reveal all!

Mina Hartshorn, MO

Great Magnification

This was a great find. The magnification is great and lighting is great. it works best if it sits on a table, a little more difficult to hold in your hand.

Dorothea Olive, MT

Beware! No flaws left behind!

Just received this mirror and it is great! Wonderfully bright lighting and high magnification leaves no flaw unnoticed. I was amazed by what I hadn’t seen before. Great for finding those pesky chin hairs that go unnoticed in dim light (thank goodness). In any event this is a very good product. Wish it came in a nickel bronze color as it would match my bathroom settings though. It even has a twisty neck so that the mirror can be tilted at different angles for convenience.

Roberta Sims, AR

Love It

This is quite a good vanity mirror and you can see all theeyebrow hairs and other things on your face. A little pricesbut works ladies!

Pam Adrian, MO

great for sad sorry eyes

This lamp is bright enough for my sad sorry eyes. It is not as tall as I would like, but the adjustability and tilt help compensate. The 10x magnification is more than I’m used to, but I am adjusting to being able so see every pore in detail. I can do my eye makeup without glasses!!! It sits in front of my regular wall bathroom mirror, so I can easily do the rest of my makeup and hair with no magnification.

Karla Rowena, TX

Perfect for lucking hair

My eyesight close up is terrible as I age. I can barely see the hairs on my face or eyebrows for plucking. I got back from vacation and I was in shock once I put on my glasses in my bathroom mirror. My bathroom mirror is great but I need my glasses in order to see. I just received this product today, and I just tried. I was able to see all my hairs on my eyebrows and lip even the light small hairs. I could see my pores. I plucked my eyebrows perfectly. This is fantastic. I did not need my glasses which is the most important issue, because I can’t get to my eyebrows with my glasses. It is also very good to see my makeup and eyelashes. Glad I listened to the reviews!

Deanne Eutawville, SC

Works great.

As I have diminished vision, I use this handy mirror every day to apply my makeup. I wish they made this mirror in a 15x as it would then be perfect.

Karla Richmond, UT

You will see it all!

Every hair, pore, wrinkle, yikes! This is a great mirror. The light is bright as long as you are in a lit room, will not stand alone in the dark. It is lightweight but the base is heavy enough that it won’t tip over easily.

Tisha Penwell, TX

Powerful without being scary

Just what my daughter wanted, it shows what she wants but not like my 15X that shows absolutely every ugly pore. The mirror is also big enough that you can see your face rather than just a small part of it.

Patrica Benton, LA

Excellent magnification and lighting

I love this mirror and the quality is very good. The magnification is excellent – no distortion or variation in the field of vision. My only wish is that the mirror were a little bit larger so that I could see my entire face more easily. But I’ve learned to work around that and am truly happy with the purchase.

Neva Pownal, VT

Couldn’t live without it!

I accidentally dropped my hairdryer against the mirror and broke the bulb inside (not the mirror, though). I ordered another and now see that I can order a replacement bulb for the old one, for about $21. I’m going to do that, and then I’ll have one for my boyfriend’s house. It really shows me what my pores and hairs are doing, especially with some reading glasses (optional). Great for eyebrows, controlling blackheads, etc. Once you’ve had a mirror like this, you won’t ever want to be without it.

Brenda Phillipsville, CA