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Florastor – 50 count, 250mg

Florastor saccharomyces boulardii lyo, florastor contain the active ingredient saccharomyces boulardii lyo, a non-pathogenic yeast found naturally on the skin of tropical fruit (lychee and mangos teens). Florastor helps support healthy digestive system. Florastor also acts to maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

Key features

  • Long term use of florastor is not associated with complications. Florastor transits through the digestive tract attaining steady-state levels that are maintained throughout the administration period.
  • Do not mix florastor in ny carbonated, very hot liquid, or alcohol-containing beverages or foods.
  • Florastor can be taken with or without food
  • Restricted diets-florastor has 33 mg lactose it is proven to increase lactase production, which helps with the digestion of lactose. It is a gluten free dietary supplement; Note: florastor may contain traces of soy
  • Contents of florastor capsules and florstorkids packets have a creamy color and have a yeast-like smell; Do not refrigerate; Store at room temperature, it has a guarantee of three-year shelf-life

Honest reviews


Great for international travel to 3rd world countries

Did you know that 90% of your immune suystem is in your “gut”?Two TRUE STORIES that I experienced firsthand with Florastor:1) We were in the Amazon jungle and I opened my mouth while bathing with river water. The next day my bowels were in an uproar and I was bent over with cramps. Fortunately, two doctors in our group had brought some Florastor with them and they began dosing me. It took about 48 hours (and some strong oregano and lemongrass teas) but I was much improved. These doctors(from New Zealand) told me they took Florastor while they traveled around the world and they never had experienced bowel troubles.2) Not long ago we were in Guatemala and one of my teen travelers was hit with severe vomiting. She was rushed to an ER where she was put on IV and given a drink mixed with–you guessed it–Florastor. The doctor wrote a “prescription” for 10 days of Florastor to get her fully recovered.It is my understanding that in many countries Florastor is actually prescribed by doctors to fix/prevent intestinal ailments.Now I never travel without it.

Melody Copperhill, TN

Florastor capsules

Florastor Maximum Strength 250 Mg Capsules — 50 – No Need To RefrigerateIt’s very important to have a top brand and this is one of them. It was recommended to me by a friend that had an acute need and benefited greatly from it. It has helped me tremendously.

Carla Portageville, NY

Love it!

Really helps my stomach after years of searching and trying walmart brand pro-biotics. Just taking one pill a day makes the difference!

Georgina Granite Springs, NY

Works very well

I went through 5 weeks of daily radiation treatment which caused all kinds of bowel related issues. Recently, I saw my gastro doctor and since I already suffer from symptoms of IBS, he recommended Florastor and gave me some sample pills. They really helped get my system working as it should and I have ordered more from Amazon since I feel better than I have in a long time. They are fairly expensive, but I put them in my Wish List until I saw the price drop and then ordered right away.I would definitely recommend these over other probiotics because I have tried many that have not given me the relief of Florastor.

Selina Warm Springs, AR


my husband uses Floristor and it was recommended to him by his doctor’s nurse for his digestion and elimination problems. along with a change in eating habits (what he eats and when) has pretty much gotten back to normal. he has been using this regular now for several months and is quite amazed at his quality of life now.

Adela Stratton, NE

Works to fight effects of Clindamycin

This product works to fight and end the effects of Clindamycin. Here is my story, I had a tooth infection and was given the prescription of Clindamycin. Here is how my symptoms developed:Started on a FridaySaturday – Tuesday -no symptoms of diarrheaWednesday – one episodeThursday – one – two episodeFriday – three episodes Began to research online of symp.Saturday – five episodes (Saturday morning – Stop taking PILLS)Sunday – five-six episodes – went to store and purchased temporary probiotic 6 at various times during the day and took and yogurt to use until this item arrived.Monday – two episode – used temporary lower dosage probiotic (took 6 per day)Tuesday – one episode – started this product (took 4 per day)Wednesday – GONE (took 4)Thurs – Saturday – Gone (took 3 per day)Sunday – started RX pills again in conjunction with this probioticIf you get diarrhea from your antibiotics PLEASE, PLEASE STOP TAKING THE PILLS. the diarrhea will only get worst and you will really get SICK….stop taking the pills…get your body healed and get your probiotic levels of “good” bacteria back up.On Sunday, diarrhea was so bad, I could not “hold” it, when “it” felt like it was coming, you had no control. I had to run to the bathroom. On Sunday, I took over the counter priob. until this product arrived. I took like 4-5 of the “lower” level probiotic throughout the day, I drank ginger tea and ate soft foods and ate three yogurts. I ate the better yogurt – Brand – FAGE which has 4 strains of live cultures to also give you good bacteria to fight the diarrhea. Don’t use the lower quality yogurts like dannon, read the label you are looking for the 4-5 strains of live cultures and only FAGE has that.I researched on the internet and found a message board that people with diarrhea type problems discussed their lives. Many people recommended this yogurt product and taking higher levels probiotics. I continued to research and realized that the “nationally” advertised probiotics don’t have the levels to address diarrhea. Remember, the antibiotics KILL your good bacteria as it kills the “infection” and the probiotics are putting the “good” bacteria back in your system so you don’t get the diarrhea which is caused when you lose to many “good” bacteria in your bodySO I called my local pharmacy and ordered this product, it took one day to arrive. I called my local pharmacy before noon and it arrived by noon the next day. The price is very similar to this price but for those who may live in a rural area, amazon may be the best way to go if transportation is an issue. I allowed myself to heal and did not take any antibiotics until the following Saturday.What the message board recommended is if I started taking the antibiotics (Clindamycin)again I MUST COMBINE it with this product. This method did seem to work for me, I did not have the diarrhea. I also did not go back to full strength of the Clindamycin right away. I took one a day until I got into my doctors office. I was given a new RX but if you need to take CIN. at least you now have a plan of action – but if you need to take something until you get a new antibiotic there is a way to fight the effects of Clindamycin.But I will say, this product does create gas. Not excessive gas but I’d say once every 2 hours I’d pass a terrible gas smell but to ME THAT IS BETTER then the diarrhea.

Leticia Townsville, NC