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Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush – Ever Struggled With Blemished Skin? One Dirty Reason Found Below May Surprise You. This Sublime Cosmetic Brush Is Designed To Assist Professional Makeup Artists. Now This Amazing Foundation Brush Is Available To You.

Designed For Professional Makeup Artists: Now You Can Have Flawless Looking Skin Too, Without Having To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars. Risk Free With Our 1 Year Guarantee!Did you know, that one of the major contributors of blemishes, acne and rashes is caused by your makeup brushes? Not caring for your makeup brushes can leave you fighting a lifelong battle against skin problems.That’s why our High Quality Kabuki Brush is made from the finest 100% synthetic bristles that wont absorb product and wont let bacteria flourish. Our brushes were carefully designed for easy cleaning, giving your skin the best possible chance against blemishesKey Benefits and Features of this Kabuki Brush from FLAWLESSLY ME- Designed to work with both powders and creams.- Designed with a long handle for added precision and ease of use.- The 100% synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and vegan approved.- Made In The U.S.A. using nothing but high quality materials.This unique Makeup Brush is designed by American Professionals to help you look good, also UNDER your makeup. You wont find these unique features in any other brushes on the market today.If you want beautiful healthy looking skin! Simply Press Add To Cart!

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My New Favorite Makeup Brush

I don’t wear foundation, but I love wearing mineral powder – mainlyL’Oreal Paris Translucide Naturally Luminous Loose Powder. All my life I’ve only used a regular old makeup brush. You know, the cheap ones with the black handle and black bristles that usually come off as you brush it across your face – ANNOYING!! I’ve always wanted to try a Kabuki brush, but have never had the funds to do so until now.I’m so glad that I chose THIS Kabuki makeup brush; it’s absolutely amazing and I’m very satisfied with it. It’s really dense and there’s no shedding whatsoever. It has a flat top, which makes it easier to apply powder all over my face and chest. The powder goes on so smoothly and easily; plus, it gives me a beautiful, natural matte finish. When I’m done, you can’t even tell that I’m wearing powder, which is the look that I’m going for.This brush does not irritate my sensitive skin, which is also nice. I only wish that it came with some kind of storage bag (besides the plastic wrap), since I don’t have a makeup bag. However, I can easily buy one myself. I also love that the brush is cruelty free and vegan approved. There’s no animal hair or fur used, yay!I can’t say enough GOOD things about this brush. You will NOT be sorry with this purchase.

Tamra Harveys Lake, PA

Love this brush!

I use a cream foundation (CoverGirl Olay Ageless) and find this flat-top brush a vast improvement over the kabuki (round) I’d been using. I stipple lightly into the foundation, then swirl with a Bob Ross "three hairs and some air" pressure and get a lovely air-brushed finish with light-to-medium coverage. I’m sure I could press harder or build and get full coverage if that’s what I was after. The brush is wonderfully soft, but the bristles are firm and densely packed, which is what makes that airbrushed look possible. Bonus: after a month, it hasn’t shed a single hair.

Shanna Neversink, NY

Get this brush……your face will thank you for it!

Saw this brush on Amazon after seeing the cutest video with a little hamster showing everyone that synthetic brushes are every bit as soft as animal hair ones, and MUCH kinder. As a vegan and lifelong animal lover this is extremely important to me.The brush arrived fast – Love Amazon Prime! – and I am soooo loving it. This is THE softest make-up brush I have ever owned or used. When I first purchased the Bare Essent….. face mineral powders I got a brush with them, but it wasn’t that soft. So I purchased various other brushes over the years but never found one this soft and light. You can barely feel it on your face and it blends perfectly.The handle is nice to hold too. Chunky and smooth, with a really nice rounded end that feels good to hold. Also very light-weight.This brush has the perfect name too…….Flawlessly Me! It certainly will give everyone a flawless finish to their face.

Lupe Cloverdale, IN

Good Brush

A bit softer than the one I was used to but seems to work well and is holding up well.

Darcy Rocky Mount, MO

Great price ~ ~

I’ve been using this brush for well over a month – it is VERY nice. So far, no bristles have fallen out or escaped – LOL.It is not a big deal, but the packaging that you see in the ad, was NON-EXISTANT. It was basically thrown in a brown box. NO WORRIES – – the brush was wrapped securely in plastic and was NEW !

Angelita Severn, VA