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Flash Shiner Nail Buffer

Easy, Fast, & An Amazing Shine. Step 1: Gray Step 2: Green Step 3: White.

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  • shiner

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it works a 100% can’t complain about a thing. I walked into walgreens the next day and saw a similar one for 69 cents….. Haha but if theirs no walgreens by then but it here works good price can’t complain.PS I love walgreens even though the majority of senior citizens shop their haha

Dessie Paradise Inn, WA

I’m a guy…so?

I appreciate good grooming, so here is my story. I’m standing in the big box membership warehouse store when this perky gal slides up, grabs my hand…then my thumb and scrubs away with some kind of sponge looking thing. A few moments later and wha la! I’ve got a shiny thumbnail. I’m a guy who likes to dress well, stay physically fit, keep well groomed and appreciate that in others. So, I look down and think that my grubby thumbnail looks better now then it did 30 seconds ago. You can do this at home for only $19.95 my perky friend tells me…then pitches me on a whole kit of gew and gunk I’m suppose to slather over my nails and hands. But I just want the buffer I plead. Nope, comes as a kit only. I take it from her since I wasn’t in the mood for a hard sell and once she walked away I put it down on the nearest shelf and walked away. Surely there must be a way to get a buffer only I thought. And naturally Amazon had this product. I ordered 5 since the shipping cost didn’t change from the minimum and that averaged my cost to a little over a buck thirty apiece. Hands look clean and neat without being too girly.Works as described.Guys, clean up your act and get a half dozen of these. Go ahead and look good right down to your finger nails.

Alyssa Spencer, WI

Great product, BAD shipping

Let me start by saying this nail buffer is GREAT! It shines nails like no other and at a price that’s half of a half percentage of what the kiosks at the mall want to sell it to you. The seacrest spa kiosk at my local mall wanted to sell me the buffer for $35+tax and I thought it was to much and came to Amazon and I’m so glad I did. Shines the same as that expensive one and is great for both men and women, You have to have natural unpainted nails thou or it will stain the buffer and it will not work at all anymore, Sister messed hers up LOL …Only complaint is I ordered mines on October on a Thursday and thought it was going to be shipped the next day like usual but no not Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday and I was so frustrated I send the company a messaged complaining about the shippement and 3hours later I got a message with an appology and it was send the same day and didn’t receive til Friday which is a long wait !Shine lasts around 13days, Give 3 stars because I think if I wouldn’t have messaged them furious it wouldn’t have been shipped

Tisha Erath, LA

Is it polish?

Wow! After using this buffer you would not be able to tell if it’s polish or nude nails! So shiny after using this! Also helps with adhesion of polish…I use polish to help strengthen my nails, just a nice clear coat of another product I have reviewed. Recommended.

Adriana Lower Lake, CA

peice of garbage!

This item is total garbage. 1st the item came with a hole on one of the filing sides. Then I tried using it and it had air bubbles in it from when it was glued incorrectly to the board. And lastly I tried using the buffing side and it peeled off! Did I mention this was only after one use! Total waste of money!! I tried contacting the seller to inform them of their defective item they are selling and they never responded to me!

Casey Council Bluffs, IA

This is the best buffer I have ever used!

My nails can get really shiny with this buffer, so I consider this an excellent purchase! No more nail polish for this gal.

Winifred Calion, AR


this is an okay buffer for the price, it is different on the sides, and works pretty well, however i have bought better buffers, but not for the same price, on here, so it does okay, but if you are looking for something that does more, then go for the more expensive one!

Sofia Graniteville, SC

It works great!

I really like this product. It works great and I plan on using it a lot. The price was great and it came fairly quickly from the company I purchased it from. This is a great buy for the price! If you purchase this product you will not even have to buy the clear top coats because this buffer gives a great shine.

Melinda Selmer, TN

Better than Best!

This is a wonderful product. It works well and I especially like the white side which is used last to buff the nail surface. It just a moment’s time your nail surface will look like glass. It is amazing. The grey and green sides which are used first, do a great job and are gentle on the nail surface. Would recommend.

Opal Hye, TX

It buffs and shines, but boy does it need to be replaced fast

The first time you use it, it’s gives your nails a beautiful, smooth shine! After only 5 uses, it was almost unusable and left my nails looking dull and ridgy.

Bertha Allenspark, CO

Easy to use

As an elderly woman with poor eyesight and shaky hands, giving myself a manicure had become a chore almost beyond me. Enter the Flash Shiner Nail Buffer. It has solved my problem. Even I can buff my nails, and polish them with just a few rubs. The result is very satisfactory. It doesn’t last long, but it’s certainly worth the relatively small effort involved and best of all NO MESS!

Lola Haines, OR

I like my old one better

I bought i nail buffer at the mall and it worked great but its worn out, so i bought this one. I don’t care for the feel of it, and i don’t think it works as well, but it still makes your nails shiny. I would just prefer something else.

Mattie Caulfield, MO

Some kinda magic!

I have been using Revlon’s CrazyShine for a number of years and decided to try something new. Truthfully, I needed something to fill in my order for free shipping and picked this from my list of small priced items. I’m totally amazed at the difference in shine between the Revlon and this Flash Shiner. I did one hand with the old buffer and one hand with the new. The Flash Shine hand looks like I used clear ultra glossy nail polish on it. The Revlon is barely shiny by comparison. I do dishes and other “real woman” chores, and cannot keep up with nail polish. This is so much better! No flaking or chipping, and no hand-waving drying time. Lets not forget the expense of the nail polish, polish remover, cotton balls….This is so fast it will not take you more than a minute to get a beautiful nail-polish-like shine on your nails. The little block is 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1″, and by the way, you get only one block, even though there are three in the picture. It has three colors on the sides. The directions: Buff with Gray, then Green, then White and return to the sleeve (plastic it came in). If this ever wears out I will definitely purchase another one, but I don’t see how it could wear out. Stunning shine!

Dena Weston, ID


Product appears that you will receive 3 but only one arrived Will not reorder Will be more careful reading the product information

Nadine Chesterfield, VA

Decent buffer

Decent buffers for the price. They don’t last very long, but at this price they don’t have to. They definitely bring your nails to a nice shine.

Belinda Sutton, AK

Nail buffer

Works really well on real nails as well as acrylic. Not bad for the price either. Good product and I would recommend

Delores Searchlight, NV

Makes your nails super shiny

I used to buy very cheap buffers, this is sooooooooo different. It works great, it is really soft and in few minutes you get awesome nails. Great price too. Absolutely recommended.

Sofia Vader, WA

Great little Invention

Great invention and they work nicely. I use mine perhaps once a week when I do complete manicure – it leaves the nails with the option to do a complete manicure of colored nails, french, etc. or just leave the nails with Gods natural shine. Will be back for more. Good price.

Eula Kirtland, NM


These little buffers do a GREAT job buffing and shining. My nails aren’t in the greatest condition right now because of my constantly wearing/removing nail polishes, so I’m giving them a break for a while. These buffers cleaned up the peeling, and man, do they make your nails shine!

Leah Wetmore, CO


I love this so much! I’ve had other nail buffers/shiners before and they didn’t make my nails half as shiny as this one does! It seriously shined it so much that it looks like I have clear nail polish on, I love it! I would buy then more of these, and you can’t beat the price!

Maxine Brandon, FL

Started falling apart after 1st use.

This sucks! I know they are cheap, but dang, I used it once, and the grey material used for ridge removals ripped after a few swipes

Wilda Jamestown, KS

Handy item

This buffer files, smooths, and buffs to a great finish. Easy to use, light and economical. Recommend it to others.

Sheryl Binford, ND

Works great

These worked great and not as pricey as some. It did make my nails have a nice shine but of course washing hands will dull them back again. So I do use a nice clear polish right after I finish buffing. Will be ordering more when I need.

Enid Manchester, NY

awesome buffer!

The instructions were simple and easy to follow. The buffer was really good; it gives such a nice shine. It’s almost like I have clear nail polish on! It was not bulky or big and it was really easy to handle.

Keri Cuttingsville, VT

Works great

This provided a great shine and has held up for many many uses. I will be ordering more when this one wears out.

Mellisa Roundhead, OH


I have shiny nails but the buffer didn’t last every long. So yay to shiny nails but boo to my buffer not lasting long enough to see the fruits of its labors.

Tasha Chama, NM

So easy, so shiny!

I was always intrigued in these things, and bought one for my uneven and peeling nail beds. It’s quick and easy, and leaves my nails so shiny and smooth, even better than topcoat. I buff them, moisturize, and then paint them whatever color and always get a nice smooth coat. I love this thing, gives me healthy looking nails I don’t need to hide with color.

Joann Crosby, ND

This is not like the similar ones in the mall

I can’t really tell a difference from any of the sides. The one that is supposed to basically file doesn’t seem to do much at all, and the last side, which is supposed to buff the nail to a shine, buffs it to not quite a shine.

Shelby Elverta, CA

OK for the price

Purchased these because of the cost & I couldn’t find my usual Dead Sea ones at a reasonable cost. These work, but they don’t compare to the other brand. I won’t buy these again.

Dora Union Springs, NY

Won’t last long

Good thing these are fairly cheap; I’ve used it twice and the gray sides are already coming off.It does make your nails shine nicely – however, I thought it would do some filing. It does not file at all. It’s solely a "buff" and shiner.

Brianna Los Ojos, NM