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First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream-2 oz.

A convenient 2 oz tube. This rich whipped cream hydrates deep down with exceptional penetration. With the help of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, soothing eucalyptus oil and ceramides, FAB Ultra Repair Cream provides immediate relief and visible improvement for distressed skin and eczema. FAB Antioxidant Booster is there to defend skin from free radical damage. Ultra Repair Cream can be used all over the body and on the face.

Key features

  • First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream 56.7g/2oz

Honest reviews


Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be

I purchased this product because I have, what I call, “crunchy elbows” and this did nothing for it. I don’t have any kind of special skin problem, only my elbows are extremely dry and the skin is like a scrub brush. I was so hopeful but this didn’t do it. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I have very dry hands from continual washing. This didn’t even do anything for that problem either. The seller did a very good job, though. No complaint there. It came to me in timely fashion and was in good condition. It’s not the seller’s fault I didn’t get results. Just wanted to give my review. I’m glad it worked for other people.

Sherry Montebello, VA

chemical smell

I got this for my face, because my nose is always very dry and flaky. It’s an ok product, but I find that it stings when I apply it. And I can’t use this product because it has a chemical smell that my husband keeps complaining about! I don’t understand where the smell comes from, as it has a lot of natural ingredients.

Gracie Branford, FL

The scent!

I have severe eczema and was looking for something to calm my skin down during these extremely dry months. Nothing helped. I was tired of looking, to be frank. My house looked like a Walgreens branch threw up in it, with all of the lotions and creams.Then I found this. Saw the raving reviews and thought I’d give it a whirl.This is the best cream I’ve tried yet (and trust me on this- I’ve tried so, so many). The ultimate plus? It has eucalyptus oil in it, so the entire room smells like a relaxing spa, immediately, once applying it. I love it so much. The scent is the thing that made it official.Highly, highly recommended to all those dry-skinned people out there, like me.

Marquita Mapleton, ME

Love, love, love this stuff!!

Bought this b/c another reviewer claimed it helped with acne. Well I don’t know if it has reduced my acne but it definitely helps with the roseacia-like symptoms I get about a week each month. Plus it doesn’t make me break out. It’s perfect for that difficult time of month, will order again.

Colette Port Heiden, AK

Hand saver!

This was a loooong long winter and my hands closely resembled an old lizard. They were red, itchy and peeling. I had received a free sample of First Aid from Sephora and decided to buy the full size jar immediately. Within two days my hands were looking human again. I wash my hands constantly but only apply this cream in the morning and sometimes after I do the dishes at night. I don’t even need regular hand cream during the day anymore. I had tried everything including more expensive lotion. My hands were either greasy or dry again within minutes. This stuff actually works. The fragrance reminds me of Noxema, but it fades away almost immediately so you won’t smell medicinal.Awesome stuff!

Nita Evansville, AR

So Far So Good

I just switched to this product after using a more expensive face cream for some time now.This is a MUCH more affordable option and so far is working great!I have VERY dry, acne prone skin so finding a face cream that is moisturizing enough but won’t make me break out is a nightmare! This seems to do the trick. It smells great, feels great going on and keeps my face hydrated all day long. It IS a little greasy, but since my skin is SO dry that is not an issue for me – others may like it only as a night cream due to the greasiness.

Cristina Vineyard Haven, MA

Very moisturizing but….

I love trying out new beauty products and since this had such great reviews I wanted to try it out. Initially I really loved it, and thought this was the next best thing. The product is very moisturizing and little bit goes a long way. However, I’m not sure why but some times the product gets flakey. If i happen to rub my face a bit, the product seems to flake. Perhaps I applied too much? It doesn’t happen all the time. This isn’t great if you want to use it under your foundation of BB cream, because while applying the make up, the product flaked. Not sure I’ll purchase again, but like I’ve said, very very moisturizing.

Marian Henrietta, MO

Cetaphil still works better….

I’m always looking for the perfect skin cream. With all the good reviews I thought to try it. I used the product after a shower. The cream felt very moisturizing at first….then 30 minutes later, my skin felt dry. I also noticed when using it on my face, that my face gets a warming sensation. At first I thought I was having an allergic reaction but my face never developed a rash….strange. I’m sticking with cetaphil lotion.

Rosanna Newtown, CT

Wonderful for the price

This is a neat lotion. The part of me who loves to buy natural is very happy with it. It doesn’t cause me to break out, it’s creamy and low in fragrance and the price is right. The one thing I don’t like is it seems to make my skin red. Not all the times, but more times than not. Because of this, I mostly like to use it on my neck and chest.

Susie Benton Harbor, MI

for my mother

it is a huge cream. I have not open it yet. Because I purchased it for my mom and I think she will love it and she can use for a long time that I did not need to buy other things for her any more.

Wanda Grovespring, MO

Tried a Sample, buying a bigger size

I received a .2 oz sample with an order from Sephora and have been using it whenever my hands are cracked from the cold winter and constant washing. It works really well! It isn’t excessively greasy or oily, it absorbs well into your skin and has a light scent, not overpowering.It is a bit expensive but it definitely works. Just takes a little bit to moisturize your hands. I have used this .2 oz sample for at least 4 both hands full coverage so a little goes a long way.

Della Canal Fulton, OH

The perfect cream!

I have the curse of Irish Skin. Very fair, consistantly dry, always rosey red cheeks. I use to have cream for my legs, cream for my face, after shower cream, feet cream, cream cream cream. Now I have this. And it WORKS!!!!!! I even used it on my face today and my normally rosey cheeks were not as rosey ( I refuse to call it Rosacea). I think it smells great, but then again I am a nurse and love the medicinal smells. The smell dissipates after about 5-10 minutes. Its similar to a very light eucalyptus. Its not greasy, your skin literally drinks it in. I swear I heard my skin burp.Dont miss out on this one, you will never have to think about skin care again because you will have the perfect cream. They have other products for skin as well, I am thinking of trying those too!

Ava Prairie Hill, TX

This is good stuff!

Cleared up my itchy red dry skin very quickly. Not greasy. My sister is a doctor and I gave some to her. She liked it tool.

Kimberly Avondale, AZ

Will never use another cream again.

I love this cream. It makes my skin feel fantastic and it really repairs dry skin. It seems to also diffuse the burn with sunburn. Absolutely love this.

Ana Yucaipa, CA


Will be repurchasing!!! Amazing product

Charmaine Plankinton, SD

Great moisturizer

I got this product for my husband since his hands get VERY chapped when winter starts. This cream is fantastic for chapped hands. I have also used this as a body cream to repair dry skin all over.

Maritza Amlin, OH

Who would have thought!

I have mild eczema on my fingers and over the years have tried a wide range of creams and ointments. I ordered the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream on a whim and honestly did not expect too much from it. But after having used it now several times daily for a number of weeks I am very positively surprised.The rough, ultra-dry, hard and cracking skin is much, much smoother now, and best of all this effect is not just temporary (as in ‘for a few hours after application’). Ever since I have begun using this cream, my skin has stayed a lot smoother and seems to actually have healed (amazing – no other cream has achieved that before, including CeraVe). Before that, I could never even rub my eyes because the skin on my knuckles was so bad that it actually injured my eye lids when rubbing. Now this is not a problem anymore and what was once hard and callused is now smooth and almost back to normal.I really, really like this cream and have already ordered the larger size. I am so grateful that I will not need to use the steroid ointment my dermatologist prescribed. Highly recommend!

Jaclyn Sparrow Bush, NY

Will never buy any other lotion

I love this lotion! My skin is normally red, dry and patchy. This lotion soothes it pretty much immediately. It does not have much of a smell. It also comes in a large container and lasts a very long time even with daily use.

Elvira Park Hill, OK

Best body moisturizer I have used

This stuff is super, and I have now gotten a bunch of people hooked on it. It’s thick but still absorbs well and immediately hydrates even tough spots like elbows, knees and feet. It’s a new must-have product for me.

Chandra Vadito, NM

Gets the Job Done

I bought this lotion after so many of the youtubers I watch raved about this line. My hands are always SO dry and gross looking. I don’t really like lotions because I always feel greasy after, tend to break out after use and never like the smell. This one is very soothing, doesn’t cause any sort of break out and actually helps my super dry hands.

Maude Caret, VA

Great lotion for the money!

This lotion is nice and rich. It really helps reduce the redness from my acne wash. It’s a great bargain at such a low price. I recommend it"

Cara Mason, TX

Can use it on face and body

Love it! Feels great, goes in quickly, non greasy. I love that it says"for the face and elsewhere.". It works great on the face and body. Now there’s no need to have separate lotions for face and body!

Judy Denver, CO

Dry Skin

This works well on dry skin and other skin problems. My daughter used it for hives and recommended it to me.

Rosalie Burlingame, KS

Great for chapped skin

I use this lotion for my hands and elbows. There is no scent. And as long as you don’t use too much, it is not greasy and absorbs pretty fast. But it does work really well for really chapped skin.

Janine Portland, MO

Great cream for dry weather

I purchased this cream because my skin would not stop peeling. I live in Texas and it is always so dry. I use this cream every night before bed and it decreased the peeling. I also like to use it on my hands before bed. Normal hand lotions will break out my face if I touch it while sleeping. I’m looking into purchasing more products from this line. The eye cream has fabulous reviews on Sephora.

John Dry Fork, VA

first aid beauty repair

works great for my dry winter skin I went back and ordered the big container will order again. Thank you

Twila Reston, VA

first aid beauty ultra repair cream

I got bit by a spider, or spiders, who knows how many, but I got bit 4 times and my whole body rashed out from head to toe.After a week and the rash finally going away, the skin on my face was extremely dry and itchy. I tried everything, nothing worked. This worked immediately, and I mean immediate relief. Wow, very hydrating, also. Made my day!

Kathie Roosevelt, UT


Previously had purchased through Sephora but decided to buy it on Amazon the second time around. So, so, so good. I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it at all. Makes my hands and feet silky smooth. Highly recommended. Lives up the hype. GET IT.

Eula Santa Ysabel, CA

IMHO, nothing special.

It’s a good cream, non-greasy, non-scented. I’ve been using it several times a day on the back of my old-lady hands, and it has improved the overall dryness and crepe-y appearance. But, I suspect if I used a less-expensive product as regularly as I’m using this (because it is somewhat pricey) I’d have pretty much the same results. For those with obvious skin problems, I would defer to those reviews addressing specific concerns – Most of them seem very favorable.

Alissa Grifton, NC