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Finley Hair Powder Brown | for Shades of Brown Hair | .71 oz | an Alternative to Dry Shampoo

Finley Hair Powder was created to help anyone suffering from dull or oily hair. Containing a blend of finely milled powder and delicate fragrant notes, it helps diminish oil presence, enhances volume and leaves a lovely lingering scent.

Key features

  • For shades of brown hair
  • Saves time and energy by eliminating the chore of daily washing
  • Extend blowouts + diminish oil presence + adds volume
  • Leaves hair smelling clean and fresh
  • Sleek and portable packaging is perfect for travel or handbag

Honest reviews


It’s an Ok product

I was hoping to love this product but it is just “ok”. It is difficult to apply…the powder puffs out of the bottle but you have to repeatedly turn the bottle upside down and then too much comes out, often getting in my ears. Then I am stuck q-tipping brown powder out of my ears.As for removing greasiness, it is again, just “ok”. It helps but doesn’t do any miracles. The smell is lovely though. That part I do like.

Phyllis Winterville, NC

Not a fan

This covered up some gray roots, not all. The brown color is very dark, way too dark for my medium brown hair. I could never get it fully rubbed into my hair. For the entire day I had obvious black powder visible along the part of my hair and hairline. It just kept flaking off.

Eva Hummels Wharf, PA

I don’t like the feel as much as other products

I went from natural blonde, to dark/ reddish brown, so I got the ‘brown hair’ color.I started with baby powder (in the gym locker room for days that I don’t wash my hair since it’s really long) and then I moved up to a $15 Sephora brand that worked really well, but those are all white powders.I bought this to save money and match my hair color.Be careful with application though, as it can get REALLY messy!My hair feels a lot dirtier AFTER application, so I would call this “Hair Texturizing Powder”.

Marilyn Crocheron, MD

Works well. Kinda feels icky once it’s on the …

Works well. Kinda feels icky once it’s on the hair, but if you’re trying to grow your hair out and not heat style it everyday this stuff is mandatory.

Justina Viola, DE

Great for Oily Hair!

I just received this a few weeks ago and have tried it a few times. It works well when your hair is oily! I normally have to wash my hair every day because it gets oily half way through day 2. But now, I can sprinkle a bit of this powder on and I can go 2 days without washing! It blends well with my medium-brown hair. It smells nice. The only thing I don’t like, is that if I run my fingers through my hair or scratch my scalp, I get brown powder under my fingernails. So, I have to be careful not to touch my hair too much. The previous reviewer is correct: don’t use too much. I made this mistake the first time I used this powder and it was “everywhere!” I highly recommend this, especially for women/men with oily hair.Update: I have found a product I like better. It is a dry shampoo and comes in spray form, much like hair spray. I LOVE this dry shampoo. Amazon sells it. Search ” Batiste Dry Shampoo.” It’s even better for oily hair. It lasts longer and doesn’t rub off or get under my nails. see, for example, […]

Ginger Big Bend, CA