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Final Seal- Matte Makeup Sealer, 2 oz

Apply over any completed makeup for smudge and water resistance. Final Seal keeps makeup in place on performers who heavily perspire.

Key features

  • Seals and keeps makeup intact
  • Matte Makeup Spray
  • 2 oz
  • Expect 20-50 applications per ounce.

Honest reviews


Great makeup setter

Forget all the big brands, fancy smashy setters, I like this one, and it smells like mint. No stickiness,and sets my make up fast!I use this for face and body make up.

Laurie New Kensington, PA

Keeps my makeup in place!

Very Speedy Delivery! Definitely appreciated this spray with the summer heat. It kept my makeup in place and also saved me from looking like a sweaty drenched oily mess at concerts. The scent is very refreshing and even though you might feel like your sweating your really not. I’ve tried many products.. including Model in a Bottle, Urban Decay’s All Nighter & Oil Free Shine. This by far works best for my oily skin. It also prevented breakouts from the summer heat because as soon as I ran out my face started breaking out again. I’m definitely ordering a big bottle next time!

Simone Mellenville, NY

Love this product

I have very oily skin and have been on the hunt for something to control it. I have heard thru blogs that makeup sealer can make a big difference. I was skeptical because I have not tried makeup sealer before and other products advertising to help with oily skin have disapointed me. I am so glad I tried this. I use it over Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream in the morning and my makeup stays put and my face has a matte finish still at the end of the day. Unbelievable! It has a pleasant peppermint scent when you first spray it but goes away after the product dries. It does not make my face feel sticky, I can not even tell I have anything on my face! It is cheaper than some of the other sealers and works great. I recommend anyone with oily skin looking for a solution to the midmorning oil slick to try this.

Antionette Belknap, IL


It does eliminate the powdery look, but doesn’t seem to do much in the way of helping my makeup last longer.

Miranda Allenport, PA

Perfect when need a shine free face in humidity

I bought this because I read Disney characters/ princesses uses this as a finishing spray. I was skeptical, but it works great. It has an refreshing mint smell and I don’t notice any shine on my face in pictures of me using this. Highly recommend for anyone that will be outside in humid weather and doesn’t want an oily face in pictures.

Debora Oak Park, CA


I don’t know if my spray bottle is defective, but the sealer squirts out like a super soaker instead of a fine mist. It smells horrible and burns my sensitive skin, with the first ingredient being alcohol. I have oily/combination skin and usually get 5 hours maximum wear from the best of foundations. This sealer did absolutely nothing to help my makeup stay longer. Ben Nye, you have disappointed me.

Crystal Glade Hill, VA

Makes makeup last forever!

I saw this backstage at a performance I was doing. Makes your makeup last long onstage under lights. I bought this for every day use and it works wonders.

Rhonda La Joya, NM

Yes, buy it and try it

Definitely did wonders for me during this hot muggy summer! I’d say it made my makeup stay flawless for a good 8-10 hours, even if the humidity outside was making me sweat and I had a 9 hour shift at work. It may vary for skin types (I’m somewhat oily) but I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive makeup sealer. Yes, it does have a minty sticky mouthwashy smell/quality, but that fades after it dries (which is 30 seconds or less.)

Patti Jefferson, SD

Good to prevent makeup transfer, but not to set makeup and extend wear.

This product is okay, but not great. It works as a makeup sealer. So your makeup won’t transfer, but it doesn’t make it last all day. I thought this product would make my makeup last. I have reduced transfer which is nice, so I rate it three stars instead of four. If you want a product that will make your makeup last go with the $10 setting spray from NYX. I ran out and thought I would try this product, but now I am going to go back and purchase the NYX spray. Live and learn…

Brandie Jeremiah, KY

What’s the point?

What a waste of money. Perhaps I didn’t use it right but when I sprayed it ONCE, it left this obvious shine on my face which I hated.

Kelli Devens, MA

Use daily

This is like hairspray for your face. It feels a little sticky like that too. I sweat in my face, it’s an issue. I use this everyday and it has helped greatly. I only use power and blush, so my face makeup doesn’t last very long. If I spray after, it lasts mostly all day. Plus, this is one of the cheapest brands and it works just as well (or better) as the expensive ones that I tried.

Ginger Bainbridge, OH

Not what I expected

I can’t say that is a great product because I could be using it incorrectly! I use this as a make-up setting spray, but I always get caught up on the toothpaste smell. It’s not a bad smell, but it’s a minty scent-LOL!The product does leave a matte finish after I spray a few times and I mean a few times too, but it’s not as great as the Graftobian Make-up Spray, which I’m about to re-purchase.

Jaclyn Prairie City, SD

It’s ok

It’s ok I am not sure if it really does make my makeup stay all day, but every time I use it, I break out! So not worth it to me

Gayle Chester, VT

Say good-bye to that shine on your nose!!

If you have ever come home after a long day or nite out to discover that the face you put on in the morning has somehow workied itself into a smeared puddle of shine, this is something you have got to try. Final Seal holds your makeup in place without changing its appearance. It has no sparkle or glow to “enhance” your look — it just keeps in place what you have already applied. It has a minty scent that is inoffensive and quickly disappears. For what it does, the price is well worth it. I’ve never found anything better to do what this Matte Makeup Sealer does. Recommended!

Elba Deltaville, VA

Amazing Product! Can’t go a day without it!

I absolutely LOVE Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer. I was leary at first because it was a little pricier than I would have liked but now that I have had it for several months and use it EVERY DAY, It is worth every penny. I had an unfortunate issue with very bad acne that has since cleared up, but left me with only half of my eyebrows on both sides. I have nice full eyebrows until about midway through where it should continue, but the hair is so sparse that you can barely see it. Because of this, I need to draw in my eyebrows on the "missing" areas. It’s very frustrating because no matter what I try, they rub off soooo easily. All it takes is me accidently brushing my eyebrow against something and it smudges and leaves me completely embarrassed and needing to run away and re-apply my brow pencil. I bought the Final Seal Makeup sealer in hopes that it would alleviate this atleast slightly. While it does not completely correct the issue of my smudged eyebrows, it does keep the pencil on much much better and keeps it from becoming oily and smuding (for the most part). It also seems to keep all of my makeup in place. Also, it seems to keep eyeshadow from creasing if you make sure to apply it right at your eyelids. You only need a very small amount every day so, although the bottle is somewhat small, it last a really really long time! It has a nice minty scent to it when you first spray it on but the smell doesn’t linger so you don’t smell like mint all day long. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to keep their makeup from smudging or just to keep it in place. It is a great product!

Johanna Jarvisburg, NC

Nice with a few flaws

It works pretty amazingly for the price even though you can get it on the Ben Nye website for cheaper. Yet If you apply this under makeup, (what is how many makeup artist use, over primer, than used again over makeup) it can make your skin look dry so be sure to moisturize before. I like the smell. Very minty like mouthwash, but I like it. I can seem how it could irritate skin since it has mint in it. But it does make makeup last a long time. I even when swimming with it and it worked wonders for the price.

Dana Richmondville, NY

Four Stars

Works really well did not give it 5 stars because of the smell

Dollie South Kent, CT