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Filtered Super Creamy Yellow Shea Butter – 8 Oz

Why do we filter it? Raw Unrefined Shea Butter is shipped from Africa full of impurities and broken shells etc. We Systematically clean most of it, we pack it well and we sell it as such. However 10% of all the impurities cannot be removed unless we melt the Shea Butter at a controlled temperature. Then We mechanically filter it, add shea oil to it to increase the ratio of the fatty acids then restore it to its solid state through a process we ( Organic Herbal Essence ) mastered in our Lab so that the final product is nevrer grainy nor brittle but rather soft and creamy. Please Note that Shea Butter hardens in cool temperature and softens when slightly heated. The filtered shea butter is much superior at the unfiltered one although both are RAW AND UNREFINED, it also saves time and money since the filtered Shea butter is ready for use right away.

Key features

  • Shea Butter very creamy, clean and Soft
  • Ready to use right away
  • Organic Grade A
  • HalalEveryDay is the only to sell Filtered and creamy Shea butter

Honest reviews


Not super creamy

Not super creamy in my books! Doesn’t seemFiltered. Comes labeled 100% raw Shea butter.Has a smoky smell to it (which I don’t like), youMight. However, it is a superior Shea butter.I mixed it with 100% cocoa butter, 100% organicBeeswax, 100% lanolin (all purchased as well as other natural oils andEssential oil for fragrance and made a greatNatural Shea butter. Add petroleum jelly andYou’ll get a nice cream (a bit greasy, but ILike greasy.) I have very dry skin and can’tAbide dry skin at all!

Daphne Caryville, FL

Dry skin problem solved

Winter dry skin prompted me to try this and being one to test things out, I tried it on several skin problems with mixed results. In some cases it was great, others not so much. My worst problem was the calloused skin on my ankles that had become so dry it would literally flake off when I scratched it. To test this product, I put it liberally on only one ankle, three applications during the week. The difference was astonishing in that the skin became hydrated to the point that I barely noticed any problem at all–and that was in just a week. The other ankle, of course, remained the same and let me really appreciate the vast difference. I’ve used other products for this in the past and had no lingering improvement. They might help for the moment, but the results didn’t last.I also used the product on my hands. Although they aren’t excessively dry, hands can always use some help, plus I had sore hangnails and my nails were both breaking and chipping quite a lot as they usually do in winter. Well, I didn’t notice that my skin was all that much improved, nor did my nails stop chipping, but the hangnails all healed quickly and I no longer have that problem.Additionally, I used the product on my face to see if it would improve fine lines, and while I was at it, on a small patch of eczema that reappears periodically for some unknown reason and refuses to heal. The shea butter was too much for my sensitive facial skin and caused it to break out, but the eczema healed right up and is gone.This particular version of the product is the consistency of butter recently out of the fridge (solid but creamy and accessible, quickly responding to the warmth of your fingers and easy to use). It doesn’t disappear into the skin as quickly as some creams, if that’s important to you. Its scent is natural and earthy, not unlike cocoa butter. I don’t find it unpleasant and the scent is not evident after it’s applied.Bottom line: For me, the product works better than anything I’ve tried (even prescription creams) for the eczema and is much better for extremely dry, calloused skin than other products, but it isn’t for everything. It has definitely won a place in my array of skin care products and I recommend giving it a try.

Monique Clayton, NM

Filtered Super Creamy Yellow Shea Butter – 8 Oz

Filtered Super Creamy Yellow Shea Butter – 8 Oz Love the smell of the shea butter and it last along time.iI for sure thought it would help for dry cracked elbows bu it dint it was worth the try though

Iris West Chazy, NY

Bad quality

I am in no way a shea butter expert, but this stuff dried my skin out. No matter how much I put on, it would never be enough and my skin would get more dry. After going through the various companies/people selling shea butter on amazon, I ended up buying from someone else, as everyone on amazon seemed like they were selling low quality from the various reviews. If you are looking for a super, creamy shea butter, this is not it. There is nothing creamy about this stuff.

Valarie Elmo, TX


I thought it would literally be a creamy consistency but it’s not much different from regular Shea butter, but oh well. I will still use it for my legs, stomach, and feet.

Leanna Scott, OH

Works great!

At first I was kind of skeptical of this item. I normally use Cocoa Butter and was not too sure how this would work compared to that. However, I started using it CONSISTENTLY on a scar and it is disappearing.I will buy again.

Juanita Whitingham, VT

I use it everyday

I use it all over my body after shower. It’s creamy not greasy. It has a natural cocoa shea butter smell which I don’t mind, it goes away after it dries. It keeps my skin moisturize all day. Definitely will buy again.

Terra Roosevelt, NJ


Holy crap! I love shea butter! If you go to, they sell a 32 oz one of these for $11.00! This softens my skin and makes it have a natural glow all day long! Will continue to repurchase!

Flossie Taiban, NM

Working well

Despite that the package arrived with shea on the outside I gave it a try. Working well for under my eyes, cuticles, and for my son with his eczema.

Elvira Midland, OH

GREAT Product for a very reasonable price.

I love this product. I have used it in my hair (lightly), as a Shaping Cream. I also use it for dry skin on my face, hands and body. It’s all natural and softens as soon as it is applied on your skin.

Rebecca Fairmont, WV


I have been using creamy yellow shea butter for over a year now and have now encountered any problems from this "not 100% real" shea butter. I have ordered other products from this seller before and have always been pleased. One thing of note, the shea butter I received was not in the container pictured. It was in a plain clear plastic container with a use and ingredient sticker on top but, the product seems to be the same as any other I have purchased elsewhere.

Brianna Trout Lake, MI

Can’t get a better moisturizer!

I have seborrhoeic eczema which means my skin is super dry in some areas but unbelievably oily in some. When I use this all natural shea butter I don’t get break outs and it relieves the tightness and stinging that normally comes with my dry eczema skin. Very good purchase.

Aimee Prewitt, NM