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Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo Hair Products 16 Fl Oz

Fekkai technician color care shampoo is formulated to replenish moisture and restore hair to good health by strengthening and protecting it.

Key features

  • Gentle, hydrating shampoo with a triple color protection complex to help prevent color from fading and guard against UV rays
  • Abused hair will be softer, smoother, and shinier
  • Luxurious formulas developed to address the specific needs of different hair types

Honest reviews



I’m curious how this can be labeled for colored hair when the first ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Sulfates are well known to strip color from hair. Loreal does the same thing, only the sulfate they use has a different name. What ever happened to truth in advertising?

Alyce Stafford, OH

some things don’t get better with age

Unfortunately that includes this shampoo and conditioner. For me this used to be an easy 5 star product; I’d had great results with this pair for years but over the past year or so I think they may have changed the formula. Still smells great but I noticed that I wasn’t getting the same fabulous results that I’d had in the past. I compared what was left in my old bottle and the new and there was definitely *something* different. Giving benefit of the doubt, I decided to assume it was that my old product was, well…. old. Tried giving my hair a break from the brand, tried buying from a different source, still not the same. Too expensive to keep trying so I’ve had to move on to a different product.

Stella Almira, WA

Luxurious shamoo

I am a BZZ Agent and received the shampoo and conditioner to try and review. This has a wonderful scent and is exhilarating in the morning to smell the grapefruit scent. i have very thick hair with a wave underneath and highlighted. I live in a hot weather state. This shampoo and conditioner really leaves my hair very soft and manageable. Even the next morning, 24 hours later, my hair feels soft and silky.

Tonya Burlington, WV

I am addicted!

A few years ago I was turned on to Frederic Fekkai products by a friend and have not looked back. I have color treated hair and I live in SUNNY and HOT San Antonio, Texas. My hair needs lots of help. I used this conditioner with a matching conditioner and weekly color mask. My hair is my “trademark” and always receives many compliments. Even though it may seem a little expensive, it only takes a little bit so one bottle can last a long time. Look at your hair, don’t you think it is worth it

Claire Maple Heights, OH

Smell great

This item smell great and use it each 2 days and it is great for use me and my wife.

Kathleen Inman, NE

Awesome Shampoo for color treated & fine hair..:D

I used this shampoo before from a Sample pack I received. After, getting my hair color treated, I decided to purchase the 8oz (was at a great price).This shampoo is awesome: Smells great, feels ultra soft & clean, and I know it will lessen any fading (I have the infamous Red hair color in my hair = that tends to fade faster).I know with this product, I will not have to wash my hair daily. One the 2nd day it will still feel clean as the first.I would recommend this to anyone w/color treated & fine hair!5 Stars!

Verna Winona, MO

Perfect product!

I have color-treated hair and used to use Redken Blonde Glam. This is far superior to that and any other shampoo I’ve tried. I base a quality shampoo and conditioner on whether I can tell a difference in the feel/look of my hair after I style it, plus of course how well it helps retain my color. Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo (best combined with the conditioner) significantly improves the look of my hair, making it look more shiny and polished. My color honestly fades very little if any. The price on Amazon also cannot be beat.

Tanisha Walcott, ND

Expensive but worth EVERY LAST PENNY

I got a sample of the conditioning treatment from this line and I really liked it. Made my hair feel nice and smelled good.So I went to order the shampoo & conditioner and was shocked at how expensive it is!! Let me explain why it’s not a big deal though.These products are concentrated (think OJ concentrate in the freezer). They are not marketed as such, but they are incredibly thick and a little goes such a long way. One set of the 16oz bottles lasted me over 4 months. Usually I am lucky to make it 4-6 weeks on the same quantity of other products.When using these regularly, I took for granted how nice they made my hair look and feel. I used another brand just once and all the flyaways were so visible. Went back to using the Fekkai the next day and flyaways disappeared. Nice.They really are superior products. For those of you out there switching brands all the time trying to find that “great” hair care system, this is it. It was for me.Scent is mildly fruity (a tropical kind of fruity). Oh, and at the time I started using this I had blonde highlights with some colored lowlights as well. It kept my colors sharp. Now I don’t have any color in my hair and I still love it.

Ann Tioga, WV

Great Product

I 1st tried this from Costco. I wanted a larger bottle which cost the same a 2 bottles at Costco. I sometimes color my hair and I makes the color last longer. I will continue to buy this Shampoo it works great.

Marquita Custer, KY

My hairdresser is impressed!

I started using this product and the conditioner and my hairdresser noticed that my hair was softer and silkier the next time I went in. I had been using the products she recommended before (Kerastase), and the Fekkai was MUCH better. My hair is colored and tends to be wavy and kind of frizzy, and this works great! I highly recommend!

Sonja La Jara, CO

best I have ever used!

I use to use kerastase and this stuff by far BEATS it! Fekkai shampoo and conditioner is amazing. My hair feels so soft and healthy. Will forever use this stuff.

Lynne Dudley, MO