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Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo, 8 fl. Oz.

Technician Color Care Shampoo view larger Nurture your color daily with the indulgence of Technician Color Care Shampoo. Its formula bathes color treated hair in a rich formula with antioxidants. Prevents the appearance of fade Awakens colored hair’s radiance and shine Infused with the oil of pure Grapeseed Scented by crème rose The collection includes Technician Color Care Shampoo, Technician Color Care Conditioner and Technician Color Care Luxe Color Masque. Tip from the Frédéric Fekkai Salon Use your fingers to massage scalp for the ultimate, invigorating experience. Mix it up by alternating with other Fekkai shampoos. Fekkai Technician Color Care Collection view larger Technician Color Care Collection Because color can never be too captivating, there is the Fekkai Technician Color Care Collection. Technician Color Care Shampoo, Technician Color Care Conditioner and Technician Color Care Luxe Color Masque are masterfully crafted to help protect and preserve the look of color treated hair. Each formula indulges hair and helps keep its vibrance and radiance. It’s the ultimate way to protect your beauty investment. view larger Fekkai Hair Care The hair collection from Fekkai is an offering of absolute indulgences that are utterly addicting. Masterfully crafted by brand founder Frédéric Fekkai, who has been styling the world’s most famous hair for over two decades. Through the 5F Principle: Form, Feel, Function, Fragrance and Finish, decadent textures, lush scents and exquisite ingredients unite to deliver an extraordinary hair experience. Fekkai, the most privileged hair in the world. Fekkai Formulas At a Glance view larger view larger view larger view larger Brilliant Glossing Because shine can never be too brilliant Nurture dull hair to lustrous radiance. Infused with olive oil. Technician Color Care Because color can never be too captivating Awaken color treated hair’s radiance and shine. Infused with the oil of pure grapeseed. Full Blown Volume Because lift can never be too lush Fulfill fine, limp hair with luxurious body. Infused with citrus extract and ginseng. PrX Reparatives Because strength can never be too glorious Fortify weakened hair to resist future damage. Infused with argan oil extract. view larger view larger view larger Essential Shea Because hair can never be too rich Smooth coarse, dry hair to fluidity. Infused with pure shea butter. Apple Cider Because clean can never be too pristine Deeply cleans overworked hair for a new beginning. Infused with apple cider. Styling Because effortless style can’t exist without flawless expertise Masterful formulas for a luxurious, modern look. Scented by petals and florals.

Key features

  • Infused with the oil of pure Grapeseed.
  • Scented by crme rose.
  • Bathes color treated hair in a rich formula with antioxidants.
  • Prevent the appearance of fade and awaken colored hair’s radiance and shine.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: Use your fingers to massage scalp for the ultimate, invigorating experience. Mix it up by alternating with other Fekkai shampoos.
  • Nurture your color daily with the indulgence of Technician Color Care Shampoo.
  • Used at the legendary Fekkai Salons.

Honest reviews


like the faint smell of a pine tree at Christmastime …

I have thick, wavy hair so I’ll admit it’s a challenge but I was eager to try this because my hair is also color treated. The shampoo has a pleasing scent, like the faint smell of a pine tree at Christmastime but it made my hair poufy. With my usual shampoo, Redken, I don’t even have to use a brush with my hair dryer, I can style it easily with my fingers. But with this Fekkai, I end up spending a lot of additional time trying to tame my hair with a brush or rollers. Other than the creamy texture and the nice smell, this didn’t work well for me.

Allie Keystone, IN

Smells Great…color lasts.

This shampoo is pricy- however it is a good shampoo- especially when paired with the conditioner. The shampoo is thick and creamy and lathers really well. It has an awesome luxurious smell. I color my hair on a 8-12 week basis…but when I color my hair it’s a process because I have the under layers dyed a deep brown color and the top layer a light blonde. I have noticed that since I have started using this shampoo that the darker layer has yet to lighten (and it usually does- turning from a deep mocha color to an eventual light golden brown color).I have extremely tangly / knotty hair and have since I was a child (well before I started coloring my hair) and when used in conjunction with the matching conditioner I notice that my hair is less tangled/knotted than normal and it makes brushing my hair so much easier. I definitely recommend this product.

Rhea Bantam, CT

Nice option but probably won’t be using again.

This works just fine in my hair and has a pleasant scent. The scent doesn’t linger, which is something that most people prefer. I do feel like I have to use a lot of it to get a good lather in my hair and my hair is short. As with the conditioner, I prefer my Moroccan Oil shampoo so I won’t be using this again after it is gone.

Germaine La Salle, TX

A great shampoo for color treated hair.

I love this shampoo! Since I have color on my hair, it tends to be quite dry and this shampoo leaves my hair soft plus gives it some extra volume. The color has not faded, and I have been using it for quite a qhile. I am finding I do not need to use a conditioner with this shampoo either. This shampoo does not have a lot of chemicals, it does contain grape seed oil, which might be the reason the hair feels so soft after it is dried. Some of the chemicals in the other shampoos make my scalp itch quite a bit but since I have been using this one, I have not noticed any kind of itching. I know that each head of hair is different, but i would highly recommend trying this shampoo!

Sophia Wyoming, MN

Unsure of Color Care Benefits

I am enjoying using this shampoo for a change. I am not sure though that it helps with maintaining my color. It does have a pleasant smell and seems to clean my hair well I have shoulder length thick hair and what I also notice is there are a ton of tangles after using this. The accompanying conditioner goes well with it and I need to use a lot of it, more than with other conditioners, in order to de-tangle my hair.I do need to change shampoos regularly as I seem to get immune to them. This shampoo has been a good one while I am changing shampoos but not one I would use regularly due to the price and they tangles that I get.

Ila Diamond, OH

Good and nice smelling shampoo.

The Color Care Shampoo from Fekkai works well and my hair feels soft, but I can’t comment on what it supposedly does for color as I wash my hair frequently and color every three weeks. Perhaps at the end of three weeks I’ll notice a difference in my hair color, but for now all I can say is that the shampoo cleans well and has a nice fragrance.One comment on the bottle states that one might use this shampoo and alternate with other shampoos–why??

Hazel Smartt, TN

Rich moisture Shampoo for color treated hair

A really nice rich shampoo that cleans– not strips– my fine colored treated hairand that is so good to find for me because it does not dry my hair out ordamage my color and that is rare for sure.

Edna Moscow, AR

I like it though it’s expensive

I’ve been using this shampoo every day for over 2 weeks – since I got my hair cut and colored. There are a lot of things that I liked about this shampoo – my hair had a wonderful shine to it after using it. I didn’t feel like I needed to use a conditioner, which I do with some shampoos. I loved the scent (though it doesn’t stay in your hair after you rinse).Color-wise, I don’t think this shampoo prevented my color from fading (notice that they advertise that it prevents the appearance of fading – not that it prevents fading). I dye my hair a dark shade of blonde and my hair has lightened as it usually does during the summer (even though I wear hats).I found that it didn’t lather very much but we have hard water, so that may have been a factor. It didn’t seem to dry out my hair, though my hair tends to be oily.Overall I like it, though but it seems a tad expensive.

Corina Langdon, ND

My hair is naturally curly and fine, but I have lots of it

I have been color treating my hair for years. I normally buy what the salon sells; however, wanted to try something different. My hair is naturally curly and fine, but I have lots of it.I have used the product several times and it foams up really nice so that you do not have to use a lot of it. Has a nice clean scent, nothing overbearing. It leaves my hair feeling so nice I almost forget to use a conditioner. My hair looks soft and shiny. Not sure how well it will help with color retention just yet, but happy with the product so far.

Jeanne Morris, IL

comes out like a flat (rich) pink ribbon but sudses up nicely

This stuff is lovely, comes out like a flat (rich) pink ribbon but sudses up nicely. Not much of a scent to it, but my hair is fresh and clean and soft and very manageable. My color is definitely lasting longer. I could definitely get used to this.

Gail Davis, SD

hair feels nice

I was concerned when I read "oil" in the ingredients as I don’t like the feel of such products or the heaviness in the hair. This is not like this at all. Very nice aroma, and gentle and soft feel. Does not feel oily at all. It will be weeks before it is possible to tell how well it treats the color but so far I am pleased with the bit of shine it appears to leave on the hair. I have coarse curly hair so any shine is welcome. Based on what I have experienced so far it probably rates a 5 but since I don’t know about the color protection yet gave it a 4. It is worth a try.

Maggie Gloucester, MA

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

This cleans your hair well and does seem to make my color last a little longer and stay true to the color I put in but it sure is expensive. I really won’t spend that much for this shampoo as it didn’t make a big enough difference to say it would save me money and not having to color as often since my hair stills grow at the same length each month. I gave it 3 stars because it seemed like I needed more conditioner than usual to keep my hair feeling silky smooth. This seemed to really dry my hair out more.

Tommie Knott, TX

Love it!

This is great shampoo and does not take out the body from my hair. Leaves it shiny and silky. Good price too.

Lindsay Harford, PA

great feel, this shampoo works up into a good …

Pleasant scent, great feel, this shampoo works up into a good lather with relatively small amount. I initially thought the scent was a little cloying – I’m not big on floral shampoo scents – but I got used to it and ended up really liking it. It leaves hair soft and fairly manageable and doesn’t cling as it’s being rinsed, which I liked also. For those who care, it makes no claims about animal testing and is a little limited on information on the bottle, however, it does supply an 865 phone number (no website) you can call. I did enjoy the creaminess of it; it gives the feel of a shampoo/conditioner without actually being so designed.

Emma Clintondale, NY

Yes, I really enjoyed using it…

Well this is a terrific product. Loved it.

Lesa Midnight, MS

Fails to deliver

I like the Fekkai Glossing shampoo and conditioner so I figured I’d like this one as well since it’s designed for color treated hair. Well, it does help to keep my blonde hair from fading and the fragrance is alright (reminds me of artificial cherry flavoring) but it also seems to strip the moisture from my hair.Now, I only lather up my scalp and let the rest of the suds stream through my hair to clean the ends so the ends are not getting roughed up by friction. That being said, when I squeeze the extra water out of my hair, before applying conditioner, my hair feels like dried out brittle straw. (I apply conditioner, but that’s another review). I’ve also noticed that my hair tends to tangle all the time a sign of cuticle damage, according to my stylist.So, I’m both surprised and disappointed with this product. Something marketed for color treated hair I would expect to be both gentle and moisturizing, since coloring your hair regularly does cause damage, but this product is neither. Sure, it does seem to keep the color from fading but I need more than that from my shampoo. Not only would I not buy this again, I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends either.

Arline Wellsville, UT

A little heavy for this head of hair

Great for color treated hair, but it’s a little heavier than I like in a shampoo. I felt like it left a residue, which might be good for my hair, but it’s just not what I prefer. The fragrance is pleasant enough, but in a shampoo of this price range, I really prefer a nicer smelling hair product.

Brandie East Hampton, CT

Great Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

I started out by using the Fekkai Technician Color Care Conditioner and that worked out so well (please see my product review), that I jumped at the opportunity to try the shampoo. Same excellent results.Once again, this is not a cheap product. I know that a lot of people think that shampoos are all the same. Wrong. I have color treated hair and I can tell you that there are many, many bad choices out there that will not only strip your color but also leave your hair looking dried out and unhealthy. This is not one of those shampoos.I use a very small amount since it lathers really well. The smell isn’t bad but since we’re talking shampoo and not perfume, this is definitely not a deal breaker for me. All I care about is how my hair looks. And so far between using both the shampoo and the conditioner my color is still fresh, my hair is healthy, and I haven’t experienced any kind of alergic reaction to the ingredients in the bottle (big concern of mine).Yes, it is expensive compared to other brands out there. But if you’re in the market for something that won’t make your hair look like a limp, colorless, blob – I think you might be happy with Fekkai.

Kathie Springfield, VT

Still a Luxury Brand, But Worth the Cost

The Fekkai line was sold to Proctor and Gambel some time ago. Before the sale, the products were expensive, "exclusive" (as in, they were hard to find in many retail locations), but they did the job they promised to do (I used them both the "Glossing" line and the "Color Care" at that time).After using the Color Care Shampoo (post sale to P&G;) I’m happy to say that this is still a luxury item that is worth the cost, because it (still) does what it promises to do. In this case, the shampoo promises to leave you with soft, shiny hair that retains color longer. And it does.Now, details, both good and not-so-good:GOOD:–The bottle has been re-designed with a pop-up type cap that prevents spills, and is easier to handle in the shower.–The shampoo itself seems to have been reformulated and is now thicker, so a SMALL amount is all you need.–Because you use a small amount, the 8 oz. should last you for some time. (That helps with the cost-factor.)–The smell is great. It lingers SLIGHTLY after rinsing, but is not overpowering. (Light rose scent.)–Removes product build-up from hair, so hair feels clean.–Leaves hair soft with more shine.NOT SO GOOD:–Loaded with things like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Methylparaben, etc. Some consumers may prefer more "natural" ingredients.–Contains grapeseed oil.–The shampoo leaves a slightly "heavy" feel to the hair. So if your hair is fine, this may weigh it down too much.The above "not-so-good" stuff is the reason for the four stars instead of five. If the three "not-so-good" items don’t bother you, you should be pleased with how this product performs.

Ma Topping, VA

I keep buying this shampoo because nothing else makes my hair look as glorious.

I first used this shampoo about 10 years ago now after receiving both the shampoo and conditioner as a gift. I think the greatest testament to the amazingness of this shampoo is that although I’ve tried other shampoos and conditioners (both other brands and other formulas of Fekkai) I keep coming back to this shampoo and conditioner. It’s like the Goldilocks of shampoo and conditioners, i.e., not too drying to make my hair look fried but not too moisturizing to make my hair go limp. It’s juuuust right. I went back and looked at the review I originally wrote for the old packaging back in the day (it’s had both a formula and a packaging update so Amazon has given it a whole new item number and page, apparently.) Because the old review still holds true, I posted it below. Hope this helps!"My hair looks fuller, softer, and shinier when I use this shampoo. It also has waaaay more body. I used this shampoo, along with the Technician Conditioner, a few years ago after receiving it as a gift; I always got lots of complimets on my hair then. Because of the price, I bought something less expensive, but not cheap, when I finished the bottle. Instantly my hair looked less full and wasn’t quite as manageable and I had my first bad hair day in a long while. After finishing that other brand (it starts and ends with an "A" and is famous for its natural ingredients) I broke down and bought bottles of the Fekkai Technician Shampoo and Technician Conditioner. Glorious! Good hair days were back again! Other people are noticing as well and I’m getting those standard questions, "did you get a haircut?" or "did you color your hair?" "Nope" and "not recently," I just switched back to the world’s best shampoo and conditioner." I keep buying this shampoo because nothing else makes my hair look as glorious.

Arlene Lakeside, AZ

Left my Scalp Feeling Itchy

This pleasant smelling shampoo creates a rich lather and left my hair fresh and clean, but because it left my scalp itcy I would not purchase it again.

Leah Bishop, CA

great product

I can’t stop smelling my hair. I know that is really weird, but I love the light fragrance that this shampoo provides. I have fine hair that is regularly colored and highlighted, so finding a shampoo that doesn’t strip and help control damage is always a plus. I used this with the Fekkai color conditioner and the mousse styling foam and my hair came out like I just walked out of a salon. I have to say that this was the best outcome I have ever had with only three products.

Leanne Queen City, MO

Smells nice and makes my hair look and feel good.

I love this shampoo. It’s lovely and thick. It has a nice light citrusy scent. I have long, thick curly hair, and usually have to use a ton of shampoo, but you really don’t need much. Just a half dollar size dollop, wet it down and it lathers up very nicely. I’ve noticed the color in my hair has stayed around longer than usual too, which it doesn’t with other shampoos made for color treated hair. It gives a nice volume to my curls too, which I can’t say about all shampoos either. I’ve tried a lot of brands and I suppose I’m pretty picky.I wish it didn’t cost so much, but I suppose if I want my hair to look and feel nice, I have to pay a little more. I tell myself not to scrimp on my skin and my hair, so more than likely I will buy this product again.

Christian Huntsville, TN

No complaints here

I do have color treated hair, and I had actually used the last of the color-safe shampoo I’ve been using for years, so was glad to get a chance to try something new. I do like the texture and feel of this on my hair, and I especially like the way the dispenser is designed, very easy to pop open, pour out what you need and snap it shut tight again. There is a slight scent to the shampoo, but not overly strong or one that lingers long afterwards (a plus for this perfume sensitive girl).

Joan Finley, ND

Have extreme color processing damage/curly/dry/frizzy? Try Fekkai

I first used the Fekkai Glossing cream and fell in love with it, so was eager to try other Fekkai products and see if they were comparable.Fekkai products are marketed in very luxe packaging, it makes using them seem like a decadent treat. But that wouldn’t be enough, if the products themselves didn’t perform.I have thick, coarse, frizzy, naturally curly hair that is now on 6 months of processing to remove dye and go blonde. This includes bleach….which pretty much trashed my hair. It’s been a real struggle to learn how to deal with this and make my hair look halfway normal. To that end, I’ve used purple shampoo (Joico, review coming) to tone down the blonde, and use Pureology hydrating shampoo/conditioner on the other days. I’m pretty loyal to my Pureology products. Fekkai used to make a purple shampoo for blondes but no longer do, which is really too bad because it would probably be worth its weight in gold.This Fekkai shampoo is probably more what I should have used when I was coloring dark/auburn all over instead of just having it dark underneath like I do now. At any rate, I SO enjoyed using this product, and the results afterwards. First of all the caps are beyond easy to use and they don’t leak if the bottle tips over. The smell!!! THE SMELL of this shampoo (and conditioner) remind me of Juicy Fruit gum. It only took about a quarter sized dollop to do all my hair, which goes down my back to about my bra strap. I first used it on two-day-old hair that was loaded with styling products. (Christophe serum on day 1 and 2, Fekkai Glossing Cream on day 1, Deva Curl lotion on day 1, Elnett Hair spray day 1 and 2, S-Factor Spray on day 2 for flatironing) That’s a lot of stuff on my hair, but you can see what it takes to make my hair appear ‘normal’ and hide the damage until it grows out. I usually find that when I stray from Pureology the shampoo can’t get this stuff out in one pass. I’m glad to report that my hair was silky and clean with just ONE sudsing.The real test for this shampoo and conditioner was to let my hair air-dry with nothing else in it. I look like an exploded dandelion with just about every shampoo/conditioner except Pureology ever since this color process damaged my hair….but I was completely surprised to be able to let my hair dry naturally and just squash some Deva Curl through it, section a few strands with the curling iron to tame them down a little, and I had perfectly presentable hair. It felt so soft and didn’t look like straw. When I went outside to get in my car I could see sunlight shining off my hair as if it was halfway healthy, something I’ve been having to use Christophe Serum and Fekkai Glossing Cream to achieve.I love everything about the Fekkai products so far, they seem less like a luxury product and more like a necessary investment in my hair the more I use them. Anything that helps my hair look better with less styling effort on my part is a winner to me! Trying to learn to live with my damaged hair and get it halfway functional has been an exercise in frustration and anything that helps is worth it to me. I’m going to keep using the Fekkai shampoos and conditioners I have, instead of the Pureology that I’ve relied on for two years now, and see how they work for me long term. So far I’m impressed that they appear to actually WORK, unlike so so so so many salon products I’ve wasted tons of money on over the years.I’ve used the Ojon shampoo and conditioner line (about $27 a bottle) and this Fekkai blows it away.

Virginia Oak City, UT

Not good for fine hair

I am on a quest to find a shampoo that won’t dull my highlights, but will get my hair clean. I was hoping that this product would do just that.The first impression was a good one. I love the bottle, it’s a bit fancier than your usual shampoo bottle. It is made of heavier plastic.The smell is delicious. It reminds of the shampoo that is used in high end salons. I don’t get to those places very often, so it’s nice to have the experience again.But, alas, my fine blond hair was left greasy and dull. I cannot recommend this product for fine hair.It may work just fine on regular hair, but for me, it didn’t work at all.

Augusta Hurricane, UT


I love this shampoo. It smells great, feels great, and works great.

Adrienne Fort Hunter, NY

Nice Quality, Performs Well

This is a nice shampoo. The texture is very creamy and it has a light, very pleasant scent. After using it, it seemed like my hair was softer and bouncier even though that’s not the stated purpose of it. I’ve tried another shampoo and the hairspray in the Fekkai Technician line, and I’m very impressed with all of them. This is a great-quality product, and I’ll continue using it.

Dale Fayette, OH

Smells Wonderful and Leaves Hair Silky

The smell is intoxicating! A delicious grapefruit citrus and lightly floral sophisticated smell; it is infused with the oil of pure grape seed.Add to that, the ability to keep the color in my color treated hair longer than regular shampoo and it is worth the price- especially if you can color only every other cut by keeping the color from fading.

Tia Lamar, MO

Worth the Splurge

Love this shampoo. Only a small amount makes luscious suds, so even though it’s not inexpensive, a bottle lasts a long time. The scent is heavenly–a citrusy floral blend. But the best feature is that my hair stays clean for three days, not my typical two, so that there is less wear and tear on my expensive salon color.

Isabel Pierpont, OH