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Fekkai Technician Color Care 3-Minute Hair Mask 7 Oz

Fekkai Technician Color Care 3-Minute Mask is an intense treatment designed to deeply nourish and help protect color-treated hair.

Key features

  • The perfect solution for just-colored hair that delivers a vibrant, silky feel.
  • The luscious creamy formula helps extend the life of color treatments and maintain healthy, shiny hair
  • The Triple Color Protection complex helps protect color-treated hair from UV rays while it helps keep color looking radiant and lustrous.
  • Luxurious formulas developed to address the specific needs of different hair types

Honest reviews


Perfect for thick dry hair

What can I say, I have been blessed with a head full of thick slightly wavy hair, but cursed because I saw my first gray hair at the age of 15yrs ( or was it 13??). So by the age of 18years I had a small patch of grays which drove me nuts and there started my coloring process. I am in my ( clears throat) early 30s and after all those years of dying, my hair, though still thick and wavy, has become very dry ( not brittle, just dry)…This product can turn a witches broom into silk and I leave the review at that… lol. I think that alone sums up how peeeeeerfect this product is. My hair cannot survive without it. Thanks to my dye and this product, I can safely say. I LOVE my hair!!!Two thumbs up (…only because I only have 2 thumbs).The price???? well, it is what it is and for the results you will get, it’s an awesome price. ( just hope it doesn’t increase)Did I mention the scent of it???? OMG!!! It sends me miles away to a fresh tropical island. Jeeeeez it’s good!!!! It gives you that same effect like in the ‘ herbal essence’ advertisements a few years ago… hahahaahahaIf you cannot afford this then try the Neutrogena triple moisture mask. It is not as great as this one but it also gets the job done. If this product is a 10, then Neutrogena triple mask would be a 7.5 to 8. (but that’s just my opinion based on my hair’s response).

Josie Fairmont, OK

Expensive but high quality

I first tried this as a free sample, and I was so impressed after just one use I had to have this. It really made my hair soft without weighing it down or leaving any residue. This is great for those who hate heavy, oily conditioners. I think this is comparable to Kerastase’s mask for color treated hair, except this provides slightly better conditioning. It just doesn’t deliver as much shine as Kerastase’s version. (Which is fine by me, I get the shine I want through my styling products.) That mask is also more expensive and also gives you less per jar, so I think I have found a permanent replacement.All the stores near me carry this at the regular 34 dollar price, so I think this is actually a decent deal. For those who are worried about the price, I find a little goes a long way and a jar lasts for ages.

Angelina Sneads Ferry, NC

Moisture for the hair

This product doesn’t require a long length of my time for it to work. My hair feels super moist when it is wet and still feels moist although not as much after my hair has been blowed dried. This product made me forget how dry my hair could feel. (like straw).This product is ethylene glycol-free and propylene glycol-free. It does contain parabens.Made in the US

Jade Jermyn, TX

I am addicted!

A few years ago I was turned on to Frederic Fekkai products by a friend and have not looked back. I have color treated hair and I live in SUNNY and HOT San Antonio, Texas. My hair needs lots of help. I used this conditioner with a matching shampoo and conditioner. My hair is my “trademark” and always receives many compliments. Even though it may seem a little expensive, it only takes a little bit so one bottle can last a long time. Look at your hair, don’t you think it is worth it

Goldie Whittier, AK


This is a wonderful hair mask. It smells great,has a good consistency,and it conditioned my relaxed color treated hair well. I had never used this mask before,but after reading all the reviews I decided to place an order. Well I was nicely surprised. After leaving it in for three minutes my hair felt really soft. After I blow dried and flat ironed my hair it looked amazing. I was able to maintain my color and everything. I would be cautious how often I use this mask…it is possible to over condition your hair. Over conditioning will lead to mushy hair,the remedy will be protein. I love this mask and would highly reccommend it,well worth the money.

Antonia Varina, IA

Great Product

I bought this before in a small kit from Target but I found it for less here on Amazon. I like this hair mask it leaves my hair soft and silky without taking any color out. This is a great product

Muriel Edinburg, ND

Great for curly hair

I have curly hair which humidity can make a nightmare. I do not color treat my hair but used a sample of this and instantly (in the shower) could feel how smooth my hair was. It definitely helps fights frizz whether you air dry or blow dry your hair.

Anne Locust, NC