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Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray 8oz

Sheer Hold Hair Spray.

Key features

  • Soft, flexible hold that won’t masque or stiffen your natural hair.
  • Hair spray scented by petals and florals, that keeps style faithful.
  • Used at the legendary Fekkai Salons.
  • Hair spray tip from the Fekkai Salon: As a finishing touch, spray on brush and sweep through hair for soft, flexible hold.

Honest reviews


Good hold, Little scent … But propellant issues still nag

I’ve used Paul Mitchell Soft Spray for a decade, it’s the only hair spray with a fragrance light enough (essentially: none) to please me. And I’ve used pump-action sprays instead of aerosols for longer than that because chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants were environmental hazards. But now there are new propellants and I was interested to try this product.Pros: I like it. It’s light in scent (again, essentially no lingering fragrance), and although there’s a “crispness” to my hair immediately after use, that softens while still maintaining good hold all day. I wash my hair every other day, and a huge plus to this product is that my hair continues to smell fresh on Day 2 (vs. my previous spray).Cons: It’s expensive. And I remain conflicted about the aerosol aspect. On the one hand, I’d forgotten how much I like an aerosol — the spray is so fast and sheer. On the other hand, this product’s label lists a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) propellant, which is better than a CFC but not without risk (it doesn’t destroy the ozone layer but does increase greenhouse gases). And, unlike a pump spray, the pressurized metallic canister is not refillable. I’ll use the product until it’s gone and update this review with final impressions about cost and quality.

Maryellen Houston, OH

Smells nice, light hold

This hair spray is very average.Nice light hold.Really nice scent.I haven’t tried it out yet in a humid day, so can’t say how it would last in those conditions.

Christian Parshall, ND

Really nice hairspray

I really like this hairspray. It works quite well on my fine hair and does not make it feel stiff. This is probably the one Fekkai product I tried this month that I would purchase again.

Antonia Gays Creek, KY

Light hold

3.5 stars. This is a light hold spray. It sprays on sheer and I can brush through so my hair is not overly stiff. It gives me enough hold without feeling too sticky. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. Too bad it doesn’t last through the day. I’m also not sure of its effect on color-treated hair. Over all, it works fair enough for me, but will wait and see if it washes out my color.

Shannon Schlater, MS

Okay, But Didn’t Wow Me

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this very expensive hairspray but I have used other brands that I liked better. I found this to be sticky and difficult to smooth out with your hand after applying but while it’s still wet. I also had an issue with the power of the spray itself moving my hair so that it would blast my hair into a different position as I was applying the hairspray. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before.I guess for the right person this might be wonderful hairspray but it didn’t wow me.

Marianne Eustis, FL

Smells good and does the job!

I’ve used this brand before (Shampoo) and was not disappointed with their hair spray. Cool scent, not sticky or oily and my hair was as in-place at the end of the evening as it was when I walked out of the door.

Avis Hurley, NY

Perfect hold, no flakes

I love this hair spray. It is lightly scented and feels dry the moment you spray it on. The hold is instant but easy to brush through if you need to restyle. I live in Florida and with the humidity at nearly 100 percent I was very impressed that it held completely. At the end of the day I brushed my hair out and there were no flakes which is a huge plus for me. My normal non-aerosol hair spray would always leave flakes and dry my hair out. This is a keeper for me. A little high priced but I don’t have to use that much because it works so well so it will last a long time. Still, a $10 price tag would be more appropriate.

Renee New Tazewell, TN

Welcome Back, Fekkai Hair Spray- Well, Almost

I am thinking- I wonder if Mr. Fekkai is a gambler.I mean here I was a star struck newbie who stumbled across Fekkai hairspray as an answer to a life long yearning. What I wanted: Hair that stays in place and can last from day to day. I told everyone who would listen about this hair spray. I had never had anything like it before. I even got tons of others to use it too and they also proclaimed their love for the rare and exciting product that literally transformed fine hair into AMAZING hair.Then it happened. They changed the color of the can. Okay, it happens. But little by little the love affair grew cold. No longer did the spray coax unbelievable performance out of my weanie hair. Now it was just, medium.Okay, well medium is better than nothing. I settled for second best. After all, it did smell nice and worked, sort of.Then they changed the product again, this time, it did, well, very little.I had lost hope. I noticed that the former fan club of people I had known that used Fekkai were also complaining of the same thing. Many moved on to search out another.No longer was my beloved Fekkai even helping me achieve anything but an expensive momentary lift to my hair only to fall flat.I was about ready to end my love affair with Fekkai reaching the end of my umpteenth can, when I had the opportunity to try yet another changed can (again?). Would I take it back? Well, only to try.And BAM- I was back to gorgeous hair again.THE BOTTOM LINEMY HAIR TYPEBaby Fine, straight, can be coaxed to wave slightly.PERFORMANCE OUT OF ORIGINAL PRODUCT (White can blue writing)Complete reconstruction of style. Curl and volume like possible no other way. Lasted up to five days by re-wetting and re-pressing into place. Comb through was reasonably easy and the style stayed well with no severe need to spray over and over again.Other releases of the product went downhill until the only thing I was getting out of the product was a pretty smell and brief curl which just faded away after 15 minutes or so leaving me with just about nothing.PERFORMANCE OF THIS EDITION (Dark Lilac/lavender can with white/light writing)Much to my surprise, the performance I got out of this can was far better than anything I got since the first time I tried this hairspray. The only thing missing was the fragrance. They must have forgotten to add fragrance to this can. I kind of miss the floral fragrance, but the hairspray does seem to be close to the original performance.FINAL COMMENTSI am not sure what the deal has been with Fekkai and the irregular consistency of this hair spray, but for now, this can I am using seems to be close to the original performance I loved. I got three days out of it before I washed my hair again many times. and although it did feel a little bit more straw-like than the original formula, it did hold my hair decently all day without having to use other sprays to give it a boost and make it stay put.If they put the fragrance in the can, I would like it better, but this can gets five stars. Who knows, however, what the next can will be like? Buying Fekkai hairspray has become quite a gamble. If you get a good one, it is wonderful. If not, well, you can always try again and see if you win next? You just have to decide if it is worth it for you.

Tisha Virginville, PA

Would have loved it if it worked on my fine hair

I have very fine, straight hair and I think this just wasn’t the right product for me. After the initial spray and brush through, my hair is soft, still holds it’s style and the scent is a very light floral that’s quite lovely. The problem is that halfway through the day the curse of my fine hair wins out and any body I’m able to achieve is mostly gone. On humid days, my styling doesn’t last much more than a couple of hours.If you have anything other than very fine hair this would probably be an excellent choice. I loved the hold for the first few hours and the scent is fabulous, unlike so many other hairsprays. It’s pretty expensive but it’s a nice-sized can and if you’re not shellacking your hair, a good hairspray is worth it.

Lillie South Fork, CO

light hairspray that doens’t last the day

A light hairspray, I used it in the morning when I fixed my hair and it smells good and seemed to hold well enough while still being comb-able, a couple hours later my hair was falling out of its style completely and I had to redo portions of my hair again and ended up using my regular hair spray since i had to go someplace and didn’t want my hair getting ugly. This is only OK simply because it doesn’t last long enough, especially in the heat and humidity.

Saundra Tickfaw, LA

good product

I accidentally bought this hair spray- I meant to buy the white can which, I think, has a more gentle hold. The blue can has a more firm hold but not "cement" in any way; smell is a light scent, too. The best thing I can say about this hairspray is that I can style my hair, decide I want it a different way, respray, change my mind, restyle and respray AND IT NEVER TURNS TO FLAKES.

Leanne Sunderland, MD

Excellent for really thick, long hair. Even in wind & humidity!

Surprisingly strong hold even in wind and humidity! I have really thick, long hair – past my shoulder blades. Strong hair spray that actually holds my hair in place for several hours is a must. Plus living in Texas with wind, heat and extreme summer humidity means if I want a hairspray that works, it ends up looking like I coated my head in shellac and feels like cement. This Fekkai actually goes on in a sheer light mist just as the can says & it smells ok. It holds my hair without that crispy, crunchy to the touch feel – loving that! But the kicker was after walking around a park on vacation in South Carolina with a breeze in 93 degrees & 85% humidity, my hair looked awesome! I can run a brush through it and it still bounces back. To be honest, I am going to keep this Fekkai on my shelf from now on.

Amber West Grove, IA

1) Really nice fragrance 2) A very fine mist sprays out 3) …

I’ve tried MANY hairspray products: salon, discount store, high-end, cheap.Pros:1) Really nice fragrance2) A very fine mist sprays out3) The hold is just right for my fine hair–it doesn’t weigh it down but definitely holds my hair in place4) My hair feels good to touch after using, not sticky or hardCons:1) Like other higher-end hairsprays, this is a bit pricey

Dina West Lebanon, PA

Great Hairspray!

First time I’ve used a Fekkai hair spray (love their shampoos and conditioners!) and it didn’t disappoint. If you want a stiff, ultra strong hold this is not for you. This hairspray delivers a soft, manageable hold that you can run your fingers through while your style stays in place. Enjoyable fragrant scent, but not overpowering. Will purchase again.

Terri Osterville, MA

Very Pleased with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray!

Fekkai makes a good hairspray.It does a great job "placing your hair", so that there is no shellacked effect.This is an evolved hairspray,There is a ton less propellant.I only use hairspray for professional appearances.I fully recommend Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.It definitely is a really nice, sheer feeling hairspray!It holds without drying your hair.Try spraying it onto your styling brush and applying it that way.You will be pleased with the results!Thank you!

Yolanda Eatonville, WA

Soft, gentle hold!

This hairspray holds very well and it’s not stiff or tacky. You can still run your fingers through your hair after you’ve sprayed it.If you’re used to a heavy, stiff hold then it won’t work for you.I used it yesterday when the humidity was very high and it held up very well. I really like it. I hate heavy hairsprays.

Jewell Hope, AK

Dry hairspray?

Fekkai does it again!Their hair products have always been above all others (even Chi, which is my second favorite line). This hair spray is almost dry–it isn’t sticky at ALL, and hardly feels as if you have any spray on your hair.I have tried this in the dry climate of the high desert in California, a humid climate along the beach, and on dry and rainy days of both. This won’t give you that "stiff" feel of the 80’s-era hairsprays, and your hair WILL mimic its natural wave a bit after a number of hours, but you can comb through it and work with it without ruining the whole look.Pros:Smell…lovely. Typical Fekkai. It smells like high-end salons do. (Ladies, you know what I mean.)Spray…even, no signs of buildup around the nozzle after many uses.Texture…the texture of thus spray is powdery-dry. It won’t leave you feeling like you have "wet stuff" on your hair. I like it.Coverage…even, easy to direct, consistent throughout the spray.Hold…This isn’t stiff, but will hold the style, and allow your hair to be combed without loss of style (I mainly use a flat iron, but on some days, I scrunched my hair to amp up my natural curls-it held with both styles without any problem).Cons:It is not super stiff-so if you’re looking for that 80s-style hold, this won’t hold up your mohawk. ;)Scent…if you don’t like that salon-scent, you might not care for this one. It’s not overpowering, and goes away immediately, but if you’re super sensitive, proceed with caution.

Celia Cunningham, WA

Soft and movable hold

Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray is a very nice hold while keeping my hair looking soft and natural. Smells wonderful and holds through the humidity in the Pacific Northwest weather.

Charity Logan, OH

A new meaning to “helmet head”

This is spray laquer. If that’s what you’re looking for, then great! But I was looking for sheer hold hair spray like the name implied. No so!

Alexis Sadorus, IL

Gentle hold all day long – in humidity and sun!

I received my sample of Fekkai Sheer hold hair spray late last week, and set it aside because we were busy packing for our son’s big baseball tournament. I decided to try it on a whim before I left for the first day of the tournament. I sprayed it lightly on my styled hair, scrunched and let it dry, scrunched again, and then retouched my bangs with a little more spray.I was totally amazed by this hairspray! I’m a fan of pump hair spray because it usually gives better hold, but this aerosol held my hair without “helmet head” through a 12 hour day of sun and humidity. My curls got a little more defined during the day, but there wasn’t any frizz and my hair didn’t go flat either. I wore it again yesterday (to another LONG day of baseball) just to see if it was a fluke “good hair day” the first time. Once again I was amazed that my hair looked good all day long.I don’t even know how much this product costs or where I can buy it, since I was sent a free sample to review, but I’m a brand new fan.

Mitzi Oxford, MI

I used this hair spray along with the full volume …

I used this hair spray along with the full volume shampoo and mouse. While those items warrant separate reviews, I will say I did NOT notice more volume. As a matter of fact, after using the combination, I struggled to make my hair do the simplest of things. This spray on its own, without the other two items, was just…average. You have to spray a lot of it and it "fades" fast. I can’t say I was impressed at all. I also attempted to use it while styling a 50s do. It was worthless. I actually threw it in the trash after struggling with one section of hair for an HOUR. It does not hold.

Kathie Perry, TX

Not bad

This spray is just okay. It’s very lightweight, but I could use something a bit more firm for my baby fine hair. I do love the smell of it (floral without being overwhelming), and on nice, non-humid days it works great. One thing to beware is that if you use too much, it will cake to your hair in a very attractive and sticky way (I learned this the hard way).

Marilyn Kimberly, WI

Nice light hold with a pleasant scent! Touchable softness.

This has a natural, light hold with a light pleasant scent. I love the touch ability but for short hair I need more hold.

Carol Kansas City, MO

Very firm hold, decent fragrance

I have fine hair, and need a medium-hold hairspray to keep any kind of wave in it. This hairspray definitely holds, but I wouldn’t call it "flexible" or "sheer." The hold is VERY firm, but if I finger-comb through it, the hold goes to zero. I’ll hold onto this one for up-do’s that need helmet hair, but I’ll keep looking for a daily-use hairspray.

Rosemary Warwick, RI

Works well

I truly didn’t want to like this Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray because of the price . . .I’m not sure why it is so difficult to find a "flexible hold" hair spray that provides a little bit of hold without feeling stiff or sticky or making my hair frizzy looking. I also have problems with some hair sprays flaking on me. Fekkai does not flake at all for me. I am able to spray a little on after flat ironing my hair and styling with my fingers without my hair looking wet and greasy like some hairsprays do if you touch it immediately upon spraying. Then I spray a little all over again. I actually got a compliment on my hair earlier today, and I would have to attribute it to this Fekkai hair spray. The first time I tried it, it was extremely humid out and I walked my dog in the morning after fixing my hair. My hair looked dry and a bit frizzy. At first I thought it was the hair spray not mixing with humidity. I truly think I just used to much (my old problem — I have to tell my self out loud to stop spraying!!). I really like this spray and would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the really high price. I had previously been using Osis Elastic Finish Flexible Hold Light Control spray. I liked it better than anything I had previously tried, and it is the same price as the Fekkai but that is for a bottle double the size. However, seeing how well it works on my hair, added to the fact that I am getting compliments on my hair and am able to use less, I plan to purchase this spray again.

Adeline Brewster, NY

I love this hairspray

I love this hairspray. The hold is light and not sticky. The scent is very light and does not have that classic icky hair-spray smell.If you want a super strong hold, use another product, this dose not give a strong hold. This give a nice soft hold, you can brush through it and it still stays, and stops hair static. This is my favorite hair spray for daily use and a light hold with a fresh light scent that is not overpowering or strong. highly rated.

Catherine Piti, GU

Best hairspray ever!

I absolutely love this hair spray for my fine hair. It holds my bangs in place like no other hair spray has done. I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

Tricia Arvada, CO

Held up well in Humid Climate

I was overall very happy with this hair spray. The mist is very sheer but does a nice job holding the style in place as advertised. I wouldn’t say that this is something knew and different. Works like most hair sprays I have ever tried that promises a big hold without messing up your style. There is a lot of humidity here where I live (Midwest) and it did a good job with keeping my hair in place all day.

Lucy Brooks, ME

Great hairspray! It goes on light (so it doesn’t …

Great hairspray! It goes on light (so it doesn’t look like you have hairspray on), and at the same time, it holds your hair in place very well. I’ve only found one other product where I can get the "invisible" look and still have a strong hold (Pantene). Most hairsprays leave a visible coating or, worse, a big blob where the spray was too strong. Not this one. This is a great-quality product, and I’ll continue using it.

Sadie Plymouth, CA

More of a shaping spray

I like this spray but don’t consider it a heavy duty extra hold hairspray. For my long hair, I which I like to curl in long bouncy waves, it provided enough hold to maintain for a few hours. I would consider this more of a "shaping" spray. The smell is very clean, not over powering at all. It sprays out evenly.

Ashleigh Bradley Beach, NJ