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Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Hair Conditioner 8 Fl Oz

Rich, hydrating conditioner, with shea butter, detangles and smoothes ultra-dry, coarse or unruly hair.

Key features

  • Rich hydration
  • Smooth detangling
  • Rich conditioner

Honest reviews



In my rounds of switching to different shampoos this one really wokeup some dead look strands.I first tried this one at a friends house then bought my own.Make your hair soft.Im going to try the apple one next!

Phoebe Clio, WV

One Of My Favorites

I’m a huge Fekkai fan.I have many Fekkai products and I absolutely love this conditioner.My dry,fine,relaxed hair turns out perfect after using this conditioner.My hair is soft,well moisturized,and looks like I just came from the salon.I also have to mention the wonderful smell.I have purchased this over the years and will continue to do so.It’s expensive,but worth it.

Liza Huntsville, AR

I will also buy this again

I tried this with the shampoo and the hair mask. It smells great and it truly is for dry hair. Thanks for the wonderful product and great price, these products are very pricy.

Wilma Bumpus Mills, TN

Worth the money!

Buy this product now and get the shampoo too! This is the best conditioner and it smells great. I love the shea butter products from Fekkai. The shampoo and conditioner are very moisturizing, but not enough to weigh down my straight layered hair. I can’t recommend this enough.

Gabrielle Bella Vista, CA

Works wonders but certainly not the greatest . . .

As the gal who has broken the bank in trying every hair product on earth, I was very surprised at how well this conditioner worked at moisturizing, taming and separating my coarse curls. It’s pretty rare when I don’t have to slather on a leave in or another concoction or 2 after showering but this stuff does the job. And do you know why? It’s the high quantity of Shea Butter used, plain and simple. A little ole vitamin rich ingredient which in and of itself is very inexpensive, so it’s hard to justify the price of this conditioner. Considering I have very long and thick hair this doesn’t go a long way for me, so shelling out over $20 bucks for the FF doesn’t seem like I’m getting my money’s worth. Other than price, the biggest issue I have with this product are the other ingredients; it’s a looong list, most of which just seem unnecessary and certainly don’t benefit the hair (why is fragrance so high on the list? I’d like to know if its artificial or not). And while I give major props for the addition of Silk, Almond and Wheat protein, the quantities are pretty low, sigh.So if your independently wealthy by all means, use and purchase away. Otherwise, get yourself some pure organic Shea Butter, melt it and treat your hair, then wash it out and you will get the exact same results, trust me.

Hazel San Diego, CA

Tames Frizzy, Fine Hair

I once heard "If you’re going to spend any money on hair care products, spend it on your conditioner." So I do. This softens and sleekifies my frizzy, fine hair and has a nice unobtrusive scent. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way. Big fan.

Jaclyn Tomkins Cove, NY