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Fekkai Shea Butter Damage Protecting Hair Mask 4.4 Oz

Intensive, conditioning mask, with shea butter, helps restore moisture and manageability while protecting your hair from styling damage.

Key features

  • Resorative
  • Intensive hydrating treatment
  • Conditioning mask

Honest reviews


It’s an average product for relaxed hair

This product smells wonderful and is super thick and luxurious but when it came to washing my thick and coarse but delicate relaxed hair, it was simply average. Please note that I used this conditioner with its matching shampoo.I was drawn to purchasing this product because I had heard that oprah’s stylist uses it on her hair, and if anyone here has seen chris rock’s “black hair”, you’ll understand that oprah’s hair is simply beautiful. Of course and sadly, not all black relaxed hair is the same and we all cannot use the same treatments with success. Other that the great smell, this product left my hair less silky than other products that I have used. I will return to using Nexxus products and probably give these bottles to my hair stylist. I will not purchase either the shampoo or this conditioner again because I don’t think it’s worth its price with respect to the results it provides.Mr. Fekkai, it would be wonderful if you created a product for relaxed hair. Again, referencing Mr. Rock’s humorous documentary, if you make it, I’m sure women with chemically relaxed hair will at least try it.

Arlene Neelyville, MO

Shea Butter Hair Mask

This is a thick rich conditioner. It does provide moisture for your hair, but it requires you to leave the product on your hair for 10 to 20 minutes. It appears for me that the 20 minute range provided more moisture for my hair.This product contains parabens and propylene glycol.Made in the US

Norma Union Mills, IN

Maybe the worst product ever…

I am so disappointed by this product. It is way too thick for my hair. I don’t feel it conditioned my hair at all. It’s so thick I can’t get it throughout my hair. I forced myself to go through the whole bottle since I paid so much for it. I will definitely not by this again!

Amalia Sinton, TX

Missing quality for the price

Recently, I tried a few of Fekkai’s products. Although I think most of them are great, this one was at the very bottom of my list. I gave it two stars just because I LOVE the smell. I received it as a sample and followed the instructions. First, this is not a deep conditioner, is just a mask so don’t expect your hair to detangle and get that “slip” effect your accustomed to. It just sticks to your hair. After I rinsed, it did not feel clean (I wanted so bad to shampoo it again) but left it on because I wasn’t going anywhere(I can spare a bad hair day in my house).N-e-ways, after I let it air dry, my hair felt kinda dry and stringy but the weirdest thing happend later during the day, it got glossy (shiny) and pretty. I’ll probably try it again (I still have one sample left but for the price, I wouldn’t buy it. I don’t think the value makes up for the price.

Alisa Cross, SC

soft, shiny, great smelling hair!!

Bought this hair mask 3 months ago and have been using it regularly since then. Because I styled and straightened my hair so much over the summer, my hair was looking dull and damaged. Ordered this mask and have been using it weekly mostly on my ends. I leave it in longer than the recommended 15 min, maybe about an hour or so and then rinse. My hair is visibly smoother, softer, and shinier!! I love the smell too. Still on my first bottle so this mask lasts and you dont have to use a lot of it to see results; I have long hair thats down to my lower back.

Vera Breese, IL

It’s pretty good

This stuff is pretty good at quenching reeeally dry hair. I use it regularly and my hair, unfortunately, is about as bad as any hair can possibly get: 3′ of dry, brittle hair. It helps quench it when nearly nothing else will.

Ophelia Christchurch, VA