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Fekkai Prx Conditioner 8 Fl Oz, 8.000-Fluid Ounce

PrX Reparatives Conditioner view larger Repair and protect hair daily with the indulgently effective care of PrX Reparatives Conditioner. Its fortifying formula provides strength against damage. Conditions, detangles and protects Weak hair has the strength to resist future damage Infused with Argan extract Scented by vanilla and crème The PrX Reparatives Collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Intense Fortifying Masque, 3 Day Transformation, and Mending Elixir. Tip from the Frédéric Fekkai Salon Concentrate conditioner on the ends of hair, avoiding the scalp. Follow with PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque weekly. Fekkai PrX Reparatives Collection view larger PrX Reparatives Collection Because hair can never be too strong, there is the Fekkai PrX Reparatives Collection. PrX Reparatives Shampoo, PrX Reparatives Conditioner, PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque, PrX Reparatives 3 Day Transformation and PrX Reparatives Mending Elixir are masterfully crafted with Argan extract. Each strengthening formula helps fortify hair with rich repair and proactively protects hair so it can avoid future damage. view larger Fekkai Hair Care The hair collection from Fekkai is an offering of absolute indulgences that are utterly addicting. Masterfully crafted by brand founder Frédéric Fekkai, who has been styling the world’s most famous hair for over two decades. Through the 5F Principle: Form, Feel, Function, Fragrance and Finish, decadent textures, lush scents and exquisite ingredients unite to deliver an extraordinary hair experience. Fekkai, the most privileged hair in the world. Fekkai Formulas At a Glance view larger view larger view larger view larger Brilliant Glossing Because shine can never be too brilliant Nurture dull hair to lustrous radiance. Infused with olive oil. Technician Color Care Because color can never be too captivating Awaken color treated hair’s radiance and shine. Infused with the oil of pure grapeseed. Full Blown Volume Because lift can never be too lush Fulfill fine, limp hair with luxurious body. Infused with citrus extract and ginseng. PrX Reparatives Because strength can never be too glorious Fortify weakened hair to resist future damage. Infused with argan oil extract. view larger view larger view larger Essential Shea Because hair can never be too rich Smooth coarse, dry hair to fluidity. Infused with pure shea butter. Apple Cider Because clean can never be too pristine Deeply cleans overworked hair for a new beginning. Infused with apple cider. Styling Because effortless style can’t exist without flawless expertise Masterful formulas for a luxurious, modern look. Scented by petals and florals.

Key features

  • Infused with Argan extracts.
  • Scented by vanilla and crme.
  • Fortifying conditioner silkens, protects and infuses hair with movement.
  • Weak hair has the strength to resist future damage.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: Concentrate conditioner on the ends of hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Repair and protect hair daily with the effective care of PrX Reparatives Conditioner.
  • Used at the legendary Fekkai Salons.

Honest reviews


Fekkai Prx Conditioner

This is my first experience with Fekkai products, and I have been very pleased with the Prx Conditioner. I’ve been using it with the Prx Shampoo and the results are great.After shampooing, which leaves my hair feeling clean and free of build-up, I use the Prx Conditioner mainly on the body of my hair with just a bit over the scalp area. The conditioner feels very rich and luxurious. It has a pleasant, but not strong, scent. After rinsing, my hair feels soft and extremely manageable. I have a lot of fine, long hair that tangles easily. Fekkai Prx Shampoo and Conditioner leaves it easy to comb, even if I step into the shower with the craziest bed head imaginable.Whether I blow dry or use curling product and let my hair air dry into waves, it is free of frizz and flyaways after using these Fekkai products. I wouldn’t hesitate to continuing using this line.

Jill Jackson, WI

Impressive so far, keenly priced

Will depend on your hair type, but for me (or rather my wife) this is so far an impressive hair care product.My wife has has perm treated hair, that tends to become greasy with too frequent washing, and she has tried many conditioners. She also blow drys her hair most of the time as it is quite long.Using this Fekkai and concentrating on the hair ends and tips, and NOT the scalp, it has worked best in a two stage way.Having read from another website that someone recommended a small amount of conditioner massaged into the hair ends PRIOR to washing and then repeating after shampoo application made her hair feel clean, but also it looked shiny and felt soft, even after blow drying.As a guy of course I am skeptical about hair care products, but with these results, and at a price I consider to be no where near as expensive as some other products, I expect to be asked to buy again.I will also probably be getting her other products from Fekkai to try.

Shari Federal Dam, MN

Nice, But Doesn’t Go Far

This is a very nice conditioner – extremely thick and creamy, and it smells delightful! A rich vanilla scent, and completely devoid of those nasty fake undertones vanilla-scented things can be prone to. It feels good, washes out cleanly, and leaves my hair soft and smooth. All good!I took off one star because it doesn’t feel like it goes very far. I have waist-length hair, and I definitely have to stop several times to squeeze more conditioner into my hands to get it all the way through all of my hair. Noticeably more so than with most other conditioners, even other ones that are fairly high end. I also don’t feel like it necessarily lasts as long as others. That might be because it’s summer, so the air is hot and sticky, but it’s noticeable enough to be worth pointing out.All things considered, I’m very glad I tried it and it’s a nice conditioner. Just not quite the best one for me.

Antoinette Olney, MT

Super great conditioner!

This is a great conditioner. You don’t need a lot, and it doesn’t weigh down your hair with over conditioning. I have very straw like hair because of dyeing and this, along with the matching shampoo, has done wonders for my hair. It has almost eliminated all the fuzz and split ends, and my hair is tons more manageable. It doesn’t make it oily, and overall, is a great product.However, you need to get the matching shampoo with this condition to have the full effect. They just don’t work as well separately. This smells like vanilla, just in case you’d like to know that.A great product, one that I most certainly will be buying from now on! HIGHLY recommend!

Joy Wrightstown, WI

Decent conditioner

This conditioner has a great scent and does a great job on my daughter’s medium-thickness hair. I tried it with my fine hair and I was a frizz ball. Her hair looks beautiful and smells great though!

Lawanda Tennessee, IL

which feels great. However I found that it is harder to …

Leaves my damaged and treated hair very sleek and smooth, which feels great. However I found that it is harder to style your hair after using this. Hair does not seem to respond to a blow-dryer heat and round brush as easy as normally.

Eve Somerset, PA

This is an excellent conditioner. I live in a very dry climate …

This is an excellent conditioner. I live in a very dry climate and my hair becomes quite brittle because of it. I have struggled to find a product that provides me with the silky, smooth, soft bounce I once had. Fekkai Prx is that product! After just a few uses, I could feel a real difference in my hair. It has more bounce and that bounce lasts longer. It really does seem to repair dry or damaged hair. Long term results may vary, but so far so good!

Thelma Cedarhurst, NY

Great detangler, gives shine, great conditioner!

I tried the matching shampoo alone before I got this conditioner. I did not like the shampoo used alone, other than the wonderful scent! With that being said, the conditioner is very nice. It’s thick, smells wonderfully vanilla, exactly like the shampoo!When I got this I was brave enough to try the shampoo again so I could see what would happen using it with this conditioner. This conditioner is thick but much easier to spread in the hair than the shampoo. It took the "snarls" out that the shampoo left and I was even able to run my fingers through my hair that time!Like I said before I have extremely thick hair 3/4 of the way down my back. The shampoo alone was a nightmare! Just adding this conditioner made a huge difference. After I had it spread through my hair I Could actually run my fingers through my hair – I couldn’t even have come close to doing that with the shampoo alone.If the product didn’t cost SO much for a fairly small bottle, I could see using it regularly. The day(s) after I used it my hair was shiny!! I’ll think about maybe grabbing a bottle or two and using it occasionally, none of the other conditioners I’ve ever used have made my hair look nice and shiny like this!

April Holden, LA

Instant Hair Repair on Dry, Damaged Hair

Though they’re young, both of my kids have beautiful, thick, curly hair that has been untreated by chemicals or dyes. After spending a week of summer vacation hanging out at the pool, both of them had very dry, almost brittle hair. One of them has hair down past her waist. It wasn’t just dry, but also tangled and knotted (she admitted that grandma didn’t check on her brushing every day). I was worried that we might have to do some damage repair with a pair of scissors, but figured I’d give this conditioner a shot first.I am quite pleased to say that both of them benefitted from just a single use of this conditioning product. I probably used more than necessary, but I made sure that every strand was covered and I let the conditioner sit for a good ten minutes before rinsing it out. On the longer hair, I had tried to finger comb it while applying conditioner, but had little success (it really was getting matted), but when i went to rinse it, I could actually see the tangles fall loose. Both of my children have had their hair restored to that lovely pre-pool softness, and their curls are back, too.I’ve used the product on my own hair, as well. I didn’t have a tangled mess to deal with, but I do know that I like this conditioner. It is thick and almost creamy, and a very little bit goes a long way. The scent is a light vanilla that’s not sweet or sickly (I usually don’t care for vanilla scented products). Though this conditioner comes at a higher price point than I typically pay, I’m planning to keep a bottle under the sink for those hair emergencies with the kids, or for a pick-me-up for myself. The expense is quite worth it.

Terri Union Grove, AL

Lovely scent, thorough conditioning, not too heavy

This smells like vanilla and a touch of toasted coconut to me. It is white, so it won’t stain your hair, and it rinses easily. It left my baby fine, thin hair with fully conditioned dry ends–no need to add a leave in, but not too weighed down. My hair had a nice satiny shine, too. When I styled it with Fekkai Volume Whip and a flat iron, it had a nice, long-lasting swing, even after light rain.

Patsy Camano Island, WA

Just Average

I have fine, straight color treated hair. My usual conditioner is Aveda Pure Abundance. I found this conditioner to be just ‘ok’. The smell is a hint of vanilla but not over powering. The reason I didn’t like it was well when that after washing and rinsing, it still felt like the product was in my hair. I realize it’s supposed to make my hair feel ‘thicker’ but the feeling was more coarse. I tried it 3 times and every time my hair was limp after blow drying. Just not for my hair type.

Ericka Scotland, MD

Rich and moisturizing; good for dry or color treated hair

My Hair: Medium length (a few inches past my shoulders), color-treated and thick (though the individual hair texture is fine).Concerns: Dryness from chemical processing and heat styling, tends to frizz in humid weatherThis is a rich and creamy conditioner with a subtle vanilla scent. It’s very moisturizing and a little goes a long way – about 1 tablespoon gets the job done for me. I’d recommend applying from the mid-shaft down and avoiding the root area as over-conditioning can weigh the hair down and make it look flat. If you have the time, apply the product and clip your hair up while you finish showering and allow the conditioner to really absorb, then rinse thoroughly.This works really well for my hair. It leaves my hair tangle-free and after blow-drying my hair has plenty of volume and feels soft. Once the hair is dry the scent is very, very subtle. It’s also not overtly feminine, so men can use the product without worrying about smelling “perfumey”.This might not be the right product for you if your hair is very fine, thinning and/or you struggle with keeping a little volume in your hair – it’s very rich and may weigh fine hair down. Not recommended for those who prefer a fragrance-free product.At the current price (approx. $14 for 8 oz.) this is pricey for a mass market product, but still less expensive than most salon quality conditioners. I like it and would purchase it again.

Fanny Floris, IA

Dry and tangled

My hair breaks off very easily, so I decided to try both the Fekkai Prx Shampoo and Conditioner together as a set to help the condition of my hair. I have natural blond hair that is baby fine but I have a lot of it. It has a texture that can sometimes almost be like bleached hair. This means that it breaks off very easily. It also tangles easily because it is fine. I have to use deep conditioners several times a week, but I also have to be carefule what type I use so that it doesn’t look weighed down and greasy. However, if I don’t use a "strong" enough conditioner, my hair is very tangly and looks dried out. Another problem I have is that a lot of discount/drug store brands make my scalp flake and itch (but so does ALL Paul Mitchell products, so it’s not only the cheap stuff).I have tried many, many different conditioners over the years. My favorite has turned out to be Fekkai’s Glossing Conditioner. So that is the conditioner I compare others to. I didn’t like the vanilla scent of this Prx conditioner. I normally like the clean/fresh or fruity smell in my hair products and perfume. I had to use a LOT more of it than the Glossing conditioner to be able to get out my tangles. I keep a wide-toothed comb in my shower to comb through my conditioner. I had a lot of trouble getting this combed through. My hair was also very tangly after lightly towel drying it. It just felt like I was breaking a lot of hair trying to comb it before using a hair dryer. That would make me think that it definitely wouldn’t repair my hair as it is advertised to do, but it seems it would do quite the opposite. My hair looked very dried out when I finished drying it, but it did look nice when I fixed it the next morning (I used extra hair oil when styling it).

Christi Halliday, ND

Nice smell

I am using this along with the matching shampoo. I LOVE the smell (vanilla, like a baking cake), but the shampoo is leaving a coating on my hair that I don’t want. I had been using Matrix Biolage Age Rejuvenating Shampoo and will switch between the two to prevent the build-up.

Cristina Tenmile, OR

Not Impressed!

I ordered this and then realized that I hadn’t checked if it was cruelty-free. It’s not. The Fekkai website says nothing about it being cruelty-free, nor does the bottle.I have used it a few mornings but am not impressed. It’s hard to rinse out. I even use a wide-tooth comb to help get the conditioner out and am still left with gloppy hair.Won’t be getting this again.

Brandie Voltaire, ND

Worth It-PRx line is Terrific

Overall I’ve been really impressed my the PRx line from Fekkai. I’m a longtime user of Fekkai-since he started and it was sold at specialty stores and I’ve used most versions of his products-the Apple Cider Buildup Remover line was a favorite (I’m in hard water area) and I used the Glossing line shampoo/conditioner and the texture gel and the hairspray. I was wary when P&G took it over. The PRX line removes my doubts. This conditioner repaired my (long, color-treated, wavy by nature) hair. I expected it to be heavy, like most ‘repairing’ conditioners end up being but it wasn’t at all. It didn’t weigh my hair down and it rinsed without any residue yet my ends looked so much better-after 1 use and again after multiple uses it was even better. I also loves the Prx life drops-they smell awesome (the same vanilla scent) and smooth and tame. I was using them alone but with the conditioner my hair looks even healthier. Not sure about the other lines but PrX is worth the money, and I don’t say that lightly.

Magdalena Bangor, WI

Great, except for the parabens.

This only takes a small amount, so it is economical. I have very dry hair, which I only wash about every 3 days. It did leave a film on my hair, and I was afraid my hair would feel dirty sooner. But no, my hair still looked good on day 3. (I’ve been using it with Fekkai Pot De Creme, Essential Shea.) I found the fragrance overly sweet, but my sweetheart loved it. (He said "your hair smells so luscious".) So I can’t complain about that. My biggest complaint is that it contains 2 types of parabens, which I try to avoid.

Georgette Newton, NH

Hair is soft and smooth with less breakage!

I have sustained severe flat iron damage over the last 4+ years, and finally had to have a drastic hair cut a couple of months ago. I am now working on avoiding future damage.Part of this journey to healthier hair is trying to find a good shampoo and conditioner! Fekkai’s PrX sounded like just what I needed…so I gave them a try.I love the vanilla scent of the conditioner (and shampoo)! It is not overly sweet or ‘syrupy,’ as some vanillas can be; it is very light and pleasant.I only need to use a small amount of the conditioner — less than a dime (I could probably even use less!) — for my just-past-chin length hair. I rub the conditioner into my hands and use my palms, then fingertips, to get it into my hair, paying close attention to covering my ends, and less to my roots. I let the conditioner sit on my hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing completely (which it does so easily). I haven’t felt any heaviness or buildup after using this conditioner.My hair feels clean and looks soft and smooth, even after styling with blowdryer or flat iron! I have noticeably less split ends and breakage – even my friends have mentioned how healthy my hair looks!I am very pleased and glad I gave the Fekkai PrX products a try!

Lynette White Earth, MN

Great conditioner

I love Fekkai products and have been a fan for years. This conditioner has Argan oil and is vanilla scented. It leaves your hair feeling clean, soft & silky. It works wonders on my longer 50 something hair! I would recommend to use it with the matching shampoo.

Beryl Bluffton, AR

An awesome conditioner!

Ok… so this conditioner has my vote!! I have double-processed my hair for many years and am always looking for great products to help me maintain its health and shine. This conditioner does just that. It is not heavy (for those of you who have fine hair like me) and it does a fantastic job. When applying I focus on my ends with heavier amounts and put lighter amounts at the root. Even though it does not instruct to do this, I leave it on for at least 5 minutes. It has truly been a blessing to my hair. I highly recommend to anyone who would like shiny, healthy hair!

Laura Halsey, OR