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Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo, Citrus Extrat & Ginseng, 8 Fl Oz

Full Blown Volume Shampoo view larger Experience lavish fullness every morning with Full Blown Volume Shampoo. Its formula enlivens hair with lush body. Fine and limp hair is invigorated with volume Infused with Citrus Extract and Ginseng Scented by mint and fruits Silicone-free formula The Full Blown Volume collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Lightweight Foam Conditioner, and Styling Whip. Tip from the Frédéric Fekkai Salon Use your fingers to massage scalp for the ultimate, invigorating experience. Mix it up by alternating with other Fekkai shampoos. Follow with Full Blown Volume Conditioner or Full Blown Volume Lightweight Foam Conditioner. Full Blown Volume Collection view larger Full Blown Volume Collection Because lift can never be too lush, there is the Fekkai Full Blown Volume Collection. Full Blown Volume Shampoo, Full Blown Volume Conditioner, Full Blown Volume Lightweight Foam Conditioner, and Full Blown Volume Styling Whip fulfill every strand with volume. Each formula is masterfully crafted specifically for the unique needs of fine, limp hair. view larger Fekkai Hair Care The hair collection from Fekkai is an offering of absolute indulgences that are utterly addicting. Masterfully crafted by brand founder Frédéric Fekkai, who has been styling the world’s most famous hair for over two decades. Through the 5F Principle: Form, Feel, Function, Fragrance and Finish, decadent textures, lush scents and exquisite ingredients unite to deliver an extraordinary hair experience. Fekkai, the most privileged hair in the world. Fekkai Formulas At a Glance view larger view larger view larger view larger Brilliant Glossing Because shine can never be too brilliant Nurture dull hair to lustrous radiance. Infused with olive oil. Technician Color Care Because color can never be too captivating Awaken color treated hair’s radiance and shine. Infused with the oil of pure grapeseed. Full Blown Volume Because lift can never be too lush Fulfill fine, limp hair with luxurious body. Infused with citrus extract and ginseng. PrX Reparatives Because strength can never be too glorious Fortify weakened hair to resist future damage. Infused with argan oil extract. view larger view larger view larger Essential Shea Because hair can never be too rich Smooth coarse, dry hair to fluidity. Infused with pure shea butter. Apple Cider Because clean can never be too pristine Deeply cleans overworked hair for a new beginning. Infused with apple cider. Styling Because effortless style can’t exist without flawless expertise Masterful formulas for a luxurious, modern look. Scented by petals and florals.

Key features

  • Infused with Citrus extract and Ginseng.
  • Scented by mint and fruits.
  • Add volume with this silicone-free cleanser.
  • Limp, fine hair has luxurious body.
  • Tip from the Fekkai Salon: Use your fingers to massage scalp for the ultimate, invigorating experience. Mix it up by alternating with other Fekkai shampoos.
  • Experience lavish body & fullness without heaviness with Full Blown Volume Shampoo.
  • Fine, limp hair is invigorated with volume.

Honest reviews


Good results for making my hair fuller

For the price, I expected a really good product and I wasn’t disappointed. I liked the scent, although I thought it was a bit overpowering and made me think of grapefruit. So far as increasing the fullness of my fine hair, it did the job. But, I am unaware of how any shampoo can strengthen the strands of hair and it did not do so with mine. And, for the claim that it stimulates hair growth — well, I think that if that’s the case it would be something for further investigation. It’s a pricy product and to be perfectly honest, I’m fine with the L’Oreal Ever Pure product which I currently use..

Lynda North Haven, CT

Does not work for my needs

The Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo has a wonderful scent. My husband says it reminds him of Lemonheads candy; I think it smells more like gingery lemonade. The scent is amazing, and the shampoo cleanses well with very little product. It makes hair soft and fluffy.That said, it does not work for my needs. It makes my hair too soft, and the volume seems to come from the fluffiness. My hair needs to be pulled back for work, and with this shampoo, it slips right out of the pins and looks messy. Of course,by the second or third time I redo my hair, every single female co-worker has touched and commented on the softness of my hair.Both my husband and my daughter like this product-my husband likes the softness, and my daughter likes the fluffy factor. If you do not need to contain your hair for work, this may be the product for you!

Deirdre Houghton Lake Heights, MI

Big Improvement

I like many of the Fekkai products, but a few don’t seem to work for me. I used the volume shampoo in the past and thought it was ok. Since then the volume shampoo is much better. It has a great citrus scent (Orange mostly) with a nice consistency. I thought the volume was better, but gave 4 stars because I have other volume shampoos that produce more volume. Recommended.

Valarie State Center, IA

Okay but not for my hair

Fekkai shampoo has a fabulous scent. I love the citrus scent. However, for my hair I found this shampoo to be drying. I have fine thin hair and the Full blown volume left it more dry and flyaway than full and fluffy. I will stick with my regular shampoo and console myself with occasionally sniffing this shampoo!

Muriel Alturas, CA

Gentle Volume treatment in a great smelling shampoo to go with-

If you want volume use this and for an added bonus it doesn’t dry out your hairin the process.

Addie Gardner, MA

It smells nice, but where’s the promised volume

Not very impressed with this shampoo. It doesn’t add any extra body to my hair, or shine. It smells nice, but where’s the promised volume?

Dora Fort Mohave, AZ

It’s okay, but not worth the price

I like this shampoo, but I don’t love it. For a price tag of almost $19 I need to absolutely adore it. I have tried a few other Fekkai products in the past and I really liked them. This one for some reason fell flat for me. I have silky, medium thick, straight hair that is normal to greasy. Another thing to note is that I was only sent the shampoo and not the conditioner. I have to use conditioner daily because my hair tangles badly. When using this, I tried several different conditioners to make sure the conditioner was not too much of a factor.This shampoo has a really nice citrus scent. If you use a decent amount of it, you can work it into a nice lather. It feels good and clean, but nothing special. The citrus scent does not linger at all for me (again, this may have something to do with the conditioner). This shampoo does not add ANY volume to my hair. As a matter of fact, my hair seems a little more limp than it normally does. I also feel like it is a little drier.I really wanted to like this shampoo…but I don’t. For this price tag and lack of impressing results, I will stick with my current shampoo and conditioners (I alternate between Aussie, Herbal Essences, Pantene Pro-V and Tresemme. I also buy Nexus occasionally if I can get it on sale). Skip this one.

Sasha Golden, IL

Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo

I live in an area with hard water, to be honest with you, I didn’t have a lot of faith that this product would really lather well.It proved me wrong. I didn’t have to use an abundance of it either. It lathered well, rinsed well, and I did not use a conditioner after, really wanting to give it "the test". I really was pleased with it, my hair behaved, wasn’t wispy or flyaway.The product itself has a yummy scent…anything with lemon is a favorite with me! I would suggest this product to anyone.

Dorothea Clarks, NE

Great for your hair and goes a long way!

High quality is the trademark of this company. The packaging is elegant, the smell is terrific, and the net result is perfection. My wife the cosmetologist really likes the way you can get a foamy result from just a quarter size of shampoo. This is highly concentrated and even though it appears to be a small bottle, it is going to last a long time. Great product and highly recommended.

Rosa Murdo, SD

The shampoo is at its best when paired with the Full Blown Volume Conditioner

The best thing about this shampoo is the refreshing scent of citrus, herb and fruit. But after rinsing the shampoo out my hair feels stripped and dry like straw. I needed to use a conditioner to be able to get a comb through my hair. The packaging is great, just the right diameter to easily fit in my hand, has a press to open cap and has a matte finish that isn’t slippery when wet. On its own I think the shampoo is only OK but used with the Fekkai Full Blown Volume conditionerFekkai Full Blown Volume Conditioner 8 Fl Ozmy hair felt great; shiny and soft but not limp.

Jaime Burlingame, CA

It Works!

I am amazed by how soft and full my hair feels after using this shampoo and the Full Blown conditioner together. It leaves my hair shiny and easy to manage. The subtle herbal fragrance is really nice as well. There is a lot of lather from just a small amount of shampoo. I will definitely be buying more of this product and will recommend it to all my friends who suffer from fine or thin hair. It’s simply great stuff.

Frieda Apache, OK

Good Product But High Price Keeps it From Being 5 Stars

The Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo is pricey but is a very good product. It has a very light citrus fragrance that is pleasant but not overbearing. It does not lather very well on the first application but by the second time it works really well and it does not take a lot to get your hair clean. I am not sure about it adding more body to my hair (my hair is pretty short) but It left my hair smelling and looking great.

Lindsay Lucan, MN


Well, not quite. I’ve enjoyed and continue to use several Fekkai products but saying "Limp, fine hair has luxurious body" was a bit of an over statement for my experience. Yes, my limp, fine hair did have an added bounce to it, but luxurious body – not quite.In all fairness I’ve never found a shampoo that gave it Full Blown Volume, so I’ve learned to be happy with added bounce. For what it’s worth I get better results if I don’t use the same shampoo all the time. With this particular shampoo if I only use it once a week rather than every time I shampoo the results are better.I’m wondering if when Fekkai sold to Proctor & Gamble his products lost some of their original zest….or is it that everything seems better in retrospect?

Shawn Campo Seco, CA

Luxurious Experience

When you first lather up with Fekkai you realize this ain’t your Costco drum of Pantene! lol – NOT that there is anything wrong with the gallon of Pantene – it is my every day go to shampoo. But Fekkai – ahhhh, what a luxurious experience. The smell is enticing, lemon and heavy citrus with what I thought was Bergamot but turned out to be ginseng. LOVELY! The lather is quick and thick and velvety. Using this shampoo is an experience and a wonderful one at that. Rinse is fast and my hair was left untangled and soft.I used it right after morning surf so my hair was destroyed – salt, sand and stick that can only come from the Pacific ocean. In no time at all my hair was in fantastic shape. I highly recommend this shampoo if you are looking to treat yourself!

Joni Thetford Center, VT

Love the scent!

The Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo has the most amazing lemony scent. The texture of the shampoo is smooth and silky. It lathers up very easily with only a small amount needed. It also rinses completely from your hair leaving no residue behind. As for volume, I think it works well enough. I have fine, medium-length hair. I also highlight it on a regular basis. This product gives me enough volume to hold my hair style for the day. I do think there are other product lines available that deliver better results, but I am sticking with this one. The combination of the scent plus the way in which it softens my hair makes me want to continue using this product.

Jayne West Memphis, AR

I’ll save money in haircuts

I have used Fekkai Glossing products but stopped buying them due to their high cost and my lowered income. When offered the Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo 8 Fl Oz to try, I knew it was a good match for my hair. Initially, I loved the scent and I still adore it. Having thinning and fine hair, for best appearance, I benefit from a shampoo that is not weighty. This shampoo is just what the doctor ordered and my haircut schedule will occur at longer intervals. The shampoo is truly perfect for my hair.

Gale Fruitland, NM

Thicker feeling and great smelling hair 🙂

I usually use Dove’s for men full body thickening shampoo which is pretty good but this full-blown shampoo really is very good.It seems that I use less of this to get some more lather and it seems to give it just a little bit more "oomf".It has a nice scent that seems to stay with the hair for a while too.As others have said, does seem to have more of a conditioner feel to it so if you like your hair more manageable this may be a little bit too soft , but for me I really like it !****Jim

Miriam Provo, SD


This shampoo has a strong perfume. To me, it’s a strong peach smell. Once lathered up, I noticed the mint. It’s really a lovely smell, but appreciation of scent is a subjective thing.I was surprised at how much lather I had using the same amount as my normal (high end drugstore) shampoo.Did the shampoo add body and fullness to my hair? Not that I could notice. I can’t say this is better or worse than any other good shampoo.

Juanita Farmingdale, NY

This left my hair very bouncy and curly

I have very fine long (a little beyond shoulder length) hair. I used this shampoo along with theFekkai Full Blown Volume Conditioner 8 Fl Oz. This shampoo smells great going on as it has a very “citrusy” fragrance reminiscent of orange and grapefruit combined. It lathered up and rinsed off well. After my hair was dry, it was extremely bouncy and curly almost as if I used a curl enhancing shampoo. I never heard of this brand and based on the results I got, I would definitely consider buying this for when I want to add full volume to my hair.

Reba Center Hill, FL

Smells Great

My hair is fairly short, primarily grey, thin and fine, mostly straight, and limp. I do not like to spend a lot of time on my hair, nor do I expect miracles from hair products, only some slight improvement. For two weeks, I used three Fekkai full blown volume products together, the shampoo, conditioner, and aerosol styling whip, and no other products. I have no allegiances to shampoo or conditioner, but I have used the Paul Mitchell extra-body sculpting foam for over 15 years.The shampoo is silicone free and has a positively lovely citrus scent. The fragrance is very fresh, but not too strong; unfortunately, my husband noticed no residual scent. I used about a quarter’s worth of shampoo, and one wash proved to be sufficient. The directions say to massage your scalp at the same time as using the shampoo, which I did. Frankly, I find no practical difference with this shampoo from the many others that I have used over the years, other than the lovely fragrance, which is in my opinion not enough to justify the cost at almost $19 for eight ounces.

Michaela Redondo, WA

One star off for yellow dye!

I love the smell of this–it reminds me of the original Clairol herbal Essence shampoo from the 70s, but nowhere near as strong. Just a nice soft herbal scent! It lathers nicely and cleaned off the products I use, and the heavy sweat of summer. Good stuff, except that the yellow color might yellow my gray hair, and is unnecessary. Why not just have a yellow bottle, like the mousse has?

Ofelia Simms, TX

No volume, but it has parabens!

While I certainly like how this shampoo makes my hair smell (INCREDIBLE!) and feel (silky!), I haven’t noticed much difference in volume. My funky mostly-straight-but-slightly-wavy hair is just as flat as always, after using this and following my normal styling routine. I also really dislike that it contains parabens. If I’m going to use shampoo that’s THIS expensive it needs to be made with better quality ingredients. I’m just going to stick to Aveda, which I’ve used for years.

Freida Buffalo, SC

Awesome Scent – So, So Volume

Fekkai is noted for top notch products so I was excited to try the Fekkai Full Blown Shampoo on my skimpy locks. I have baby fine hair and I always use volumizing shampoos. The packaging on this shampoo is very elegant – much snazzier than other shampoos. It’s a crystal clear container that has more sturdiness to it than many bottles. So far so good. Then there is the scent. The bottle says it is infused with mint and fruits but the scent of lemon was the scent that wafted from the bottle. A delicious, tangy lemon.But that is where the good news stops. Once I washed my hair it was not fluffy and full as promised, it was flat – not good. Perhaps it works to blow up other textures of hair but it did not work for me. There are better products out there, especially at the hefty price point.

Noelle Wallace, SD

Fabulous but pricey

Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo 8 Fl Oz is a marvelous product. My fine and thin hair felt like it expanded after using this shampoo a few times. I would love to continue using Fekkai’s Full Blown Volume Shampoo but I may have to save my pennies to do so.

Catherine Greensburg, LA

~~Made my scalp itch~~

I think this shampoo is good. The smell is nice and it has a nice texture to the shampoo. Although it is thin in my hand it lathers up nicely and does a good job getting my hair clean. As I got this for review I didn’t have a choice to get a type that was what I would say is beneficial for my hair. Have no idea what full blown volume might be but it probably isn’t moisturing and that is what I need for my hair. I did choose the Fekkai color care conditioner to pair with it and used them together.As for the shampoo, when I rinsed it from my hair I never got that squeeky clean sound or feel but since I was reviewing the shampoo I went ahead and put the Fekkai conditioner on as instructed. My hair feels and looks nice but some thing I can’t ignore is that my scalp itches until I shampoo again. Since I am using this product for review I used both shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks and nothing else. I have no bugs in my hair but yet it feels like I do. Uncontrollable itching occurs on my scalp and it was embarrasing to scratch it.This morning I used my regular Loreal shampoo and my argan oil conditioner as I had been before this shampoo. My head hasn’t itched all day. That being said I believe its the shampoo or conditioner. Does it get my hair clean and conditioned? Yes it does. It is quite expensive though for a shampoo for a normal person but if it was just great I might spend the money for it.

Liliana March Air Force Base, CA

Smells Great

I really like the smell of this shampoo. I also like the way it lathers. I didn’t have to use a palmful to feel like my hair was squeaky clean. Compared to Suave Professionals, however, there’s nothing special about it. Since receiving the Suave, that for the moment has become my regular shampoo. While I liked the smell of this and the lather, it did not really add more volume to my hair. I still had to use a 1 1/2" curling iron to get any boost/volume in my locks, so I honestly can’t say it does what it promises. But it sure smells nice. And it does not strip my color.

Catherine Great Cacapon, WV

fresh citrusy scent

Smells great and lathers\rinses well. I just returned from 2 weeks at the beach and washed my hair with this – beautiful! I’ve used this brand before and loved the results. Gave my hair lots of bounce and little build up. Used it along with the matching conditioner and have gotten a lot of compliments on how my hair looks and smells.

Ester Hockessin, DE

Great shampoo but not magic!

I used both this and the conditioner from the same line for a week and here’s a summary of my experiences:It lathers really wellIt smells FANTASTICLeft my hear shiny, soft and managableDidn’t weigh my hair downDid it give my very fine hair amazing body? Nope! But did I really expect it to? Once again, no. If you are born with fine hair there isn’t a magic potion you can take to change your genetics.So overall? It’s a quality shampoo that smells great and leaves my hair in nice condition but not magic, and honestly I can find shampoo to do the same for a fraction of the price, so while I like it I, personally, wouldn’t buy it.

Robyn Hulett, WY

Nice Quality!

This is a nice shampoo. The texture is very creamy and it has a light, very pleasant scent. After using it, it seemed like my hair was softer and bouncier. I’ve tried another shampoo and the hairspray in the Fekkai Technician line, and I’m very impressed with all of them. Fekkai seems to be a great-quality line, and I’m eager to try more.

Sheena Rhodhiss, NC

Helps me prevent breakage

I’ve always coveted this shampoo. I see it in salons and I’ve always ignored it because it’s so darn expensive and I always think that the extra money goes towards paying for someone’s beach house. I’m pleasantly surprised by this shampoo. First of all the scent is heavenly. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a spice-herbal blend, but it is definitely not the fruity aromas of other shampoos. It smells rather sophisticated (the smell does not last after washing; at least on my hair). My hair breaks off very easily. I know you’re not supposed to, but I often comb my hair in the shower to detangle it. I have to admit that I don’t get nearly the breakage I do when I use this shampoo — not a lot of hair is left on the comb. This is considering I only use this shampoo, not the conditioner (I’ve always used L’Oreal in the black bottle). I’m still not sure if I’d purchase this because it is still expensive, but if it keeps up the good work and continues to impress me, then I may make the switch for good!

Annabelle Lyburn, WV